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Thiessen Polygon

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Thiessen Polygons
Polygons whose boundaries define the area that is closest to each point relative to all other points. Thiessen polygons are generated from a set of points.

Thiessen Polygons
Thiessen or voronoi polygons define individual areas of influence around each of a set of points. Thiessen polygons are polygons whose boundaries define the area that is closest to each point relative to all other points.

Thiessen polygon creator: Automatically create thiessen polygons around your model nodes to support demand assignment (LoadBuilder) methods that require service polygons.

Thiessen polygons
Polygons generated from a set of sample points. Each Thiessen polygon defines an area of influence around its sample point, so that any location inside the polygon is closer to that point than any of the other sample points.

The Thiessen polygon map generated from these data appeared somewhat blocky, but revealed the major spatial patterns of vegetation distribution (Fig. 3). Wetlands growing in the bed of the Pokegama River were dominated by the Spar covertype.

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[data structures] The division of a two-dimensional area into polygonal tiles, or a three-dimensional area into polyhedral blocks, in such a way that no figures overlap and there are no gaps.

How to Generate Thiessen Polygons from Points
CHGIS provides county level points but not county level polygons for all of China.

Thiessen polygons are formed by assigning the value of the nearest sample point to each spatial unit resulting in a map of the perpendicular bisectors between neighboring sample points.

By setting npoints=1, the module can be used to calculate raster Voronoi diagrams (Thiessen polygons).

The bubbles divide the counties into "nearest-neighbor" polygons, also known as polygons of influence, Thiessen polygons, Voronoi polygons, and Dirichlet cells.

is connected with two nearest neighbors to form a triangle, the triangulation solution is unique and independent of the order in which the points are processed, and the solution produced allows easy generation of Voronoi diagrams (Thiessen polygons) ...

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