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tap in-- An easy, very short putt.
tee-- A small wooden or plastic peg used to elevate one's ball when teeing off. Also, the name for the designated area where a player may hit his/her initial shot on a given hole.

Tap into your memory bank
When I'm getting ready to putt, I always try to remember the best putts I've ever made. Or I imagine it's match play, and I've got this birdie putt to beat one of my teammates from college who I hated losing to.

Tap In
A very short putt which is also known as a gimme putt. In a friendly game your opponent will say just pick it up, or they will sometimes hit the ball back to you. Don't try this in a tournament.
Round ...

tap in A short putt.
tee A wooden or plastic peg used to elevate the ball from the grass. Allowed to be used only in the first shot.
tee-shot The first shot played on a hole.

tap in gimme; a very short put that is certain to be made tee 1. peg; a small (usually, but not always, wooden) device for setting the ball up above the ground
2. the act of placing the ball on a tee

~: A short putt; to hole a short putt.
Target Golf: 1.) A style of golf played on the preponderance of American tournament courses where the golfer is required to hit a high, lofted, approach shot that allows for very little roll to the ball after it lands.

~ : A very short put that is certain to be made. Example: I only had a ~ left after a good chip.
Target Line : The line of play, or the line from the ball to the target. Example: Her stance is open relative to the target line for the lob shot.

A very short putt; as a verb, to make such a putt.
Taper Tip Shaft ...

~ - A very short putt.
Tee - A disposable wooden peg to place the ball on during your tee shot or first shot from the tee area
Tee box - The area from which the ball is hit on the first shot of a hole.
Tee off - To hit or play a tee shot.

~ A very short putt.
tee A disposable device, normally a wooden peg, on which the ball is placed for driving. Also refers to the area from which the ball is hit on the first shot of the hole. Originally a pile of sand used to elevate the ball for driving.
tee off To play a tee shot.

Give it a rip and ~to your natural power by rotating as far as you can.
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Reaching Across Hole to ~ Short Putt

Q. A player reaches across the hole to ~ a short putt (the hole is between the player and the ball). Is this a breach of Rule 16-1e, Standing Astride or on the Line of Putt?

Reaching Across Hole to ~ Short Putt
USGA Position on Spikemarks
Ball Overhanging Lip Falls into Hole ...

When you master the feeling of firm in the fingers and gentle in the motion of the swing, you will be able to ~to your ability for creative shot-making. Playing your best and having fun is at your fingertips if you choose to keep it simple.

Stoney: Slang term used to indicate a player hits the ball close to the hole. ... ~: A short putt; to hole a short putt.

The idea is to practice putts you can expect to make close to 100% of the time. Anything from 18" in is a ~, so the drill starts at 2 feet. When you're making 95% of those, go to 3 feet, and try to get to 80%. (No more than one miss per group of five.) ...

For example, if you are both on the green but quite a distance from the hole, and you have the opportunity to go first, concentrate not so much on holling out, but getting the ball close enough for a ~.
With your ball safely in the hole, the pressure is on your opponent not to three putt! ...

Walk briskly around the hole and ~ each ball, acting as if success is a given. You'll be amazed at how many you make when you don't overthink the little ones. If you really want to improve, start the drill over when you miss and don't stop until you make eight putts in a row.

In theory, it should take you another 2 shots to hit the green, then 2 putts for your par. You take out a wedge and the ball comes off perfectly leaving a 15-foot putt. The putt rolls close and you have a ~ for a 5, wow a net birdie.
That was easy wasn't it?

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