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Where a golfer either misses the ball or strikes the ball badly.
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Dub: A missed or badly-hit shot
Duck Hook: A shot that starts straight at the target and curves dramatically to the left of target (assuming a right-handed golfer.) One of the most out of control shot types.

Dub - A missed or badly-hit shot .
Duff - To miss-hit a shot by hitting the ground behind the ball and then top the ball.
Duffer - An unskilled golfer. Also called a hacker.

Dub: A miss hit shot in such a way that the ball travels only a very small portion of its intended distance.
Duck Hook: To induce too much topspin onto the ball causing it hook and move from outside to in on your swing and also curve downward quickly.
Duffer: An unskilled golfer.

Dub : A badly misplayed shot, usually associated with the ball never leaving the ground (or taking a small hop and not traveling any real distance) resulting from hitting the top or side of the ball or hitting the ground well behind the ball.

~ - a poorly hit shot. I "dubbed" that shot.
DUFFER - one who hits a lot of bad shots. Can also be called a "hacker".
EAGLE - this is a bird in real life, but in golf it means a score of 2 under par on a hole. (I.e. a score of 3 on a par 5 hole) ...

arm at shoulder height and put back in play after being lifted under various situations within the rules of golf drop area an area of ground where players can drop their ball, usually in situations where there is not another practical area to take a drop or for maintenance reasons ~ duff, ...

~ - A missed or badly-hit a shot.
Duck hook - shot that curves sharply to the left for right handed players.
Duff - To miss-hit a shot by hitting the ground behind the ball first and then hitting the top of the ball. The resulting shot does not go far or look very nice.

The ~ tries to use beth at once. The average player compromises and tries first a little of' the down-ward push and then a little of the lift, and to do this he has to shift his head and body to allow for whichever set of muscles he is compelled to use.

divot: Turf displaced by the clubhead during a swing.
drop: Procedure by which you put the ball back into play after it's been deemed unplayable.
~: Bad shot or player.
duck hook: Shot curving severely from right to left.
dying putt: A putt that barely reaches the hole.

(also "~") when the bottom of the club contacts the ball above its center of gravity and the ball immediately hits the ground 2. the end of the backswing (where the hands are at their highest)
Example: Nobody likes to top the ball. 2. John's club was laid off at the top of his swing.

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