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Where a player hits a ball late in their swing. A block often results in a slice/banana.
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Blocked Golf Shots To The Right; The Cause And How To Stop This As Women Golfers ...

A block to the right is typically caused by a swing path that is too shallow (flat) and a clubface that is open to the target. Without seeing your swing I cannot be certain of your swing path, so I want you to check the following elements: ...

A release, as I define it, is the opposite of the block and the necessary subsequent manipulations (you either block OR release, you can't have a combination of the two).

Block: A swing in which the rotation of the forearms is delayed or prevented throughout the hitting area, generally producing a shot that flies to the right of the target. (With a pond guarding the left side of the green.

Blocks : The blocks/markers used to indicate the tee area from which the first shot is taken on any hole. Example: The rules allow you to tee your ball up within two club lengths of the tee blocks, but not ahead of them.

Block: A shot played severely to the right; as opposed to slices, which curve from left to right, a blocked shot goes directly right. Similar to the "push".

Block / Blockout
When a player does not complete squaring the hands during the down swing, resulting in a slice or a shot pushed to the dominant hand side of the hole.
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Block Shot
When a player strikes the ball late in their swing (usually caused by turning to quickly during the swing). The ball travels outside of the target.
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Blocking shots to the right
What are the main causes for blocking (pushing shots to the right )
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- A shot that flies straight but to the right of the target (for a right handed player).
- strong metal powder often added during the construction of graphite shafts to provide added strength at the hosel end.

BLOCK - To play a shot by delaying the rotation of the wrists during a swing. This causes the clubface not to be square at the point of impact resulting in a sliced ball.

Blocked when trying to make a move.
Can mean the first 9 holes (front side) or the last 9 (back side) of an 18 hole course. Also two or more players who are partners.

If you block the release of your clubface through the hitting area, your left arm will be above your right just after impact and the clubface will be left open. This look creates a Y, not an X.

Hack: A block who has limited ability and generally a swing like a dying octopus.
Halved: in match play, a hole is halved (drawn) when both players or teams have played the same number of strokes.

With our blockbuster package, get ready to make some putts
Arnold Palmer used to take putting advice from only one person, a virtuoso putter and fellow player named George Low.

* Apply sun block before leaving for the golf course. Use shades and hat.

Block - Pushing the ball out to the right and failing to draw it back
Bogey - One over the par of the hole
Bunker - A hazard consisting of a prepared area of ground often hollowed and filled with sand ...

teeing ground, teeing area, tee box; the starting point of each hole, the area designated as the teeing ground tee blocks blocks, tee markers, markers; two objects that indicate the foreward boundary of the teeing area tee markers markers, ...

block: Shot that flies in a straight line, but to the right of the target (push).
body-line: The alignment of the body in relation to the target.
bogey: (modern meaning) One stroke over par on a hole.

unless you prevent it by "using" the hands or by blocking the stroke with stoppage in the shoulder frame or arms or hands.

term referring to another player's ball (usually on the putting green) blocking one's path to the hole -- obsolete since the practice of marking the ball on the green 2.

When you do that, you accomplish two things: You momentarily block any anxious signal from triggering your immune system; and you open the automatic pathway.

This full body release drill will reduce the likelihood of blocking or quitting on your shots. It will help keep you on line and prevent you from throwing the right shoulder out and across the target line ("casting").

Hitting balls that lie below the feet is excellent practice for players who block the ball to the right or struggle with duck-hooking.

If, for instance, you're blocked by a tree, try to hit a high shot over it as well as a draw or fade around it. This type of practice is, after all, the real thing. It also forces you to develop your imagination.

Since the swing of the left hand and arm is effectively blocked both by the incorrect body movement and the resisting right arm, the wrist must now break if the club-head is to keep moving. This is precisely what happens. The wrists break too early...

Golf associations that have secured a block of seats must submit names 10 days in advance of the program or their spots will be forfeited.
Only registered individuals listed on the current class roster will be permitted to attend the workshop.

7. Hands ahead of the ball, inside your left thigh. Your left hand has to block the vision of your left knee. Right hand for lefthanded golfers.
8. Lean your weight to your front foot.
9. Aim the face of your lady golf club towards the target.

Both were blocked right and into deep rough - but with one salient difference - this year his ball was lost.

How to Play Your Best Golf All the Time
How to Unblock Blocked Incoming Cell Phone Calls
Things You'll Need
PC USB cable ...

Where the line to the hole is blocked.
Device on the end of the putter to lift the ball out of the hole.

Try to stay positive.
Shaping Your Shot
Some object, perhaps a tree or bush blocks your line to the target.
It seems impossible to play over or under the object.

Weak grip: the right hand dominating (you see three knuckles on your right hand); slicing or blocking shots to the right.
Basic golf techniques: getting a correct grip: ...

So I backed off on my swing. But I backed off so much that I wasn't working the club head through the ball. So I blocked several to the right, and even sliced a couple.
Overcoming Fear ...

And I think that's why it is so anticipated year in and year out. I block my calendar and make it a point to tune in every year, and especially on Sunday afternoon to watch the action and drama unfold.

A golf ball is made up of mostly plastic and rubber materials. A two-piece ball consists of a solid rubber core with a durable thermoplastic (ionomer resin) cover. The rubber starts out as a hard block, ...

stymie-- An old term where an opponent's ball was in another player's putting line. A term used to describe when a player's ball is positioned behind a tree, bush or some other object thereby blocking the player's preferred shot.

The Rules allow for the ball in the line to be marked and moved, allowing the player farther from the hole to play without obstruction. Stymie is also the generic term given to a situation when any object is between the player and the hole, blocking ...

Computer milling is one of relatively new techniques which has become popular in recent years (milled face). This method involves a modern metal cutting machine that carves a block of metal with extreme precision to provide a very consistent, ...

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Golf  Blind shot  Block shot

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