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The combination of land parcels and improvements (buildings) owned by a person or a legal entity. While a parcel defines an area of land, property also includes all physical entities located on the parcel that have a monetary value.

Make a Property Map with GIS:
Here are best practice standards for GIS-based project maps:
Each property you hold or are interested in should have a property map - together, these can become your "atlas".

address locator property
[geocoding] A parameter in an address locator that defines the process of geocoding.

Altering keyframe property values
To access the Animation toolbar, click Customize on the Main menu of the application, point to Toolbars, then click Animation.
Click the Animation drop-down menu and click Animation Manager.

Department Of Neighborhood Development (DND) 2011 survey of Boston Private Abandoned Property.

To create a calculated ~ using joined data
If the Data Table is not still open from the previous exercise, select the Parcels layer in Display Manager and click Table.
At the bottom of the Data Table, click OptionsCreate A Calculation.

~ law Part of the common law series Acquisition of ~
Gift - Adverse possession - Deed
Lost, mislaid, or abandoned
Alienation - Bailment - License
Estates in land
Allodial title - Fee simple - Fee tail ...

~ Loss Research Bureau Releases New Esri Mapping Service
PLRB provides its association members with real-time mapping through Esri technology.

Element ~ inferencing
Let SewerGEMS interpolate missing data. For example, elevation data may be missing from a manhole or some ~ may be missing from a pipe.

Next to their ~ (equivalence, equidistance, conformality), map projections can be discribed in terms of their class (azimuthal, cylindrical, conical) and aspect (normal, transverse, oblique).

~ rights
who owns information?
precondition for operation of a market is that ~ rights are created and can be protected ...

~ lines and annotation
(PDF file size - 1.13mb)
2' contours, buildings, pavement, water features, ~ lines and annotation ...

~ file
A file that stores attributes for a particular ArcIMS item or function. ~ files have a .properties file extension.
~ page ...

A ~ ownership map might be at a different scale from a soils map. Map information in a GIS must be manipulated so that it registers, or fits, with information gathered from other maps.

A ~ ownership map and a soils map might show data at different scales. Map information in a GIS must be manipulated so that it registers, or fits, with information gathered from other maps.

Which ~ to purchase?
Where to site a distribution facility?
Decision analysis applies economic theory and Bayesian statistical analysis to identify the best choices to make. It has important implications for how one structures problems and for the analytical approaches one takes.

City Real ~ Database
Cold Region Research and Engineering Laboratories ...

Explore ~ values with sorts and queries, and transformations
What can we learn from a database of parcels?

Topological ~ of lines and nodes being linked or attached to each other, typically pertaining to infrastructure networks such as utility and transportation systems.
Continuous Map ...

An important ~ of a map is the scale. It can be indicated by a scale bar and/or a ratio 1:n. This enables the map user to measure a distance on the map and determine the distance on the ground.

The hyperlink ~ is enabled by setting the layer properties for the cities layer:
This shows that the field used for hyperlinking will be image, with the assumption the contents of the field are pathnames to documents (files).
A view of the file system shows the presence of the image: ...

Intellectual ~ wrongs refer to the validity of site-specific management systems. They all generate pretty maps, but whose map is best? And what recourse do you have if you follow a bum prescription map and lose the farm?

~ A facet or attribute or an object referenced by a name. protocol A set of semantic and syntactic rules that determine the behavior of entities that interact.

Equal area - A ~ of map project that preserves the sizes of map features.

E/R diagram - See Entity-relationship diagram.

parallel1. A ~ of two or more lines that is separated at all points by the same distance.

A ~ of two or more lines that is separated at all points by the same distance.
2. A horizontal line encircling the Earth at a constant latitude. The Equator is a parallel whose latitude is 0. Measures of latitude range from 0 to 90 north of the Equator and from 0 to -90 to the south.

Attribute - The ~ a unit has of being either bad or good. That is, the quality characteristic of a unit is either within the specified requirements or it is not. [Category=Quality ] ...

236 a legal agreement that grants partial rights over a portion of a ~, such as a utility easement to install overhead wires or underground pipes. Also applied to rights-of-way for roads. efficiency p. 235 compares the resources expended to attain a given product effectiveness p.

of water a customer uses will roughly predict the amount of material that will be discharged into the septic systems, so that areas of heavy septic discharge can be located using a GIS Choose one: Continue to Projection and registration Return to GIS index Projection and registration A ~ ...

The most common forms of land information systems describe ~ ownership, land use, land value, tax assessment, and ~ boundaries.

Derived from "cadastre" meaning a register of land quantities, values, and ownership used levying taxes, the term may properly be applied to surveys of a similar nature outside the public lands, such surveys are more commonly called "land surveys" or "~ surveys." ...

Solid A state of matter where molecules where the mass of the substance does not have the ~ of flow. Solifluction Form of mass movement in environments that experience freeze-thaw action.

Census Block A geographic area bounded on all sides by visible features such as streets, roads, streams, and railroad tracks, and occasionally by invisible boundaries such as city, town, or county limits, ~ lines, and short imaginary extensions of a street or road.

The disjointness ~ of the data should allow for good spatial partitioning when building index structures. As a result queries should have better selectivity and as a result perform better on data with this ~.

According to the text book, topology is the "~ that describes adjacency and connectivity of features. A topological data structure encodes topology with the geocoded features".

e) Planning and Community Development (e.g., parcel location and attributes, land use and zoning, development activity and intensity, growth pattern); f) Police (e.g., criminal offenses, police precincts, complaints, traffic accidents, arrest and arrest histories, crime patterns); g) ~ ...

ContiguityThe topological ~ of identifying adjacent polygons by recording the left and right side of each line segment., the third topological precept, is based on the concept that polygons that share a boundary are deemed adjacent.

For example, a city's emergency management agency might compile a database of all ~ addresses and classify them into flood-prone and non-flood-prone areas by performing a spatial query. It could use GIS to compare a map of the 100-year flood plain to the tax parcel map.

~ Registration
Revision History
Chapter Summaries Onlyor
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Data Schema and Dictionary
Chapter 3: Spatial Reference System
Chapter 4: Data Quality and Accuracy
Chapter 5: Terminology
Glossary Search Engine
Full Text Glossary - indexed ...

Parcel mapping services have a variety of uses such as Land administration and ~ registration by Urban and Rural governing bodies.

~ ownership or cadastre), physical (e.g., topography, man-made features), and cultural (e.g., land use, demographics) information in a common and accurate reference framework.

There is a mathematical way to explain the intrinsic geometric ~ of a surface that tells when one surface can or cannot be bent into another. The mathematical concept is called the Gaussian curvature of a surface, or often simply the curvature of a surface.

Castle Consulting (San Fransisco) has been developing PC-based GIS software to support portfolio management and ~ appraisal. Grant Ian Thrall of the University of Florida has pursued the idea of using GIS to rate the "quality" of ~ tax appraisals.

Domestic measures relate to the physical location of the factors of production; they refer to production attributable to all labor and ~ located in a country.

The cadastre of a country is its register of ~ titles and is usually managed by government agencies - in Australia these are often called Land Titles Offices. The information recorded includes an accurate description of the location of a parcel of land and who owns it.

A relationship between the reflectance and a ~ of a scene, such as canopy coverage, is established and used to estimate the ~ in each pixel in a continuous fashion.

For example, an "abutter mailing labels" application would enable a user to identify a ~, typically with its address. The application would then either enable to user to select abutting properties, or would select abutters automatically.

This letter does not entitle the survey team to access private ~ or restricted areas without further permission. When the landowner is contacted, a full explanation of the work to be done is given without any attempt to conceal any inconveniences or damage that may arise.

Connectivity: A topological ~ relating to how geographical features are attached to one another functionally, spatially, or logically.

The records of information are organised into rows and columns in a table, with a separate row for each entity and a column for each ~ stored about that set of entities.

The biggest issue is that of OS claiming intellectual ~ rights in 'knowing where you are'. This means that much existing data, whilst free from liability as long as it remains solely with its collector, may become liable to copyright royalties the moment it passes to another person.

Each constraint is related to a ~ of an agent (e.g. graphic legibility rule) which should be controlled in the optimization process.

The Start method in WebLink control is used to start listening for requests from the Internet Server on the Port specified by the MapPort ~.

Despite the equal area ~ and its pleasant shape, Mollweide's projection received little recognition since publication in 1805, becoming better known only after the French Jacques Babinet presented it as the homalographic in 1857.

Address Matching: A geocoding process which matches the street address of ~ to its location. This usually involves the matching of two database files, one containing the addresses of interest, the other a list of addresses and their co-ordinates.

The exponent value(s) have the ~ of determining the "texture" of the random surface. Texture will decrease as the exponent value(s) get closer to 1.0. Normally, exponent will be 1.0 or less. If there are no exponent values given, each filter will be given an exponent value of 1.0.

app-schema, arcsde, csv, dxf, edigeo, excel, geojson, org, ~, shapefile, wfs.
XML Bindings:
Java data structures and bindings provided for the following: xsd-core (xml simple types), fes, filter, gml2, gml3, kml, ows, sld, wcs, wfs, wms, wps, vpf.

The USGS is an organization geared toward providing reliable scientific information to describe and understand the Earth; minimize loss of life and ~ from natural disasters; manage water, biological, energy, and mineral resources; and enhance and protect our quality of life.

A Parcel is a single cadastral unit, which is the spatial extent of the past, present, and future rights and interests in real ~.

One way to classify map projections is to describe them by the characteristic they do not distort. Usually only one ~ is preserved in a projection.

spatial information Information having to do with a place on the earth. This can be a map feature such as a ~ line or information about a map feature such as the name of a ~ owner.

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Thematic Map: A map that displays the spatial distribution of a single attribute or a specific topic, such as ~ assessments, soil types, or crime locations.
Topography: The relief, elevation or shape of the earth in a given area.

An Aerial Photo That Can Be Used as a Map:The Digital Orthophoto A digital orthophoto image is an aerial photograph, in digital form, with a very useful special ~: It has been calibrated so that it may be used as a map; the coordinates of the map are precisely specified.

County Code & Ordinances
Court Records Search
Email Notifications
GIS Mapping Information Online
Land Records Search
~ Fraud Alert Service
Pay Traffic Tickets or Court Fees Online
Pay Building & Zoning Fees Online ...

Open Data Access and Intellectual ~ Rights (ICA)
Operational Database Connectivity ...

Add six column lables in the inserted row (STATE_NAME, VIOLENT, MURDER, RAPE, ROBBERY, ~).

GPS is often used to map the location of such facilities as telephone poles, sewer lines, and fire hydrants. Surveyors use GPS to map construction sites and ~ lines.

In simple terms, geographic or spatial data may be thought of as features located on or referenced to the Earth's surface, such as roads, streams, political boundaries, schools, land use classifications, ~ ownership parcels, drinking water intakes, pollution discharge sites - in short, ...

Thanks to Brian May of the SJRWD for this contribution. All rights reserved - This article is the ~ of the SJRWMD and has been provided by them to The GeoCommunity. Any copying or reproduction of the article in whole or in part is strictly prohibited.

" Weather forecasts, such as this one, provide critical information to many people, including farmers, construction workers, and those planning a trip to the beach. In severe weather situations, short-term forecasts and warnings can help save lives and protect ~.

This plane will intersect the projecting plane of a gnomonic projection in a straight line passing through the shadows (images) of those two points on the map. Thus, gnomonic projections have the important ~ that shortest routes (great circle arcs) on the earth are portrayed as a straight ...

For instance, when you want to tell someone how to get to your house, you give them a starting point that they know, like a road or a building. Geodesists and surveyors use datums as starting or reference points when they create maps, mark off ~ boundaries, and plan, design and build roads, ...

In fact, it is rarely used for natural resource applications in GIS. This method is useful for creating very precise cartographic definitions of ~, and accordingly is more appropriate for land records management at the cadastral or municipal scale.

Ironically, the best source of the kind of data needed to make DEMs of countries outside of the U.S. are various United States government agencies. The United States seems to be the only country that considers its mapping database basically public ~.

See also: See also: What is the meaning of Information, Map, Feature, Location, Area?

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