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Pocket Gardens: Big Ideas for Small Spaces
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Pocket Gardens: Big Ideas for Small Spaces ...

Pocket Garden for Butterflies
Tuck this little 11x11-foot garden anywhere in your yard and you'll be amazed by the number of butterflies it attracts. It's packed with cosmos, zinnia, black-eyed Susan, butterfly bush, and other sure bets for butterflies.
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POCKET GARDEN - A small growing area planted with miniature and dwarf varieties.
POLLEN - The yellow dust produced by the anthers. The male element which fertilized the ovule.

Corner Pocket Garden
Small urban lots often have less than attractive fences. They may provide privacy, but you still have to look at them. This weathered gray fence makes a nice backdrop for a small garden of greens and textures.

We have moved many times over the years, and every time the first thing we dive into is the garden, from creating pocket gardens to swimming lagoons complete with waterfalls. Over the years we have learned that we are merely stewarts of the land, not keepers.

With that "snake" having defined little ~s, you cluster other shorter plants, such as oregano and thyme, toward the path edge, and tall dills, lovage, and hollyhocks (also an edible flower) toward the garden wall.

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