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oversized club Golf clubs designed with a larger sweet spot.
par Expected score on a given hole based on its length, difficulty, and gender of the player.

Oversize Shaft Tip
An iron shaft with a tip larger than .370" or a wood with a tip larger than .335". certain manufacturers claim that larger tip diameter shafts will assist in the stabilization of club heads, especially on off-center impacts.
Oversize Wood Head ...

In 1991, oversized metal woods are introduced, with Callaway Golf's Big Bertha quickly establishing itself as the dominant brand, the Big Bertha driver becomes one of the biggest-selling clubs of all time. Harvey Penick's Little Red Book becomes the all-time best selling golf book.

When to Use Oversize Golf Grips?
In the past, golfers wanting a thicker grip would wrap their grip with tape. While standard grips typically match the diameter of the club shaft, oversize grips today can be… Read More
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With today's oversized drivers, it's easier to hit long drives - and easier to hit that big slice off the tee. Not only will sliced drives miss the fairway, they also rob you of distance. Try these tips, and I know you will cure your slice forever: ...

With today's ~ drivers, it is much easier to hit the ball a long way. But if you suffer from a slice, that extra distance will probably have your tee shots not only missing the fairway but also rob you of your new-found distance.

~ Iron Head Any iron head larger 43 millimeters and a blade length of 75 mm. ~ Wood Head A wood head with volume greater than 200 cc’s.

As a head is designed ~, a higher percentage of its weight is moved toward the outside of the head. 'Ever heard of the term "perimeter weighted"? This is exactly what it means. A head that has more weight on its perimeters will tend to twist less on off-center hits.

Generally I find I'm about a club longer than with my old, reliable friends, a set of TaylorMade ~ with bubble shafts - so I'm now hitting a 7-iron the 150 yards I used to hit my 6-iron.

Rubber, cord, multi compound, junior, Ladies, size 58, 60, midsize, ~ and even Arthritic grips are available. Depending on your palm width and size of your fingers and the feel of the grip, your grip should be fitted to you (just like your clubs).

Whether you choose ~d irons or blade style.the choices are almost endless. You have the ability to choose the type of shafts that will best suit your swing, and cut them to specific length to match your height and arm length in order to optimize your clubs for your unique body type.

How to Get the Most Out of Your ~d Driver
By Kevin Downey
One of the keys to hitting a 460cc driver is to contact the ball on the upswing.

1. Fatten Your Grips
Hooked shots often are the result of excessive hand rotation. Midsized and ~d grips help lessen hand action, making it more difficult to over-rotate and hook the ball.

If your putter swing has too much wrist action, causing you to flip the putter head at the ball, consider changing to an ~d grip and/or a putter with a heavier head.
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I used that thought to win my sixth green jacket in 1986, with a MacGregor Response putter. With certain putters, like the old George Low model, I'd swing the putterhead low to high. But with the ~ Response, I swung it high to low. It had more loft, so that got the ball rolling.

One layer of tape on a 0.600 shaft would produce a grip 1/16 ~. Depending on your preference, grip sizes of a certain section can be built up (i.e. a section your left hand is placed) by partially adding wraps of tape to the shaft.

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