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glace de viande
Pronunciation: [glahs duh vee-AHND]
French for "meat glaze," glace de viande is made by boiling meat juices until they are reduced to a thick syrup. It's used to add flavor and color to sauces.

Viande: (French) Meat.
Vichy: boiled and served with butter and parsley, usually applied to carrots.
Vichyssoise: a cold soup made with leeks, potatoes, chicken stock, milk, and cream.

viande: meat
vichy: with glazed carrots; also a brand of mineral water
vichyssoise: cold, creamy leek and potato soup ...

Glace de Viande (Meat Glace)
Glace de Volaille (Chicken Glace)
Glace de Poisson (Fish Glace)
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Glacé de Viande - [French] Meat glaze or residue in the bottom of a pan after roasting or frying meat; concentrated meat stock.
Glass Noodles - See "Cellophane Noodles" ...

Glace de ~
Reduced brown stock used to add color and flavour to sauces.
Gratiner or Au Gratin ...

glace de ~ (glahs duh vee-AHND) - It is a meat glaze by French definition, but it is actually a very high end bouillon cube made by reducing unsalted meat stock. The stock is boiled down to about 20% of its original volume or until it is thick, viscous, and syrupy.

~: meat (e.g., ~ en dés, meat chunks)
vierge: virgin (e.g., huile d'olive vierge, pure cold-pressed olive oil)
vieux: old, aged
vin: wine
vinaigre: vinegar (also vinaigrette, an oil and vinegar emulsion) ...

In France, in the reign of Henri IV, the guilds split up into several separate branches: rotisseurs were responsible for la grosse ~ (the main cuts of meat), patissiers dealt with poultry, pies and tarts, and vinaigriers made the sauces.

Glace de ~- Meat glaze
Glacer- to; (a) freeze or chill (b)to cook to acquire a shiny surface (c) To slightly brown food under a salamander(broiler)
Gnocchi- Dumplings made from potatoes
Gratin- Browned surface of foods cooked in a hot oven or salamander
Groseille- Currant ...

The sauce is then simmered with a mirepoix, bouquet garni, and wine. The long, slow cooking help to purify and concentrate its flavor. It is finally strained through very fine muslin. Demi-glace and glace de ~ are all structured around a fine espagnole sauce. Espresso ...

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jus (Fr.) Juice; au jus means meat served with its natural juices; jus de ~ means gravy.
Kabeljau (Ger.) Cod.
Kabinett (Ger.) Superior or special reserve unsweetened wine, usually
estate-bottled and from the Rheingau.
kabocha (Jap.) Pumpkin, squash.
kabu (Jap. ) Turnip.

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