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Greensomes (also called 'Foursomes with selected drive,' 'Canadian Foursomes,' or 'Alternate Shot with selected drive') is a variation of foursomes in which a team of two players play a single ball alternately after selecting a preferred tee shot of ...

foursome (greensome)
A variation on foursome. Each player plays his/her own ball from the tee. The team then choose the best placed ball to complete the hole.
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Greensome an alternate shot tournament format with two two-man teams in each foursome, each player hits a tee shot, then the best tee shot of each two-man team is selected and the other ball is picked up, ...

Greensome - A pairs game with both playres driving off, the preferred ball is then selected and alternate shots are played to completion of the hole ...

Greensome: Greensomes is a competition format in which 2-person teams play one ball each. Players on a team tee off, the best of the two tee balls is selected and that ball is then played alternate-shot until holed.

greensome: Game format in which both players on a team drive off, choose the best placed ball and play foursomes from there.
grip:The rubber/leather on the handle end of a club. Or the actual position of the hands formed to hold the club.

Played on monthly Greensome Sundays. JACK TAYLOR CUP Winning Team at Anzac Day Ambrose Tournament GROSS AGGREGATE TROPHIES Trophies Donated by G Millar, J D Creedy, L K Arnold, L G Miller.

Greensomes: In greensomes teams of 2 players compete against each other; greensomes is a variation of foursomes.

Greensomes: is a variation of foursomes, where each side consists of 2 players. Both players play one tee-shot each from every tee. A choice is then made as to which is the more favourable of the 2 ball positions, the other ball being picked up.

See also: See also: Foursome, Tee, Hole, Stroke, Shot

Golf  Greenside bunker  Greensomes

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