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Minimum bounding rectangle

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minimum bounding rectangle
See Also: extent
[ESRI software] A rectangle, oriented to the x- and y-axes, that bounds a geographic feature or a geographic dataset. It is specified by two coordinate pairs: xmin, ymin and xmax, ymax.

minimum bounding rectangleA rectangle, oriented to the x and y axes, which bounds a geographic feature or a geographic data set. It is specified by two coordinates: xmin,ymin and xmax,ymax. For example, the BND defines a minimum bounding rectangle for a coverage.

Minimum bounding rectangle (MBR) of all shapes contained within the shapefile; four doubles in the following order: min X, min Y, max X, max Y
double ...

See Minimum Bounding Rectangle.
A graphic defining a sharp contrast change in the slope of the land. e.g. embankment.

Minimum Bounding Rectangle The rectangle defined by the map extent of a geographic data set and specified by two coordinates: xmin, ymin, and xmanx, ymax. Model
An abstraction of reality.

To create a query window for certain operations on geodetic data, use an MBR (~) by specifying an SDO_ETYPE value of 1003 or 2003 and an SDO_INTERPRETATION value of 3, as described in Table 2-2 in Section 2.2.4.

extent - [data analysis] The ~ (xmin, ymin and xmax, ymax) defined by coordinate pairs of a data source. All coordinates for the data source fall within this boundary. [Category=Geospatial ] ...

The extents of your data can be visualized as a ~ (MBR), meaning the smallest possible rectangle that contains your data. Below is an image that illustrates the concept of the MBR.

Lots of MBR functions (~), similar to what MySQL 5.1 and below has, but also has real functions as described above for more exact calculations
Unfortunately the current release seems to lack spatial aggregate functions that PostGIS has such as Extent, Union, collect.

The coverage or grid boundary file, which contains the ~ (i.e., xmin. ymin and xmax, ymac) of all coordinates for arcs and label points in a coverage. See also Coverage Extent.

map extent The rectangular limits (xmin,ymin,xmax,ymax) of the area of the Earth's surface you want to display using ARC/INFO. The geographic extent specified by the ~ of a study area.

coverage extent The coordinates defining the ~ (i.e., xmin,ymin and xmax,ymax) of a coverage or grid. All coordinates for the coverage or grid fall within this boundary. In ARCPLOT and ARCEDIT, map extent is often set from the coverage extent. See also BND.

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