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Miss the cut

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Miss the cut:
- To be eliminated from an event because your score is too high. See also 'Cut'.
Mixed foursome:
- A team consisting of two men and two women.

To miss the cut is to fail to score low enough, usually over the first 36 holes of a 72 hole tournament, to qualify for the final two rounds.
cut shot
Shot that makes the ball spin in a clockwise direction resulting in a left to right bending flight. It can either be deliberate or a mistake ...

Other big names to miss the cut include US Ryder Cup captain Tom Lehman, K Club wildcard candidate Fred Couples and crowd favourite John Daly.
Potential European Ryder Cup players to get the weekend off include Ireland's Padraig Harrington, Dane Thomas Bjorn and US-based Swede Carl Pettersson.

'You can never tell if he's winning the tournament or about to miss the cut.' You hear a version of this practically every time professional golf is on TV. With a few noteworthy exceptions, professionals keep an even keel whether their fortunes are up or down.

The highest score that allows a player to continue in a tournament, usually determined after the first 36 holes of a 72-hole tournament. If a player shoots that score or lower, he is said to have made the cut. To shoot a higher score is to miss the cut.
Cut in
Cut Shot ...

Refers to the act cutting the hole into the putting green surface (done by the greens staff). Example: 1. Many times a cut shot will land more softly than a draw. 2. Unless she birdies 2 of the last 3 holes she will ~. 3.

Unless she birdies 2 of the last 3 holes she will ~. 3. The hole was cut so tight that the pin appeared to be off the green. 4. Sometimes in the U.S. Open the primary cut of rough is so deep that you can't see your ankles.

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