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With tomatoes, generally applied to a white fish sauce with crushed tomatoes flowing through it
Dust ...

duglere: white, flour-based sauce with shallots, white wine, tomatoes, and parsley
duxelles: chopped mushrooms and shallots sautéed in butter, mixed with cream
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a la duglere
French, meaning with onions, shallots and tomatoes.
a la eggs creole ...

Duglere (Fr.) Sole poached and served in a sauce of tomatoes, shallots, herbs, and white wine reduced and finished with cream; named for the famous eighteenth-century French chef, Duglere.
dulce (Sp.) Sweet.

Under Duglere he started working in the Café Anglais, later in the Tortoni and the Rocher de Cancale.

It is the classic French dish created by Chef Adolfe ~ (1805-1884), chef of the fashionable Caf Anglais restaurant in Paris.

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