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A putt that is sure to go in the hole on the subsequent shot.
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Gimme: when a player has only a short left to play, other players may grant a gimme, i.e. one stroke is counted, but the ball is not actually played (under the tacit assumption that the putt would not have been missed).

gimme-- A short putt that is expected to be holed. Typically a gimme putt will be conceded by an opponent.

Gimme---a very short putt your opponent concedes to you. Not played under the official rules of golf.
Grass bunker---a slight depression in the ground that is filled with grass. It is not considered a hazard and is played much like the rough.

Baby talk for "give me," a putt of two feet or less that a friendly opponent declares does not have to be holed out.
The angle at which the grass of a green grows. Putting "against the grain" requires more effort than "with the grain." ...

~ - A short putt so close to the hole that your playing partners allow for you to simply pick it up - without taking the time to actually putt the ball into the hole. You'll hear, "That's a ~!" during a casual and friendly round of golf, but it is not within the actual rules of golf.

A very short putt that is certain to be made on the next shot and will most likely be conceded by an opponent. Not legal in stroke tournaments.
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~: A shot, usually on the green, but that may be anywhere on the course, that is conceded by a player's opponent. ~es are usually applied to short putts that are almost certain to be holed.

~: A putt that is so close to the hole that it is certain to be made on the next stroke. ~s are used only during informal play and are not recognized by the official rules of golf.

~ : A putt that is short enough in length to be certain to be holed with the next stroke. Example: Great putt Abby! That next one (the putt) is a ~.

'~': A very short putt, usually within 18 inches of the cup. While the rules of golf state that you must putt until your ball is in the hole (aka to 'hole out' or 'putt out'), most golfers simply pick up once they've gotten it this close.

A short putt conceded by your playing partners (not allowed in minigolf stroke play tournaments).
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~: is a shot that the other players agree can count automatically without actually being played (under the tacit assumption that the putt would not have been missed). "~s" are not allowed by the rules in stroke play, but this is often practiced in casual matches.

~ - a term for a putt that is close enough to the cup that it will certainly be made so the other player says "it's a ~" and the player doesn't have to putt it. However, he does need to add this stroke to his score!
GRAIN - this is the direction that the grass on the green is growing.

tap in ~; a very short put that is certain to be made tee 1. peg; a small (usually, but not always, wooden) device for setting the ball up above the ground
2. the act of placing the ball on a tee

19.It's not a ~ if you're still away.
20.The shortest distance between any two points on a golf course is a straight line that passes directly through the centre of a very large tree.
21.There are two kinds of bounces: unfair bounces, and bounces just the way you meant to play it.

~: A putt that is certain to be made on the next shot and will most likely be conceded by an opponent.
Golfer's elbow is a common 'overuse' injury for many golfers and cause inflammation, soreness or pain in the upper arm, just above the elbow.

Any second putt from either of these ranges ought to be a ~ tap-in, so those are irrelevant. Accordingly, many pros advise practicing from 8 feet in and some long ones, and forget the middle-range putts.

~ A short putt, typically the length of the putter grip, that players assume a golfer will be able to hit into the hole. Counts as a stroke.
golf club A piece of equipment used to hit a golf ball. Also a term to describe a golf course facility.

Pulling off miracle shots that stop within ~ range takes a tremendous amount of talent and expertise. Don't get greedy trying to get the ball close to the pin every time, at least initially. Start by learning to get the ball on the green consistently, with a chance to make a par-saving putt.

Of all my clubs, my putter is the cruelest, bestowing and withdrawing its affections at random, keeping my heart (and near-~s) just beyond its grip.

With the second, you can practice chipping until you are so accurate that it always leaves a" ~".
The third is the most efficient, would be to practice chipping and putting together until you could reasonably be expected to go down in two.

In his quarter final round in the morning he defeated the fancied Zane Scotland when the latter needed only to chip and two putt for the match. In the afternoon semi-final he beat Jamie Elson, another likely winner who missed a 15-inch ~ putt for the match.

don't pick up that tee, putt until you've holed it (without marking), forget the wind. Get one of those suction-cup gizmos to pick up your ball from the hole. Learn how to pick up a "~" with your putter.

knee knocker (also "tester") a short putt that, for whatever reason, is challenging (not a ~)
Example: His chip shot was well played, but still left him with a knee knocker/tester. knife another term for a one iron ...

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