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A snag is nothing more than a dead tree. And as long as it doesn't pose a threat to people or nearby structures, it's good to let it be. Snags can provide a lot of great benefits to all sorts of wildlife.

Both raspberries and blackberries are bramble fruit that could find a place by a back fence (where they won't snag unsuspecting passersby).

Fold back 3 to 4 inches of wire at each end of the cut piece to provide a strong, clean edge that will not poke or snag and that will be easy to latch.
Stand the wire in a circle and set it in place for the compost pile.
Cut the heavy wire into lengths for ties.

At home, I snag a peach from a Long Island roadside stand. I sit down at my desk and look at it. It is merely a peach -- what my mom calls a healthy dessert. (Oxymoron!) Its skin is a sunset and very, very thin, especially if you peel it back slowly with a fingernail.

This tool enables you to dig down deep and snag the dandelion by the root, removing root, plant and all.Another option is to deny the dandelions light by using landscape fabric around ornamental shrubs and flowers.

Despite its ferny appearance, this slow-growing palm has tough fronds with spine-tipped leaves and is best placed where you will not accidentally ~ your clothes as you brush past. It likes bright light but not direct sun, making it ideal for a partially shaded area in a sun room.

Therefore, you may want to use an old woolen blanket to drag over the area first, which should ~ most of these burrs. Then the area can be treated with a pre-emergent, such as corn gluten meal, to prevent germination of any seeds left behind. Late summer or early fall is a good time to do this.

A companion planting example: Borage is a lovely herb with the most gorgeous edible blue flowers, but if you plant it near your squash plants, it may ~ the squash vine borer and turn to a sticky black mess overnight. (If this happens, rip it out and check your squash vines closely.) ...

The clutch on a Sears Craftsman riding mower raises and lowers the mower deck and activates the blade belts to start rotation. Due to rust, erosion or a ~, this… Read More
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