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For example, on a par 5, on the second shot, instead of going for the green and being under GIR, a player may lay-up which he hits his second shot short of the green and then hits his 3rd shot on the green and gets GIR.
Lie: the ground that the ball is resting on.

Green in Regulation (GIR): A green is considered hit "in regulation" if any part of the ball is touching the putting surface and the number of strokes taken is 2 or less than par, i.e. with the first stroke on a par-3 hole, second stroke on a par-4, etc.

Tour pros who hit the most greens in regulation (GIR) also shoot the best scores. It's no coincidence that in 2012, three of the top 10 performers in the PGA Tour's greens in regulation stat ranked among the top 10 in scoring. Three more of the 10 best GIR guys made the top 26 in scoring.

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Birdie Average 2.6 to 1
Putts Per GIR 3.7 to 1
Putts Per Round 4.2 to 1
Scrambling % 4.3 to 1
Driving Distance5.0 to 1
Greens In Reg. 5.2 to 1
Driving Accuracy6.4 to 1 ...

In addition to being long, Garrigus was ranked 7th in greens in regulation (~), hitting approximately 70 percent of all greens. Coincidence? We think not. Longer drives generally mean shorter and easier approach shots­-even if they're hit from the rough.

You'll hear the term 'green in regulation' or ~. This means that the golfer is able to reach a green in two shots fewer than the overall par for the hole. So for a par 3, the golfer has to have a legitimate chance at reaching the green in one shot in order to have two putts to par the hole.

green in regulation (also "~, G.I.R.") playing one's ball onto the green in the prescribed number of strokes as determined by par (equal to par for the hole minus two strokes for putting) ...

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