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Arrabbiata sauce

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Arrabbiata sauce will go well with any plain pasta, and it is often best enjoyed with penne, which are small ridged tubular pasta. The ridges help hold the sauce, and the tubes can also fill with the sauce creating fiery mouthfuls with each bite.

Arrabbiata Sauce
Italian in origin, this sauce is considered to be one of the fiery or spicier types of tomato sauces from Italy.

Penne all'Arrabbiata (angry penne pasta) or Agnello all'Arrabbiata (angry lamb) typlify dishes having a spicier taste made with Arrabbiata sauces.
Arran potato salad (Scot.): potato salad with red beets, fresh peas, chopped onion, fresh parsley and a dressing.

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