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RMS Error
1. IDRISI: The root-mean-square error - a measure of the variability of measurements about their true values. The RMS error is estimated by taking a sample of measurements and comparing them to their true values.

RMS errorRoot mean square error. A measure calculated when registering a map to a digitizer, indicating the discrepancy between known point locations and their digitized locations.

RMS error
Acronym for root mean square error. A measure of the difference between locations that are known and locations that have been interpolated or digitized.

An RMS error of less than or equal to approximately one resolution unit (pixel) for the image being rectified is generally considered acceptable.
i.ortho.photo, photo.camera, photo.2image, photo.init, photo.rectify

The RMS error for the regression is +-0.27 m.
The other 20% of observations have been used to validate the regression model. The standard deviation of the residuals from these additional points was 0.31 m.

The tic match tolerance is used to ensure a low RMS error during map registration on a digitizer. TIFF Tagged interchange (image) file format. An industry-standard raster data format.

The RMS error is often used as a measure of the accuracy of tic points when registering a map to a digitiser, indicating the discrepancy between known point locations and their digitised locations.

A 1-sigma (sigma is denoted bys RMS error equates to the radius of a circle with a 63 percent probability that the position is within the circle. A circle of twice this radius (2 s) represents about a 97 percent probability.

The RMS error is reported in both current map units and digitizer inches. If the RMS error is too high, you can reregister the appropriate control points. To maintain highly accurate data, your RMS error should be less than 0.

14 "Potential Digitization Error" illustrates the inaccuracies of lines representing soil types that result from input control point location errors. By applying an RMS error calculation to the dataset, ...

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