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Spring onion

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Spring onion
Pronounce it: sp-ring un-yun
Also known as scallions or green onions, spring onions are in fact very young onions, harvested before the bulb has had a chance to swell. Both the long, slender green tops and the small white bulb are edible, and are good either raw or cooked.

Andalucian shrimp and spring onion fritters
These delicious fritters are an excellent addition to a tapas spread or great as a simple starter.
For the aioli ...

Indian Cooking Recipe : Spring Onion Parathas With Chinese Stuffing
Ingredients :
For the parathas :
2 teacups maida
1 teacup gehun ka atta
½ tsp salt
4 tsp oil ...

Spring Onions - The name "spring onion" is applied to several members of the onion family including a distinct variety called scallion, immature onions (commonly called green onions or spring onions), young leeks and sometimes the tops of young shallots.

spring onion Notes: Some people use the name spring onion as a synonym for green onion, while others use it to refer to a green onion with a partially formed bulb. Substitutes: green onions OR ramps OR leeks
stone leek See green onion.
Tennessee truffle See ramps.

Also called green onions and scallions, these are immature onions which are pulled before the bulb has started to form and sold in bunches with the roots intact. Discard the roots and base of the stem, and wash the stem leaves well before use.

~ - Also called "scallion", "green onion". A ~ is an immature onion with a white base (not yet a bulb) and long green leaves. Both parts of the scallion are edible. Available in Asian market.
Sui Choy - See Napa Cabbage.

~s are young, delicately flavored onions with a mild flavor. They are a welcome addition to stir fries and salads.

~ - See Scalogno
SPUGNOLE - Morel mushrooms. Not as well used as the porcini, but they are found in many recipes.
SQUASH - See Zucca ...

~s (cut 1 inch long)
1 thumb sized ginger, sliced into strips
1/2 teaspoon of sugar or monosodium glutamate ...

3 ~s, finely chopped
2 cloves garlic, chopped
1 stalk lemongrass, tender part only, chopped ...

See ~s
Green seaweed
This moss-like seaweed is dark green in color. It is sold dried, in wads or in matted chips. When deep-fried in oil, it is crisp and has a toasted fragrance. Dried green cabbage leaves can be used as a substitute.

Wash the ~s and trim back any green areas that are tough looking. Take of the root ends and then slice the remainder into thin rings.

Green onions (also known as scallions, ~s, and shallots) are usually one of various members of the onion family that do not form bulbs. Occasionally, whole immature shallots are used in the same way.

scallion, also commonly known as green onion or ~, is associated with various members of the genus Allium that lack a fully-developed bulb.
..... Click the link for more information.
C. m. cantalupensis
C. m. reticulatus ...

Ching choong chow faan (Chin.): fried rice with soy sauce and ~s.
Ching chow ho yau har yan (Chin.): fried shrimps with oyster sauce.
Chining: meat carving process whereby the backbone is separated from the ribs in a join to make carving easier.

Also called ~, or Green Onion. Chung [Chinese], Vengayakuruthu [Tamil]
Daun Bay : Bay Leaf. Yee Kwai See Yip [Chinese], Lavang Elai [Tamil].
Daun Kari Pla : Curry Leaf. Kah Lee Yip [Chinese], Karuveppillai [Tamil]
Daun Keledek : Sweet Potato Leaf.

At a glance, green garlic could pass for a ~, but a quick whiff and you’ll know better. You can mince both the tops and bulb for a milder garlic experience, but what I like is that it feels clean and bright on the tongue. It feels like spring.

Scallions are also known as green onions in the American English and ~s in the places where Commonwealth English is commonly used, with the exception of Scotland, where scallions are commonly referred to as 'Cibies', and Northern Ireland.

Green onions: Same as ~s or scallions, also called green shallots (an inaccurate but occasionally used description for ~s).
Grill: In the UK, the same as US broiler; in the US, a device for cooking food over a charcoal or gas fire.

Spiced Beef Stir-Fry Topped with ~ and Coriander
Horseradish and Sour Cream Mashed Potatoes
Horseradish And Garlic Prime Rib
Fried Oysters with Horseradish Cream and Tomato Corn Salsa
Southwest Beef Tenderloin with Creamy Horseradish Sauce and Grilled Tomatoes ...

For Chinese tofu you will need cakes medium firm tofu, ~, chinese sausage, red chili, some salt, soy sauce, water, cooking oil, and cornstarch to make this main dish cornstarch recipe.
chili, chinese, cornstarch, eastern, main, sauce, sausage, soy, tofu, wok
8. Lemon-Honey Roast Duck ...

Sometimes labelled in supermarkets as shallots (eschalots) and also referred to as ~s or scallions, green shallots have edible hollow tube-like leaves and white bulbs. White parts have a stronger onion flavour.

One of the first spring greens, growing from perennial bulbs in late March and April, ramps have the flavor of sweet ~s touched with musk and an intense garlic aroma. They are harvested for their young leaves (which resemble lily of the valley) and their small bulbs.

Scallion - An alternative name for a ~, widely used in North America
Scotch Bonnet - An intensely hot variety of chilli, named after its distinctive shape ...

Also called "~s," these are very young ordinary onions (such as "shallots") picked when beds of onions need to be thinned. Scallop ...

Couscous Granular semolina. ("Semolina" is a coarsely ground wheat flour.) At pearl mixed with apple, ~, coriander, mint and sultanas.
Vladislav Jankovych » Pearl Restaurant London » Informations » Culinary Glossary » Food C-words » couscous ...

chibolles (also: chyballes) : Scallions or ~s.
chiches (also: chyches) : Chick peas.
civey (also: cyee, cynee, cyney) : Gravy made with onions.

Ingredients: Uncle Bens original recipe rice, mayonnaise, curry powder, pimento stuffed olives, ~s, sliced, artichoke hearts, drained and quartered
Tip of the Week:
Whipping Cream with More Volume ...

Pa Jun (Korean): Korean style seafood flavored pancakes with ~.
Pakora (Indian): Fritter dipped in a spicy chickpea batter; can be made with vegetables, cheese, chicken or seafood.
Pakora: Potato covered with flour and fried ...

saute: To saute means to cook food in a hot pan with a fat; usually oil or butter.
scallion: Another name for green onion or ~.
score: To cut shallow lines, or shapes in meat, fish or bread. This can be done to tenderize, but also as a decoration in the case of bread.

I don't use a piece of beef, I use a cheek of the beef. On the foundation I use glazed baby carrots and ~s and olives. The combination is still classic but the foundation is more modern and lighter on the palate. When I do a fish soup, I stay close to the classic recipe.

Green Onions - Onions of any variety that are pulled before very early, before they mature and bulb; sometimes called ~s. There are also onions especially raised for bunching that do not bulb.

Besides the bulb, the superterranean green leaves can also put to culinary use, most often in the form of young onion plants ('green onion' or '~'). Their flavour is more similar to chives (but stronger).

Scallion: young onion, also called green onion or ~.
Scaloppini: very thin slices of tender meat, often flattened by pounding, usually pan-fried. Sometime served a veal scaloppini.

Used in China since ancient times, it is particularly important to northern Chinese cooking, where harsh winters and a short growing season mean residents rely on members of the onion family (such as garlic and ~s) to season their food.

Shallots - Small pointed members of the onion family that grow in clusters something like garlic and have a mild, onion taste. Not the same as green/~. Shortbread - A butter-rich cookie from Scotland, often seasoned with lemon, cinnamon, ginger, almonds, and cumin.

mince: to cut or chop into very small pieces.
monosodium glutamate (MSG): grainy substance added to food to enhance the flavor.
Morcon: Stuffed rolled steak
Munggo: Mung beans
Murang sibuyas: ~s
Mustasa: Mustard greens ...

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