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By Danilo Alfaro
Definition: In the culinary arts, the word Duxelle refers to a mixture of chopped mushrooms, onions and shallots that is sautéed and used as a filling for pastries, in sauces or as a garnish.

Duxelles Finely chopped mushrooms with a little onion or shallot sautéed in butter until soft and dry. This is generally used for flavourings, stuffing, and sauces.

Often used as a garnish or to flavor sauces and soups, duxelles is a mixture of finely chopped mushrooms, shallots and herbs cooked in butter until it forms a thick paste.

A thick pâté of chopped mushrooms cooked with onion and thyme. Duxelles is used as a stuffing or garnish and in the preparation of various dishes called ŕ la duxelles. Traditionally used in Beef Wellington ...

Duxelles - a hash of minced mushroom, shallots and herbs simmered in butter, used to flavor soups, sauces, and stuffings or to garnish.
Dredge - to coat with something, usually flour or sugar.

Duxelle: A stuffing of mushrooms cooked with butter, thyme and onions.
Endive: French word for chicory.

Finely chopped raw mushrooms, used as a stuffing. Sometimes combined with chopped ham or scallops.
En croute ...

Duxelles - Is a mixture of finely chopped mushrooms, shallots and herbs cooked in butter until it forms a thick paste. Often used as a garnish or to flavour sauces and soups.
E ...

duxelle (dook-SEHL) - Finely chopped mushrooms that are cooked in butter with shallots and wine. When cooked dry, duxelle make a good filling for omelets, fish, and meat. They may also be moistened with wine or broth and served as a sauce.

Duxelles - A medium-fine shallot-scented mushroom hash.
E. Cooking Terms
Egg wash - A mixture of egg or egg white, oil, and water brushed over floured items, which are then deep-fried or pan-fried in clarified butter or oil.

Chopped shallots or onions and chopped mushrooms sautéed in butter.
Egg Wash ...

Duxelles: stuffing made with mushrooms, shallots, and chopped parsley, flavored with cayenne.
Ecossaise: (French) The way of the Scottish.
Edam: a firm, milk, red-jacketed yellow cheese, used on the buffet and as a dessert cheese.

Duxelles - Chopped mushrooms and onion cooked in butter and thyme, used as a garnish or stuffing
Infuse - To flavour a liquid by soaking an ingredient in it, such as saffron in milk ...

Mushrooms Sautéed with Onions and Fresh Herbs
Chicken with Chinese Sausage, Shiitake Mushrooms, and Rice ...

duxelles: chopped mushrooms and shallots sautéed in butter, mixed with cream
eau du robinet: tap water ...


Dacquoise - A cake made of nut meringues layered with whipped cream or buttercream. The nut meringue disks are also referred to as dacquoise.
Daikon - A large oriental radish with a sweet, fresh flavor.

duxelles (Fr ) Finely chopped mushrooms and shallots slowly cooked in butter to form a thick, dark paste that is used for seasoning sauces, as a spread for toast, and in other preparations; often said to be the invention of La Varenne, ...

Duxelles Palmer House
3 cups chopped mushrooms
6 chopped shallots
4 oz chopped York ham
2 tablesp. chopped parsley
2 tablesp. rich Madeira Sauce
Cook mushrooms in butter until all moisture is cooked away, stirring occasionally.

Duxelles Traditionally, this French paste is composed of a mixture of mushrooms, shallots and herbs which are slowly cooked in butter until forming a paste. It is often used to flavor sauces, soups and other mixtures, or as a garnish.

When cooked dry, duxelle make a good filling for omelets, fish, and meat. They may also be moistened with wine or broth and served as a sauce. Duxelle are also flavored with fresh herbs and brandy or Madeira.

Coulibiac - A Russian pie made with alternating layers of salmon, hard cooked eggs, rice, mushroom duxelle, and vesiga. Vesiga is the spinal marrow of sturgeon and has all but disappeared from commercial markets.

Chopped coarsely or finely depending on use of parsley, tomato or duxelles.
Method of heat transfer where the heat is transferred from the source to a cooking vessel.

A fillet of beef that has been covered with pâté de foie gras or duxelles, wrapped in pastry and baked.
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a fillet of beef tenderloin steak, tenderloin coated with pí¢té de foie gras and a duxelles of mushrooms, wrapped in puff pastry and baked
beignet ...

How to make your meals into a wonderful display.
Dinde- Turkey
Dindonneau- Young fresh turkey
Dredge- To coat food with flour
du Jour- meaning literaly "of the day"
Duxelle- Chopped shallots and mushrooms seasoned, cooked in butter ...

Du Barry: containing cauliflower, cràme Du Barry is a pureed cauliflower soup
duchesse: pureéd potatoes that have been enriched with egg yolks and piped from pastry bag
duxelles: a savory paste of minced mushrooms, herbs and shallots, ...

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