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Pungent With a sharp, hard point; sharp and acid to taste or smell.
Purity The relative stability and uniformity of a breeding line.
Quadrangular Four angled, or pith or a twig.

Pungent onions are usually smaller in size, have thinner rings, tighter skins and make your eyes sting when you cut them. The same sulfurous compounds that draw tears inhibit rot, so the more pungent the onion the longer it will store.

Pungent paperwhites are the classic forced bulb. Show them off in a classic urn with a base of artichokes. No chill time needed for these fragrant beauties. Successive plantings result in blooms Thanksgiving to March.
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A pungent colorless gaseous alkaline compound of nitrogen and hydrogen NH3 that is very soluble in water and can easily be condensed to a liquid by cold and pressure.
Often used in fertilizers, sometimes in an anhydrous form ...

Thyme has pungent, yet pleasing aroma and flavor. Growing 8-12 inches, Thyme plants have grayish leaves, and woody stems. Thyme herb plants produce a profusion of tiny purplish white flowers. Flowers produce a fragrant scent.

Known for its pungent aroma and taste, cilantro (Coriandum sativum) is an annual herb that grows well in loamy soil. Ideal for backyard gardens through U.S.

Many herbs and pungent flowers perfume the air when dogs plow through. While that won't discourage the canines from doing their thing, it's a silver lining to cling to when beds get trampled.

Pelargonium 'Pungent Peppermint' scented geranium
perennial, easy care
created by in the weeds ...

Who knew such an pungent vegetable could bear such sweet flowers? But for the allium - or, onion - that's the case. Shown here, the 'Purple Sensation' is precisely that.

Varieties in the pungent group are 'Wildwood' with brownish purple markings on the leaves and rose-colored blossoms; and 'Citrosa' and 'Citronella,' the "mosquito repellant" plants.

Thai basil has pungent anise undertones and purple stems, both gorgeous and favorful. I've had good luck with Queen of Siam, but am continuing to experiment.

African tree basil (Ocimum gratissimum), sometimes called shrubby or clove basil, is a pungently scented sub-shrub with slightly hairy leaves and delicate white to yellow-green, two-lipped flowers that are tasty in salads.

Fresh burdock root is sweetly pungent and nutty. I love to peel young roots, sprinkle with salt and eat fresh for a delicious snack. I also peel the older roots, then soak in water for about an hour.

As early as 1493 Peter Martyr wrote that Columbus brought home with him "pepper more pungent than that from the Caucasus (the far East)." Peppers were among the first vegetables native to the Americas that the Europeans took an interest in.

Sargent thus writes of it in Garden and Forest: "The plant may well be grown for the beauty of its fruit alone, which, moreover, is juicy and edible, with a sharp, rather pungent, agreeable, flavor.

Then there's horseradish - a pungent plant but with a great flavour and winter is a great time to lift it and divide it.

Similar in taste to marjoram, oregano's taste is more pungent and has overtones of mint. Greek oregano, subspecies hirtum of O. vulgare, is recommended as the best type of oregano for cooking.

Although deer will eat anything if hungry enough, given a choice they tend to stay away from succulent plants, poisonous plants, pungent flavored plants, and plants with hairy or furry leaves.

They give a peppery and pungent flavoring to your meals, hence, are traditionally used in dishes of places like Africa, China, and India. Having a rather zesty, peppery taste which individuals think of as a mustard flavor.

The good news about female trees is that the fruits can be picked (while wearing latex gloves) and the nuts removed from the pungent smelling meat of the fruit.

All parts of the plant are edible but its pungent smell may make it unsuitable for growing indoors. The lobed lower leaves are used in chutneys, curries and sauces and the spicy-flavoured seeds are used baking, chutneys and meats.

Culinary uses: Sages' highly aromatic and pungent flavor is best utilized on its own. Sage is a wonderful addition to soups, sauces, stuffing, stews, fish, shellfish, meats and poultry. Scatter bits of sage leaf in salads.

Spectacle Pod "Pepper Grass" Dimorphocarpa wislezeni (Mustard-Brassicaceae) is an annual mustard with a hot pungent flavor. White flowers from clusters around the stem tips and grows to a height of 1 feet, and has multiple branches.

You may be familiar with cilantro as a pungent herb that flavors salsa or pico de gallo. That same fragrance, used throughout the garden, can attract beneficial insects and encourage growth of some crops, such as spinach.

One sniff of its pungent leaves and most insects head for the next county. In fact, some people plant them around more vulnerable flowers in order to act as a natural insect repellent. This is known as companion planting.

Fleas, for some reason, can't stand the smell of this pungent leaf. Eucalyptus leaves are not toxic to pets or humans so this is a safe method to use for families and animal lovers. Borax is also great for ridding fleas.

Mustards, and the rest of brassicas, naturally contain glucosinolates which are responsible for the spiciness, or pungent heat, of brassicas. Some brassicas contain more than others.

Heliotrope has a sweet, pungent scent that some liken to the smell of cherry pie. 'Dwarf Marine' features a royal purple color. It is large flowered yet compact and has attractive, dark green foliage and a bushy habit.

Take a step into any herb garden at the height of summer, and the first thing you'll probably notice is the pungent smell of dill in bloom.

With its pungent scent and flavor, rosemary can easily overpower a dish. Use it with roast chicken and meats, and in stews. Finely chopped leaves make a nice addition to breads and biscuits.

It is, in fact, a member of the mint family and its leaves do have a pungent aroma when crushed. In its native habitat, it is perennial, and is usually hardy in USDA Zones 5a-9a.

Thicker herb leaves, like rosemary and sage, can be very pungent and should be finely chopped and used sparingly or added whole and removed before serving.
To substitute dried herbs for fresh, the general rule is:
1 Tbsp. Fresh Chopped = ...

" The pungent aroma of many herbs acts as a natural insect repellent. Planting herbs like parsley or basil among your vegetables will offer them some protection from bugs and simplify harvesting a salad.

Appearance Wormwood is a tall (to 90cm) plant with grey/green leaves and a very pungent smell.
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OK, this is truly one of the best discoveries of ours. This mildly pungent garlic has a wildly warm aromatic flavor that we could previously only enjoy in authentic Italian restaurants.
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Peppers are generally classified based on fruit type, the major distinction being between fruit that is pungent (cayenne, jalapeno, Tabasco) and fruit that is sweet (bells, frying peppers, pimentos, paprika).

fragrant - The whole plant is anise-scented, the young foliage having a specially pungent anise-like flavor and fragrance. Dried seed is sweetly fragrant, although fresh seed has a slightly unpleasant smell.
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Rosemary: This Mediterranean native's dark-green needle-like leaves have been a pungent culinary ingredient for centuries. Try Rosmarinus officinalis 'Prostratus' or a similar low-growing variety called 'Lockwood de Forest.' ...

Harvest your carrots while they are young and tender. This will reduce the amount of pungent-tasting, rooty carrots that you harvest. Most carrots are ready to harvest between 50 and 75 days after they are sown.

Carrot fly can be confused into not laying eggs on carrots by inter planting your rows with onions or pungent herbs such as sage, chive, rosemary or parsley.
Leaf cutter bee
Near perfect circular / semi circular holes cut in rose leaves.

Refers to herbal medicines that have a pleasing odor and pungent taste.
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Ripe or ripening citrus fruit on the lower part of the tree may develop a light brown, water-soaked decay often called brown rot. Affected fruit develop a pungent odor.

I imagined a windy hillside in Greece, covered with pungent oregano and red poppies. Mediterranean herbs are great performers in planting strips, where dry, compacted soil is the norm.

Picea pungens 'Globosa': Picea=spruce Pungens=strong fragrance Globosa=rounded It' s a spruce with pungent scented foliage and it will be a rounded, globe shape.

More ornamental than other types, with glossy green leaves and pink flowers. Bushy growth to 18 inches tall. Pungently spicy with true oregano flavor. Excellent container variety, with stems that spill over the edge. Zones 5?6 ...

It has small bronze-green leaves and very small white or lavender flowers. The leaves are pungent and spicy. Summer savory grows best in a well-worked loamy soil. Seed can be planted in the garden in spring.

Similar to the Arcadia Broccoli, a vigorous mild-flavored relative of the more well-known kales and collards without the hairy leaves and bitter or pungent taste of most European rapas.

While you don't want to deprive them of water entirely, herbs taste and smell more pungent when they are forced to "struggle" a little for life. Water only enough to keep the plants healthy but don't pamper them too much.

healthier and more immune to disease and insect infestation. Also, their flavour rings true. With the addition of just leaves and some manure, the plants will still be a little deprived of some nutrients and therefore, have a slightly more pungent ...

Onions- Onions are bulbs with a pungent flavour. The bulb develops in response to day length and correct sowing times are critical for onions. Origin: Central and Western Asia. Nutrition Value: Vitamin C, calcium.

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