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Medal play
Also known as Stroke Play, Medal Play is where the winner of the competition is the golfer who has taken the least number of strokes to complete the round.
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medal play-- Also known as stroke play, a type of golf competition where the player that completes the tournament in the fewest overall strokes wins.
mid-iron-- A middle iron such as a 3, 4 or 5 iron.

Medal Play: Strokeplay competitions,where the lowest score wins.
Medal Play: Type of competition in which the lowest total score (number of strokes) wins. The same as stroke play.

Medal play: This golf terms is also known as "stroke play"...a style of scoring in which the player with the fewest strokes wins. The stroke play is played in most professional tournaments.

Medal Play - A competition decided by the overall number of strokes used to complete the round or rounds. Same as 'stroke play'.
Mixed Foursome - A foursome with each side has a male and female player.

Medal Play: Type of competition in which the lowest total score (number of strokes) wins. The same as stroke play.
Mixed Foursome: Two men and two women.

Medal Play: A score play competition where all shots are recorded and the winner is the one who took the least number.
Meow: Insulting cat call made toward opponents who leave putts well short. Listen: meow.wav ...

Competition based on the number of strokes taken by each golfer; also called stroke play.

Medal Play : Scoring by the total number of strokes taken. Example: The PGA Championship used to be decided by match play, but now it is a medal play competition.
Member Bounce : A very favorable bounce or kick of the ball.

Medal Play
Another name for 'Stroke Play', keeping the score on every hole. The lowest number of strokes, gross or net, wins.
Mixed ...

MEDAL PLAY - this is a form of competition decided by the overall number of strokes. This may also be referred to as stroke play.
MULLIGAN - an extra shot which your opponent MAY allow you to take if you hit a really bad first shot. NOTE: this is NOT the way we suggest to play golf.

Stroke or medal play is more common. In this competition the player with the fewest number of strokes for the whole 18-hole round wins.
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Medal play---a competition where the player with the fewest strokes wins. (Also called stroke play.)
Mulligan---a second try at hitting the ball, usually after an unsuccessful first attempt. Not legal under official golf rules.
Municipal courses---a course run by a city or county.

Medal play - Stroke play
Nett score - The score taken after the handicap has been subtracted from the gross score
Obstruction - Anything artifical placed, left or erected on the golf course ...

In the professional medal play Robert Thompson, of Ravens Nest and Whispering Pines, carded a four under 68 to take the $3,500 first prize. Tim Hobby, Sonterra teaching pro shot -2 and won $2000 for second place.

stroke play (also "medal play") scoring by the total number of strokes
Example: The PGA Championship used to be decided by match play, but now it is a stroke play/medal play competition.

Medal play: style of scoring in which the player with the fewest strokes wins. Most professional tournaments are medal play. Also known as "stroke play".
Member's bounce: any favorable bounce of the golf ball that improves what initially appeared to be an errant shot.

Match Play - A tournament or championship conducted under the rules of medal play as distinct from matchplay. The winner is the player returning the lowest total or, in handicap events, the player with the lowest net total. This method scores games by hole rather than strokes.

designated to patrol the course, keeping an eye out for problems in general, but usually present to promote a reasonable pace of play or keep things moving match play scoring by holes rather than strokes, the way golf was originally played medalist the player in a stroke play, or medal play, ...

There's more to competitive golf than medal play and scrambles. If you're looking for a little variety, try some of the competition formats described here.

Stroke Play: Also known as medal play, it is a form of competition based on the cumulative number of strokes taken, either over one round or several. (Most professional tournaments are stroke play events).

Senior Putting: J McDowell 26 Junior Putting: J Moore 26 Nearest to Pin Senior Gross: D Skeggs 76 Ecolab No 1: K Bolger Junior Gross: M Johnson 88 Yunca No 2: S Jamieson No 6: P Cocksedge No 18: M Macdonald Senior Medal Playoff: P Cocksedge & W Purdue 68 Junior Medal Playoff: D Sutherland & J Moore ...

Julie Floyd has her fingers crossed, which means only one thing at this time of the year. The Southern Nevada Class 3-A Regional Golf championships are rapidly approaching. In fact, the 18-hole medal play event is Thursday at Mountain Falls, starting at 11:15 a.m.

A competition in which a player's total strokes for a round are recorded to be compared with the scores of other competitors. 'Strokeplay', the correct term, is often referred to as 'medal play'.

is a completely different format than the more common medal (stroke) play, which is scored by total number of strokes during a round. In match play, each hole is won or lost until one player wins the majority of the total number of holes played. Essentially, match play is one-on-one, and medal play ...

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