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Chikuwa. Browned fish cake with a hole running through its length.
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Pureed and steamed fish cake shaped into a tube form.
chirashi-zushi ...

chikuwa.. tube shaped, hollow fish cake.
chirashi-zushi.. assorted raw fish on a bed of vinegared rice.
chiizu.. cheese.

It's used in numerous Japanese preparations including soups, noodles and simmered dishes. Chikuwa is kamaboko shaped into rolls formed around bamboo stick.

Chicken Tempura Chicken and vegetables lightly fried Chikuwa Browned fish cake with a length-long gap. Chirashi Sushi Literally "scattered Sushi"; an assortment of sliced raw fish and vegetables served on a bed of Sushi rice.

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is white and creamy; was created by Mennonites in Mexico, and they still produce the finest version, queso menonita; has a slightly spongy texture and a buttery flavor; melts easily; Muenster or a mild white Cheddar can be substituted. Chikuwa ...

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Gastronomy  Chiffonade  Chilaquiles

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