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Tee shot

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Tee Shot
By Brent Kelley
Definition: The "tee shot" is the first stroke played from the teeing ground of a golf hole. The term originates from the fact that ball is struck from the teeing ground, not necessarily because such a ball is usually placed on a tee.

Tee shot
Tension kills distance
I get asked a lot how I'm able to hit it so far. I tell people that whenever I need to give the ball a little extra hit, I try to get very relaxed and free. To do this, I flex my muscles tight, then I relax so I can feel the difference.

Tee Shot (Rule 11)
Play your tee shot from between, and not in front of, the tee-markers.
You may play your tee shot from up to two club-lengths behind the front line of the tee-markers.

Straighten Your Tee Shots
Quick tips for straighter hits
By Derek And Karen Nannen, PGA, Photos By David Johnston ...

There are a couple of tee shots at the Augusta National Golf Club that consistently challenge me - number 10 and number 18. Each is a long, tight, doglegging par four, and on each hole I've hit my share of poor tee shots.

Tiger Woods Pro Golfer: ~ Stinger, Golf Swing Lesson
As much as he's achieved, Tiger Woods' driving accuracy has been a bit, shall we say, hit or miss since his landmark 2000 season.

~ : A shot from the tee, the first shot on any hole. Example: Her ~ was right down the middle of the fairway.
Teeing Ground : The starting point of each hole, where the tee markers are. Example: The teeing ground on number 4 was in need of serious repair.

~s into a ravine
On the third playoff hole at the 2001 Buick Invitational, Phil Mickelson and Frank Lickliter both drove their ~s into a ravine.
RealPlayer ...

The ~ is uphill and straight away for the most part, but fits a slight fade for positioning for the second shot. There are a cluster of bunkers on the left side of the fairway that come into play if players lay back and play irons off the tee.

The ~ hit with the 1 wood. To move forward.
Blind Shot
A shot played to a blind hole, the player cannot see the ball land.

An iron ~ is often placed on too high of a tee, so it's important to keep the tee low for an iron ~. Find out why this… Read More
Golf Tips : Efficient Power ...

Ballooning ~s are most often caused by hitting the ball on too steep of an upswing. In trying to over-control their drives, golfers often "steer" the clubhead through impact, rather than swinging through impact.

Drive: a ~ of great length, usually done with a driver (a type of golf club)
Eagle: a hole played in two strokes under par.
Fairway: the short grass between the tee and the green.

He hit a good ~, but with the green seemingly in range in two, found his approach swallowed up by the water in front of the green.
By then failing to get up and down in two from the drop zone, Els relinquished second spot to Kaymer, whose bid for a Ryder Cup berth is progressing well.

The speed of a ~ will be greater than that of a putt. But there should be no conscious effort to make it faster. The speed is greater simply because the swing is longer (due to the longer shaft, and longer motion)....

~ (also "tee ball") a shot from the tee, the first shot on a hole
Example: Her ~/tee ball was right down the middle of the fairway. tee time the time assigned for a group to begin play on their first hole (in non-competitive situations could also be called a "reservation") ...

as the teeing ground tee blocks blocks, tee markers, markers; two objects that indicate the foreward boundary of the teeing area tee markers markers, tee blocks, blocks; two objects that indicate the foreward boundary of the teeing area tee off to hit a shot from the tee ~ tee ...

(The defending champion's defense ended when he chunked his ~ on the par-3 16th and hit the ball into the pond guarding the green). Cleek A fairway wood with the approximate loft of a 4-wood that produces high shots that land softly.

To this point, the definition of 'scotch foursomes' is the same as that of ordinary 'foursomes'; however, players do not alternate hitting ~s as they would in foursomes.

Tee - A disposable wooden peg to place the ball on during your ~ or first shot from the tee area
Tee box - The area from which the ball is hit on the first shot of a hole.
Tee off - To hit or play a ~.
Tee up - To place the ball on the tee.

On each hole each player drives and the best ~ is selected by the team. Each member then plays a second shot from the spot where the selected ~ lay and the best second shot is then selected in a similar manner. This process is repeated until the hole is completed.

The best of the ~s is selected and all players play their second shots from that spot. The best of the second shots is determined, then all play their third shots from that spot, and so on until the ball is holed.

tee off To play a ~.
tee up To begin play by placing the ball on the tee.
tee-shot A shot played from a tee.
teeing ground The area in which you must tee off your ball. Ball must be teed off within the markers and no more than two club lengths behind them.

Before you hit that first ~ (even when you're late for that tee time), stretch and swing a club. If you can hit practice balls before playing, do it... starting slowly. Don't start warming up with your driver - make it the last club you practice with.

Usually only one is allowed per round and is limited to ~s although the number can be agreed upon by players before the round begins.
Multi-layer golf ball construction:
- Multi layer golf balls are multi-layer golf balls in which the core material is wrapped in multiple covers.

His ~ was an exact replica of that which he played from the first tee on the first day's play at Muirfield last year. Both were blocked right and into deep rough - but with one salient difference - this year his ball was lost.

It demands a big drive: in fact, it's one of the few ~s on the course that I used to try to hit as hard as I could. To do this, I made a conscious effort to swing the club slower and more deliberately, letting all the elements of my swing happen.

The rewards I receive everyday, from a junior golfer that has just won a Little Linkster Tournament, or another that just hit his best ~ on the 1st hole, are more gratifying than any formal awards.

Montgomerie hit 82% of the fairways with his ~s. Montgomerie also shot 15 over par for the tournament. In fact the top 3 players in the fairways hit category came in 32nd, 37th and 46th place in the tournament as far as score was concerned.

Well, had I played a fade, I'd have run a greater risk of pulling the ~ with the ball not fading enough or at all. And with that right-to-left wind, things would only get worse. I'd be hitting my second shot from the bear grass! ...

You hit the best ~ you ever hit. It is a 260-yard drive that splits the fairway. Your next shot you take your 5-wood and hit a great shot 210-yards straight down the middle. Now you have a 40-yard shot to a green that has sand in front and on the sides.

Ex: On the ~, player throws out of bounds. After taking 1 meter of relief into the course, the player throws an approach shot and then a putt to hole out. ~-1, approach shot-2, putt-3, penalty-4. Player scores a 4 on this hole.

Shamble - Like in a scramble, all members of a team (usually four) tee off and the best ball of the four ~s is selected. All players move their balls to the spot of the best ball.

Three Fast Tips for Better ~s
by Benjam R Ehinger
Finding your way from the tee box to the middle of the fairway will provide you with a better chance for par or birdie. Hit better ~s this year with these three tips.

DRIVE - this is the term which means your ~. It is also usually the way you get to the golf course.
DRIVER - This is the club known as the 1 wood. It is usually the club that hits the ball the farthest. It is also a person that very rich people have to haul them around.

Hole-in-one (or Ace) - This rare score occurs when the golfer's ~ goes into the hole.. Most hole-in-one shots occur on the shorter par three holes.
Hook (or Draw) - Occurs when a golf ball starts straight, but then hooks left while in flight. (For right-handed golfers.) ...

In casual play, a golfer who hits a poor ~ is sometimes allowed to take a second shot without penalty. The second shot is called a "mulligan." It's usually allowed only on the first tee. See also shapiro.
Multi-Layer Ball ...

Someone who hits their ~ a long way.
The angle at which the grass on the green lies. Playing against it or with it affects the speed of the ball when putting.

Unfortunately, when their next ~ goes into the water, the good shot is soon forgotten about. Why do so many people tend to invest a disproportionate amount of emotional energy in thinking about how to play bad shots?

The inside to outside swingpath produces straighter and longer shots. For ~s on the course, position the brand name on the ball down the target line. Aim to make contact with the ball inside the brand name for the same effect.

Where I am not consistent is on the fairway from the end of the ~ to the green. I bought some knock off clubs last spring with over-sized heads so I have a comfortable feel when hitting the ball.

A second shot permitted without penalty. Usually only one is allowed per round and is limited to ~s although the number can be agreed upon by players before the round begins.
Net score
A player's score for a round after the handicap allowance has been deducted.

Hole that changes direction to the left or right, normally in the landing area for the ~
Term used in match play for the situation when a player is leading by as many holes as are left to play and therefore cannot be beaten ...

FAIRWAY WOODS - 2, 3, 4, 5, and sometimes higher-numbered woods designed to be used when the ball is in play after the ~.

FILAMENT WINDING - Sheets of prepreg (see below) graphite or boron are
layered and rolled onto a mandrel, then cured to make a shaft.

Three off the tee
If a ball is lost, out of bounds, or unplayable from the ~, the player is penalized one stroke and tees off again - the third shot.
Someone who is playing unusually well.

Double D: When a driver is used on the fairway after being used for the ~.
Double Eagle: Three shots under the hole par; also known as albatross.

A rare occasion in which the ball goes into the hole when the player made his ~
To close the clubface during the swing ...

Chunk: A poor shot caused by hitting the turf well behind the ball, resulting in a fat shot. (The defending champion's defense ended when he chunked his ~ on the par-3 16th and hit the ball into the pond guarding the green).

Ping believes that the structurally rigid club-head reduces deformation at impact and thus reduces the energy loss and transfer more energy to the golf ball for longer ~s.

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