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Penalty stroke

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Penalty stroke
Where a golfer has to add an extra stroke to their score if they have violated the rules.
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Penalty Stroke - If a golf ball lands in water; rests in a lie where it cannot be played; is lost; or goes out-of-bounds; a one stroke penalty is incurred by the golfer.

penalty stroke A stroke added to a player's score for a violation of the rules.
PGA Professional Golfers Association.
pin See "flag".

Penalty stroke - An additional stroke added to a player's score for any of the many possible rules violations.
PGA of America - The Professional Golfers Association of America. They are the governing body of American professional golf.

Penalty Stroke
A stroke added to a player's score due to a rule infringement, taking relief from a hazard or an unplayable lie.
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Penalty Stroke
An additional stroke that's added to a player's score because of a rules violation. See also stroke and distance.
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Penalty stroke - a stroke that is added to a player's score for breaking a rule, missing a mandatory, a water hazard, landing OB, etc. Ex: On the tee shot, player throws out of bounds. After taking 1 meter of relief into the course, the player throws an approach shot and then a putt to hole out.

Penalty stroke:
- An additional stroke or strokes added to a golfer's score for an infringement of the rules.
- Informal name for the flagstick in the hole ...

add a penalty stroke and replace your ball (but see the exceptions under Rules 18-2a and 18-2b).
If someone other than you, your partner or your caddies moves your ball at rest, or it is moved by another ball, replace your ball without penalty.

General Penalty Stroke Play

Q. What is the general penalty in stroke play?

penalty stroke a stroke that must be added to the score, for a variety of reasons (e.g., lost ball, unplayable lie), in accordance with the rules of golf
Example: The penalty stroke for playing into and dropping from the water hazard cost Bill the hole.

the target line) peeking looking up to see the result of the shot before impact, mainly used in reference to putting, and particularly on short putts peg tee; another term for a tee - a small (usually, but not always, wooden) device for setting the ball up above the ground penalty stroke ...

Gross - The total number of strokes taken to go around the golf course, including penalty strokes
Ground under repair - Ground marker unfit for play, any material piled for removal
Half - A hole completed in the same score, a tie match ...

If your ball is lost or out of bounds, you must add a penalty stroke to your score and play another ball from where you played your last shot.
If you think your ball may be lost or out of bounds, you may play a "provisional ball" from the place where your first ball was played.

It's not too difficult to rack up penalty strokes if you're not paying attention, or if you don't know the rules. And it's strictly up to you to know the rules.

In stroke play (see below), the score consists of the number of strokes played plus any penalty strokes incurred. Penalty strokes are not actually strokes but penal points that are added to the score for violations of rules or for making use of relief procedures in certain situations.

You've got to know golf's basic rules (out of bounds, penalty stroke, ground under repair) and its byzantine etiquette practices (honors, away, marking your ball).

(For out-of-bounds, at least.) Somewhere, sometime, someone felt the need to add a penalty stroke to the proceedings. But if you've followed the arguments so far, what they should have done was add the penalty stroke instead of requiring the ball to be replayed from the original spot.

Penalty strokes do not affect order of play. The higher handicapped team receives the tournament percentage of the difference between the combined handicapped of the members of each team. Match play is limited to first 128 players (64 two-man teams).

Shiperio-- A second shot attempt that may be taken without incurring a penalty stroke. Similar to a a mulligan except the golfer may select whether to play the first or second ball he hit.
short game-- Important part of a golfer's game that is comprised of pitching, chipping and putting.

If your ball moves after you have addressed it, but settles back into it's original position, you do not have to take a penalty stroke.
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Putt To Win
Once you can drive for dough (and without penalty strokes attached), the next area to attack is your putting. There are two key areas that can really save shots on the greens: lag putting and putts inside six feet.

Slide a bead down every time you hit the ball and any time you incur a penalty stroke, for out of bounds, water hazards or other traps.
Count up your beads at the end of each hole and then reset by sliding all the beads up to the top again.

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Unplayable lie---a situation where the player has determined that his/her ball cannot be played and opts to take a penalty stroke to move it within two club lengths no closer to the hole.
Up and down---taking two shots to get the ball into the hole from off the green.

A player may choose to deem a ball unplayable, taking a penalty stroke and dropping the ball no nearer the hole. A ball that is unplayable in a bunker must be dropped in the bunker or stroke and distance taken.

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When a player is entitled to make a drop without a penalty stroke.
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The objective of golf is to play the ball from the teeing ground to the putting green and into the hole in the fewest strokes possible. You should count every swing, including penalty strokes and misses (whiffs).

Attend The Flag : Holding the pin/flagstick while a player makes his stroke ensuring that once contact is made with the ball the pin is removed from the hole to avoid any penalty strokes being assessed.

Rules Of Golf: There are so many that a lot of golfers carry the 128-page rule book in their bag. If you break a rule in golf, even accidentally, the best thing that can happen to you is that you have to add penalty strokes to your score. The worst is that you are disqualified.

If you hit a shot and you lose it, you must go back to the original spot where you played the shot from, take a new ball, drop the ball at arms length for a penalty of one stroke and proceed to carry on from there counting the original stroke and adding a penalty stroke.

out of bounds Any area from which play is prohibited and marked with white stakes or lines. The penalty for OB is stroke and distanceŠplayer must return to the spot where the original ball was played, hit another ball from that location, and add a penalty stroke to her score.

Typically, but not always, out of bounds (OB) is off normal course property. The penalty for OB is stroke and distance. The player must return to the spot where the original ball was played, hit another shot from there and add a penalty stroke to his score.

fore!: What to shout when your ball is headed toward another player.
free drop: Drop for which no penalty stroke is incurred, generally within one club length of where the ball was.
front nine: The first half of your round of golf.

Failure to do so can lead to a 'falling putt' penalty stroke.
Throw - The act of advancing the disc towards the basket. This can be accomplished by many different throwing styles; Backhand, Forehand, Rollers. Each throw is counted towards the player's score.

Unplayable lie - a ball that cannot be played from where it sits; a player takes a penalty stroke for moving it and taking a drop
Water hole - a hole that has a water hazard on it
Whiff - swinging at the ball with the intention of hitting it, but missing it completely; it counts as a stroke! ...

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