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Snowman: An eight on a hole.
Sod: A chunk of turf from the course. Commonly referred to as a "divot. (See "Divot.") ...

snowman Euphemism to describe a score of eight.
soft spikes Generic term given to the plastic spikes required on many courses. These softer spikes are believed to do less damage to the course, especially to the greens. See spikes.

snowman a score of 8 on a hole (most commonly a quadruple bogey on a par 4)
Example: Tiffany made a snowman on the first hole. sole 1. the bottom surface of the clubhead 2. to rest the clubhead on the ground ...

For example, a player taking eight shots to complete a hole may be said to have carded a "snowman" - so known because of the shape of the number. However, such terms are informal in the extreme and are not part of regular golf terminology.

There are "modified" Stableford scoring techniques, like that used in the International Tournament on the PGA Tour, which award points (or loss of points) for various scores over or under a fixed score.
Snowman: An eight on a hole.
Sit: Telling the ball to drop softly, and not roll after landing.

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