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section lineA line on a surface defining the position of a profile.
selection coverageA coverage whose area overlaps that of a map library. It identifies the area to extract data from, or insert data into, a map library.

The intersection line of the ecliptical plane and another planet's orbital plane is called the nodal line of that planet, ...

section - depict what the object would look like if it were cut perfectly along cutting plane lines defined in a particular view, and rotated 90 to directly view the resulting surface(s), which are indicated with section lines. They show features not externally visible, or not clearly visible.

In this case, the surface cross section line is defined planimetrically as a curved line (the flow path of 27 Creek). This functionality allows you to see the surface elevation at various places along a curved line, such as a road or stream.

profile A vertical sectional view of a surface derived by sampling surface values along a section line.
projection See map projection.

Set your PDF options to make the size of your document appropriate to the size expected size of your graphic as you want it in illustrator.
Set the size of your profile and ~s to 0.001 inches, otherwise they will be too fat when you get into illustrator.

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