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About rubbersheeting
Rubbersheeting is typically used to align two or more layers. This process moves the features of a layer using a piecewise transformation that preserves straight lines.

control output with vector separation tools
bring details out of shadows
R/W georeferenced images to web with url support
Insert ECW and MrSID data
Raster snap
Support for multiple users
Create DWF output
Requires: ...

A set of procedures that aligns the features of two geographic data layers and then transfers the attributes of one to the other. Referenced by: United Maps; Conflation; JUMP GIS; Rubbersheeting; GIS software; Spatial ETL; Digital Earth; Smallworld; ...

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See also: See also: Coordinate, Map, Window, Location, Feature

GIS  Rubber Sheeting  Run-length encoding

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