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architecture - An abstract technical description of a system or collection of systems.

In computers, the architecture determines how the computer is seen by someone who understands its internal commands and instructions and the design of its interface hardware.

Bentley Architecture V8i
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AutoCAD Architecture Object Enablers are freeware applications distributed to Autodesk customers at no charge for the purpose of fully accessing AutoCAD Architecture drawing files.

GIS for Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC)
GIS for Government
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Figure 2: ~ of GIS Integration
The architectural details for handling GIS data are shown in figure 2. We have WWW clients, the WAN, and the WWW server. Then, we have application level services, i.e., services for tabular data and GIS services.

client/server ~
See Also: client, server
[computing] A software system with a central processor (server) that accepts requests from one or more user applications, computers, or devices (clients).

GIS technology, in conjunction with Web standards and open systems ~, has opened new opportunities for more improved business operations.

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At 10.1, the following changes have been made in the ArcGIS for Server ~: ...

~ Evolution Plan (AEP)
In September 2007, the Air Force upgraded from the original, legacy master control station to an entirely new one built with more current technologies.

Open ~
Refers to databases and technologies that easily connect with and exchange data with other databases and technologies
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~, engineering and construction
Analysis and Evaluation Div.

Set of data, processes, and technologies that together make up the physical and communication system supporting information management operations. There are data ~s for the database system.

The ~ of the MLP network is given by the number of hidden layers, the number of nodes in each layer and the connections between the nodes.

In this ~ studio students consider various sites around Boston.

Landscape ~
Ian McHarg pioneered the use of transparent map overlays for planning locations of highways, transmission corridors and other facilities in environmentally sensitive areas (McHarg, 1969) ...

move the dist.~-osname directory here
copy src/Makefile here
copy src/include (with all subdirectories) here Make a slight modification to the copy of Makefile: at the top of the file following the definitions for install directories (BINDIR=, INST_DIR=). Add another line that reads: ...

Extensible plugin ~.
Implemented Standards¶
OGC standards compliant (WMS,WFS(Plugin)) ...

- Service Oriented ~'s Implications on GIS Technology, Opening Panel remarks, GIS in the Rockies Conference, Denver, September 12-14, 2007. J.K. Berry ...

Scalable Processing ~
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" Common Object Request Broker ~ (CORBA) The basic distributed object scheme developed by the Object Management Group (OMG), a consortium similar to OGC but focused on object technology instead of distributed geoprocessing. Object Request Brokers (ORBs) help clients find servers.

CAD is used mainly within the fields of engineering and ~.
COGO - Coordinate Geometry: A set of procedures for encoding and manipulating bearings, distances and angles of survey data into co-ordinate data. COGO is frequently a subsystem of GIS.

client/server A software system is said to have a client/server ~ when there is a central process (server) which accepts requests from multiple user processes (clients). ArcStorm is one example of a client/server ~ within ArcInfo.

These developments will, in turn, result in a much wider use of the technology throughout science, government, business, and industry, with applications including real estate, public health, crime mapping, national defense, sustainable development, natural resources, landscape ~, ...

All of the leading GIS software vendors now have products that adopt the client-server ~. This means the software and data resides on a web server and multiple-client applications access the GIS processing functions across a network.

It was founded in 2000 as a cooperative venture of four University of Maryland schools: ~, Planning and Preservation, Public Policy, Agriculture and Natural Resources, and Engineering.

CORBA (Common Object Request Broker ~) - A general and open industry standard for working with distributed objects in the UNIX environment.

GIS Services in System Design and ~
GIS Services Management and Maintenance
Map Production and Analysis (specialized for GIS Mapping Agencies also)
Database Design and Development
GIS Applications Development (GIS Mapping and GIS Remote Sensing)
GIS Mapping User Training and Support ...

In an era of emerging standards and open ~, there continue to be increasing capabilities for integrating data from different sources. This enables teams to construct databases using any piece of available data, with diminishing regard for where software or hardware data originates.

FDDIFiber Distributed Data Interface is a media access (transmission) control-level protocol with token-ring ~, a communication bandwidth of 100 Mbps and supported on a fiber network medium.

SDE, ESRI’s Spatial Database Engine, is a high-performance, object-based spatial data access engine employing client/server ~ to perform fast, efficient spatial operations and management of large, shared geographic data sets.

Dangermond studied landscape ~ at Harvard University in the 1960's, and developed ESRI's GIS applications through contract work in the 1970's. It wasn't until 1981 that ESRI began marketing its first software product - ARC/INFO. The rest is, as they say, history.

OLE is the most widely supported object-based software integration ~ available today. An OLE Control is a reusable software component. OLE Controls can package a number of other OLE objects into a single bundle.

The most recent version of QGIS has a plug-in ~ for Python to allow for creating Python based plug-ins. It also works with GRASS.
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ISA: Industry Standard ~
ISDN: Integrated Services Digital Network
ISO: International Standards Organization ...

Texas Instruments Graphics ~
Topologically Integrated Geographic Encoding and Referencing ...

As all of the Dublin Core elements are repeatable, the user could then " if they wanted to " repeat the Subject element and define the Getty's Art & ~ Thesaurus as their SCHEME. Importantly, each use of a Dublin Core element should only include terms drawn from one SCHEME.

Arc Interchange Files are used to transfer ArcInfo data across multiple file systems, across multiple computers, and across multiple computer ~s.

The amount of precipitation intercepted by plants varies with leaf type, canopy ~, wind speed, available radiation, temperature, and the humidity of the atmosphere.

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