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Air Shot

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Air Shot
By Brent Kelley
Definition: An "air shot" in golf is what happens when you swing at the golf ball and miss. In other words, "air shot" is just another term for "whiff." ...

Air Shot
This is where a golfer means to play a shot though misses the ball entirely.
MyGolfRounds.com Golfing Terms Glossary ...

Air Shot-- When a golfer intends to hit the ball, misses the ball completely and hits nothing but air. Also known as a whiff or whiff shot.
Albatross-- An old British term for "Double Eagle". A double eagle occurs when a golfer makes a score of 3 below par on a given hole.

Air Shot - Missing the ball during a swing.
Backspin - Reverse spin applied to the ball and prevents it from bouncing forward after landing; same as Bite.
Banana Ball - Slicing the ball such that it curves off into the side in a banana shaped trajectory.

Air Shot: When a player intends to play a shot but misses the ball completely.
Airmail the Green: When a player overpowers a shot aimed at the putting green, and the ball flight carries it completely over the green.

Occurs when a player intends to hit the ball but misses it completely.
albatross ...

To swing and miss the ball completely, counted as a stroke in putting but not in minigolf aka whiff.
all square ...

~ an attempt to strike the ball where the player fails to make contact. Counted as a stroke. See also Whiff. Albatross a hole played three strokes under par. Alignment The position of a player's body relative to the target line of the ball.

The real damage from ~s is the normal reaction of trying to guide or steer the club back to the ball to hit it.
This causes the beginner to form a habit of hitting at the ball, instead of swinging through it.
A habit that feeds on itself! ...

the muscles in your arms work and whenever your muscles work and contract they shorten, so effectively you are pulling the club head up away from the floor and if you swing the club with shortened muscles in your arms, you are now likely to hit the top of the golf ball, or have a complete ~.

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