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What Does SSS Mean on a Golf Score Card?
The letters "SSS" on a golf score card stand for Standard Scratch Score. This abbreviation is generally only used in Great Britain and Ireland.

Akin to the SSS is the Competition Scratch Score (CSS). The principle is the same, only this describes how easy or difficult the course played during a given competition. It is against this CSS score that a player's handicap is adjusted by the club.

Standard Scratch Score (SSS)
This is a fixed number agreed by the Club with the ruling bodies. This is the score it would be expected a scratch golfer would go round in.

Standard Scratch Score (SSS) - evaluation of the par of the court according to the handicap
Stroke-Play - a competition in which the number of strokes determines the winner (the winner is a player with minimum number of strokes) ...

A handicap awarded a player based on the course's SSS (standard scratch score) or CSS (competition scratch score) when playing in a competition.
Design of irons with hollowed out back which assists perimeter weighting and thus good for beginners.

Standard scratch score (SSS)
The score expected of a scratch player on any given course.
A shot in golf.

However the Great War 1914-18 intervened and it was not until 1925 that a Golf Unions' Joint Advisory Committee of the British Isles was formed to assign Standard Scratch Scores (SSS), to golf courses in Great Britain and Ireland.

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Golf  Square stance  St Andrews

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