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Degorge / Disgorge / Dégorger
To process of sprinkling vegetables with salt to eliminate water. Eggplant, cucumbers and cabbage are often salted, rinsed quickly and patted dry before cooking.

i. To sprinkle vegetables with salt to eliminate water. For example, Eggplant are generally salted and patted dry before cooking.
ii. To add cornmeal to water and soak crustaceans in order for them to eliminate the sand in their shells.

Degorge (dégorger), To
To salt something like aubergine in order to make it give up any bitter liquid, or to soak meat or fish in water to get rid of any impurities.
Degrease(degraisser) ...

degorger (Fr.) To soak a food, such as sweetbreads, in cold water in
order to cleanse it; also an important final step in making Champagne,
whereby the sediment is removed from the bottle before the dosage
and final cork are added.

(You can also degorge them as you would with eggplant). In addition, you'll often find bitter melon paired with strong flavors such as black beans, which counteracts the bitterness.

grown in Asian, the term Chinese eggplant refers to the narrow, purple variety that can be streaked with white (it looks somewhat like a purple zucchini). Interestingly, Asian recipes don't normally call for eggplant to be salted and degorged, ...

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Gastronomy  Deglazing  Degrease

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