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Peperomia Plants
Peperomia is a great plant for bottle gardens. It's also an undemanding plant for any living area. The foliage is neatly textured and corrugated. Green flower spikes grow on tall stalks out of the leaves.

Peperomia clusiifolia ~Variegata~ (03)
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Peperomia leaf cuttings prepared for rooting
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Peperomia's most interesting feature is its leaves, which vary in shape (heart shape to narrow), texture (waxy to wafflelike) and color (green, reddish or silvery gray). Plants occasionally produce slender flowery spikes that resemble rat's tails.

Swedish ivy
All these low-pollen plants offer great options for allergy sufferers. But also remember that plants themselves can collect dust, and soil can form mold, so clean the foliage of your houseplants regularly to keep them free from allergens.

~ Plant Care
...r garden or home. Learn all about ~ plant care with gardening tips from a.
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~ Plant Care
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Lettuce Plant Care ...

~ is an easy-care houseplant with interesting foliage. Needs bright light, but away from direct sun.

~ obtusifolia, also called the baby rubber plant, is a very easy plant to grow. They have thick, glossy, rounded leaves. The leaf color is often dark green with burgundy on the stems. They grow short,...
Wandering Jew Plant ...

Miniature ~s are low growing, creeping plants with pairs of tiny, opposing round leaves on rigid stems that readily root at each node that contacts the soil. This Pilea prefers lower humidity and drier soil.

Miniature ~, Pilea depressa
1 to 3 inches high
Medium light
Closed, open containers
Warm temperature
Avoid overwatering ...

Spider Plant (Chlorophytum comosum)
~ (~ sp.)
Croton (Croton Norma)
Variegated Croton (Croton Petra)
Red and Green Prayer Plant (Maranta leuconeura)
Button Fern (Pellaea rotundifolia)
Ribbon Dracaena (Dracaena sanderiana) ...

North window: coleus, English ivy, ferns, ~, spider plant, spathiphyllum.
Plants that thrive on existing light, (which may be indirect daylight and artificial lamp light at night): Chinese evergreen, bromeliads, dracaena, dieffenbachia, palms, philodendrons, sansevieria.

~s - many miniatures
Pilea - aluminum plant
Pteris ensiformis "Victoriae" - Pteris fern
Rosa - miniature roses
Saxifraga sarmentosa - strawberry begonia
Selaginella - club mosses
Sinningia pusilla - miniature gloxinia
Helxine - baby's tears
Marantas - prayer plants ...

African violet Aluminum Plant (Pilea) Bloodleaf (Iresine) Coleus Corn Plant Dracaena Dusty Miller (Cineraria) Devil's Walking Stick (Aralia) Gardenia Hibiscus Jade Plant Palm ~ Pocket Book Plant (Calceolaria) Pregnant Plant (Kalanchoes) Prayer Plant (Leuconeura) Primroses (Primula) Purple ...

Plants to try; ~, Helxine, Calathea, little ferns, Hypoestes phyllostachya
To start planting you may need to reduce the size of the plants rootball to fit the space you have. You can trim up to half the roots and the plant will be fine.

Nerve plant likes a little humidity, so keep it in the kitchen near the sink or in the bathroom on a shelf for easy watering. It also makes a great plant for terrariums. For a carefree combination, mix arrowhead vine (Syngonium podophyllum) and 'Luna Red' ~ (~ caperata 'Luna Red') ...

Among the better plants are figs, including rubber plants and fiddle-leaf fig, English ivy, spider plant, ~, Chinese evergreen and the familiar mother-in-law's tongue (sanserveria).

Cacti, Chinese Evergreen, Grape Ivy, ~, Wax Plant, Snake Plant, Spider Plant, Succulents, Philodendron ...

Flowers may feature some modifications of it, like apendices (e.g. Passion Flower), lips (Orchids), joined petals (Salvia, Gloxinia, Campanula, Ixora, Pentas), or just the total lack of it (Euphorbia, ~).

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