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GIS  Island arc  ISO 8211

Creating new donut holes and island polygons
Sometimes you need to create a polygon with a hole in it or even a polygon with both a hole and an interior polygon. To create these kinds of polygons, you need to create a multipart feature.

Island polygons, attribute change
b. Arcs
Nodes are required at all arc intersections.
Dangling arcs can be accepted if the "dangle tolerances" are set.

An RVC vector object has a rigorously defined topology, which keeps track of things like lines that intersect at nodes, polygon elements on either side of a line element, line elements that form a polygon, island polygons within polygons, ...

Islands, or island polygons are common in spatial data, for example an island may represent features such as enclosed areas of water such as lakes, or parks within urban areas.

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GIS  Island arc  ISO 8211

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