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bathymetry - [cartography] The science of measuring and charting the depths of water bodies to determine the topography of a lake bed or seafloor. [Category=Geospatial ] ...

[cartography] The science of measuring and charting the depths of water bodies to determine the topography of a lake bed or seafloor.

Bathymetry - Although it is still beyond our reach to acquire precise and high-resolution seafloor depths from space, ...

is the measurement of the depth of underwater features; the word is derived from two Greek words which mean deep and measure ...

Contours of depth (of the water) describing the shape of the bottom of a water body. (Also referred to as Isobaths.)
Baud Rate ...

Shaded relief generated from SRTM30 Plus and ETOPO2 data invariably impresses readers with its sheer amount of detail and the unusual topographic forms found on the ocean floor.

Bathymetry Data
The best source of global bathymetry data appears to be the ETPO2 data set available from the NGDC.

The relief of ocean and lake floors. is usually measured in units of distance below mean sea or water level and is mapped using contour lines called isobaths in a similar fashion to terrestrial topographic maps.
Bearing ...

Digital Bathymetry Data Base (U.S. government)
Diameter at breast height ...

The measurement of ocean depths and the preparation of topographic maps of the ocean floor.
The principal ore of aluminum.

bathymetric map See: map, bathymetric bathymetry Science of measuring water depths (usually in the ocean) to determine bottom topography.

Export and floodplain elevation data from ARC/INFO to RMA-2V and develop finite element grid. This step occurs only once.

The visible and near-infrared regions provide information on water turbidity, bathymetry, currents, and sediment plumes.

The digital elevation model (DEM) is a raster-based digital dataset of the topography (altimetry and/or ) of all or part of the Earth (or a telluric planet).

For example, it is possible to select a group of cells whose values are within a range of bathymetry in an bathymetry raster grid and whose values are within a range of slope in a slope raster grid, ...

ArcGIS for Maritime:
ArcGIS for Maritime: gives you the ability to manage and combine massive amounts of bathymetric data and metadata in a GIS environment.
Esri Home Products ...

See also: See also: Information, Feature, Map, Geographic, Elevation

GIS  Bathymetric Map  Bayesian Estimate

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