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Colour Composite

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False Colour Composite
An image formed by assigning colours arbitrarily to two or more black-and-white images of a single scene.

Color Composite / Colour Composite
color composite - [remote sensing] A color image made by assigning red, green, and blue colors to each of the separate monochrome bands of a multispectral image and then superimposing them.

Colour Composite Images
In displaying a colour composite image, three primary colours (red, green and blue) are used. When these three colours are combined in various proportions, they produce different colours in the visible spectrum.

Colour composite In remote sensing, a colour image composed of three bands projected in the red, blue and green guns. Column A vertical field in a relational database management system data file. It may store one to many bytes of information.

See also: See also: Data Set, Database, Dataset, Record, NAD27

GIS  Color-infrared  Command Line Interface

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