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Worm bin

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Worm bin
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Worm Bins
This is good for your worm bins also. Adding it will make your worms rejoice as almost everything in it is great for them.
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A Worm Bin. There are two basic options. The first is to have a series of shallow, stacked bins with screening on the bottom of each bin. When the worms have finished digesting the food scraps in the first bin, they will move into the bin above, in search of fresh, undigested food.

Red Worm Bin: Composting with Red Worms
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Worm bins are simple to make. A few vermicomposting problems arise as a direct result of an incorrectly built bin. For example, if there are not enough holes, the interior will be too moist and the food scraps will rot. Drainage will also be inadequate and the worms could drown.

~s can be located in the basement, shed, garage, balcony or kitchen counter. They need to be kept out of the hot sun, heavy rain and cold. When temperatures drop below 40 degrees, bins should be indoors, heated or well-insulated.

A ~ is a great way to create healthy compost in a small space, as it only involves using a plastic bin, moist newspaper and kitchen waste. Build a… Read More
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COMPOST CAN BE MADE INDOORS by using wood, metal or plastic bins with lids. Special worm composting bins may be ordered through the mail, or you can easily make your own.

To construct a ~, use a plastic container with a lid. You will need a 1-foot-by-3-foot box to compost scraps from a family of four to six people. Fill the box with bedding material, using between 9 and 14 pounds.

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If it's tiny, try a neat and compact ~.
Choose the right plants. Strong plants are less likely to succumb to diseases or pests, so always grow a plant that suits your site and soil.

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All you will need is a container or bin to house your worms in (~s are usually made of plastic or wood), some shredded newspaper or leaves to use as bedding for your worms and a steady supply of kitchen scraps or unwanted garden produce to feed the worms.

There are some other alternatives you might like to consider: ~ liquid; seaweed feed if you live near a good source; finally, ...

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Don't spend a lot of money for a composter. A plain old pile will suffice. Or your local solid waste management company often offers inexpensive, high quality composters for rent or purchase, as well as ~s. Also inquire about other low cost composters and ~s.
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(ISBN 0898159946) helpful information on how to build your own ~, make your garden so that it invites earthworms, and more.
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It is a good addition to compost bins and ~s. Break the mat of roots and soil into pieces before adding to the bin. You can also feed it to chickens. They love pecking out the berry and getting some fresh greens at the same time.

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By composting some of your household waste in a ~, you can reduce the amount of garbage you send to the landfill. Another advantage of worm composting is that it can be done indoors and outdoors, allowing for year round composting.

Shake Up Your Compost. Try to turn (remix) your compost pile once this month. You can also start new piles from fallen leaves any time. Keep an eye on your ~ to make sure it doesn't dry out or get too cold.

Coffee grounds can be used in several ways. Grounds can be applied along with other materials as a side dressing for vegetables, roses, and other plants. They also make an excellent addition to the compost. Grounds can also help with ~s. Worms fed with coffee grounds will flourish.

Food wastes can be digested by red worms (red wigglers) placed in a bin with shredded and moistened newspaper, corrugated cardboard, peatmoss or sawdust. Requires temperatures between 50 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit so a basement or semi-heated indoor space is required. ~ (Figure 5a) ...

There are compost bins and supplies available that can help turn lawn clippings, kitchen waste (egg shells, coffee grounds, etc.), and other organic materials into soil conditioning agents that help drainage and provide sound micronutrients that plants love. You can also order worms and ~s ...

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