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Veal sweetbreads can be cooked by baking, broiling, stewing, sauteing, or a number of other preparation methods. Before they are cooked into a dish, however, they are first soaked in water or milk and blanched.

sweetbreads Notes: Sweetbreads are the soft and delectable thymus glands of calves and lambs. Though it's hard to get fussy teenagers to eat them, there are enough knowledgeable gourmets clamoring for sweetbreads to keep the price fairly high.

The edible thymus or pancreas of a calf, lamb or pig.
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Sweetbreads - the thymus glands of veal, young beef, lamb and pork.
Syllabub - a drink made of frothy milk and alcohol, usually wine, served on festive occasions in the past.
Syrup - sugar dissolved in liquid, usually water; it is often flavored with spices or citrus zest.

Sweetbreads - The thymus glands of young beef, pork or lamb
Tagine - Stew of meat and/or vegetables, olives and spices ...

~ is the name of a dish made of the thymus gland or pancreas of an animal younger than one year old. These animals are usually lambs or calves. According to Four Story Hill Farms, no American slaughterhouse has processed pancreas for chefs in over forty years.

~s: certain glands of an animal, often considered a great delicacy.
Sweetsop: An interesting challenge to eat, the flesh of the sweetsop is actually a collection of black seeds surrounded by sweet white pulp. The sweetsop is native to the tropical Americas.

Considered a delicacy, ~s are the two thymus glands (in the throat and near the heart) of veal, young beef, lamb and pork.
~s: ...

~s are the thymus and pancreas glands of animals. They are light meat that is firmer in texture than brains. The ~s of veal are considered the best. Beef ~s are rather fatty and coarse, but if well prepared, they will taste almost the same as veal.

~ Stuffed Veal Chop with Seared Foie Gras and Candied Apples, Squash and Pecans
Candied Bacon and Apple Canapes
Brussels Sprouts with Candied Walnuts and Green Apple
McIntosh Maple Crumble with Candied Bacon
Bourbon Bacon Apple Tarts ...

The thymus gland of a young animal, usually a calf, although sometimes the pancreatic gland is sold instead. Cooked ~s are light pink in colour.
Syllabub ...

~ - The culinary term for the thymus gland of an animal. Those of veal and lamb are most commonly eaten. The pancreas is also considered a ~, but its taste and texture is inferior to that of the thymus gland.

- ~ - Thymus or pancreas gland of an animal (those of veal and lamb are most commonly used)
- Table d'hote - A set menu at a set price
- Tabbouleh - Lebanese salad made of softened bulgur wheat, tossed with tomatoes, seasoned with lemon and mint ...

Pork ~s
USDA Nutrition Facts
Veal, variety meats and by-products, tongue, raw (USDA#17222) ...

Cook the ~s in pan with a little water, a pinch of bouillon and a sprig of rosemary for 5-10 minutes, or until soft. Wrap the ~s with the shredded potato ...

ANIMELLE - ~s. From the thymus glands of a calf, usually saut�ed or grilled, and often chopped up and used in pastas as a filling.
ANISE - Small plant from the parsley family with a sweet licorice flavor.
ANISETTE - Clear and sweet liqueur made with anise seeds.

~ Edible glands of an animal. Tiroid or thamus glands. Sweet pastry Dough made with flour, eggs, sugar and butter. Then it is rolled out to use as a tart case. Swiss chard Similar to spinach and beets with a flavour that is bitter, pungent and slightly salty.

Super Bowl parties..... supper..... surf & turf..... sushi..... Swedish meatballs..... sweet and sour pork..... sweet potato pie..... sweet potatoes & yams..... ~s..... sweetmeats..... switchel ...

Squab - Young pigeons no more than 30 to 40 days old. Sparagrass - Asparagas. Spinage - Spinach. Stones - Testicles. Lambs stones as a prepared dish. ~s - The thymus gland. Truss - To affix a piece of meat or fowl on a spit for roasting.

ris de veau: veal ~s
rivière: river
riz à l'imperatrice: cold rice pudding with candied fruit ...

Ris - [French] ~s.
Risotto - A classic dish of Northern Italy whose preparation of rice results in a creamy liaison with stock and butter. Usually made with Arborio rice.

Mollejas (Spanish): ~s
Molondron (Spanish): Okra
Momil Jaengban Guksoo (Korean): Wheat noodle with red pepper paste.

degorger (Fr.) To soak a food, such as ~s, in cold water in
order to cleanse it; also an important final step in making Champagne,
whereby the sediment is removed from the bottle before the dosage
and final cork are added.

ris: ~s (e.g., ris d'agneau, lamb ~s; ris de veau, calf ~s)
rissole: to brown, in fat, in a pan (e.g., rissole potatoes)
riz de Camargue: rice from the Camargue (southern Provence)
rocambole: Spanish garlic
rognon: kidney
romarin: rosemary, Rosmarinus officinalis ...

Lime Marinated Grilled Mahi Mahi Sandwich on Hawaiian ~ with Pineapple Chutney with Chardonnay. Try a California or Australian Chardonnay - wines with lots of ripe fruit flavors that marry well with pineapple chutney and provide a luscious counterpoint to the grilled fish.

The second course consists of roast capons, thin hard-baked cake with quince sauce, chicken with stuffed escarole, English empanadas, roast veal with arugula sauce, seed-cake of veal ~ and livers of small animals, roast thrush over sopa dorada (highly colored soup), quince pastries, ...

The delicate flavor of veal fits in perfectly with a variety of cuisines. Whether it's a mouthwatering Veal Cordon Bleu recipe or you discover a new taste sensation with veal ~s, these recipes show you the versatility of this preferred meat.
Asian Meatball Wraps
See All Veal Recipes ...

Lamb is also available minced (good for pies and burgers) and you can also buy lamb offal (mainly the kidneys and liver but also, less commonly, the heart and the ~s), which is quick to cook, cheap and nutritious.

Ris- ~s
Romaine- Cos lettuce
Roquefort- A blue semi-soft French cheese
Rotir- to roast
Rotisseur- Roast cooking method
Rouget_ red mullet
Roux- Thickening agent made of equal parts of whole butter and sifted flour, cooked ...

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