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Thin Shot Golf Drills Introduction
The term 'top,' 'topped shot' or 'topping' means exactly what it sounds like - the club strikes the top half of the golf ball.

When a golfer hits the ball above it?s centre.
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Fat and shots happen because the shaft passes the left arm before impact. The left wrist bends and breaks down, and the radius of the swing changes. The club hits the ground behind the ball, or you try to save the swing and hit it .

Hitting the ball thin is a common problem among golfers and there can be many different reasons a golfer will do this; it is usually most evident using a wedge pitching the ball a short distance onto the green.

: The ball is hit when it is hit above center with the clubhead traveling on too high a line.

thin-- Striking the top portion of the ball typically resulting in a poor shot.
three ball-- A golf game in which three players play against one another.

shot: a poor shot where the clubhead strikes too high up on the ball, resulting in a shallow flight path.
Topped: a very shot that makes the ball roll rather than fly.

Thin Shot - To strike the ball above its center causing it to skip and bounce along the ground rather than rise through the air.
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A long, low shot hit by mistake with the leading edge of the club (blade).
Three off the tee
If a ball is lost, out of bounds, or unplayable from the tee shot, the player is penalized one stroke and tees off again - the third shot.

Thin - A ball hot off the bottom of the club that does not attain normal height or flight and tends to finish beyond its target.

: To hit the ball is to strike it too high, and often times with the leading edge of the club. This usually results in a slice or a very low trajectory — also known as “skulling' the ball or “topping' the ball.

A ball hit with the leading edge of the club at precisely the middle causing a low shot with lessened distance.

: When the ball is contacted with the leading edge instead of the face of the club producing a low trajectory shot with less than the usual amount of spin. Example: He hit a good drive, but then hit his wedge and over the green.

Fat, thin and topped shots aren't fun, and all are caused by a swing that doesn't drive the clubhead down and through the ball. Only a 1-and-2 swing will get the job done.
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Descriptive of a shot in which the ball is hit above center and the head of the club is following too high a line.
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Thin, flat item used to mark the position of a golf ball on the green to prevent your ball obstructing other player's shots. Small coins may be used, or specifically designed discs of metal or plastic.

....A lie demands careful set-up !
...Lies with not much grass under the ball can be a problem, but here's are some things you can do to decrease the chances of boning the shot when you find yourself hitting from a no grass bald spot.

Imagine a thin glass rod extending straight out of the putterface all the way to the hole / target, just above the surface. You pivot the putterface so it sweeps the end of the rod in a small arc across the hole.

The firm, ionomer mantle offers minimum back-spin and maximum distance, while the ultra- cast thermoset urethane cover provides durability.

Club with a thin grooved face used to hit balls on the fairway.
The angle of the face of a club that determines how far and how high a ball will travel.

: To hit the top of the ball.
through the green: To hit the ball in the direction of, but past the green.
tight: The term used to describe narrow fairways.
tight lie: The ball on bare ground or very short grass.

wind shirt A thin jacket, often made of waterproof material.
Winter Rules Invoked by a golf course as a local rule when the course is very wet and muddy. Not sanctioned by the U.S.G.A.

lead tape adhesive strips (also comes in rolls) of lead used to add weight to a club head
Example: Lead tape is easy to apply or remove to change a club's swing weight.

Your grips shouldn't be too thick or too thin. Thick grips always feel comfortable and therefore it is easy to choose for that feeling.

Most TaylorMade drivers have a metal layer covering the club face. This portion of the driver receives the most damage as it is the portion which comes into contact with the ball.

3-piece golf balls (aka Multi-Layer Balls) are usually made of a large synthetic core, a thin mantel and a coat.
For optimized weight centering some manufacturers use Tungsten-weights in the centre of the synthetic core.

Waste bunkers are usually very large and structure running along a natural hazard like a lake or river and are design to collect wayward tee shots; ...

It is intimidating to look so far down a hillside and see what appears to be a thin green line and think, 'That's the fairway I have to hit?' Relax! ...

The pitching wedge, like all the other irons, has a leading edge that digs down into the sand. The sand wedge looks sort of like a pregnant pitching wedge because the back-bottom of the blade bulges out in the form of a flange.

This shot can seem intimidating for the average player, because it's easy to hit heavy or thin. It's all about proper technique: Start by placing the ball forward in your stance, open the clubface and address the ball with your hands a bit behind it.

No, it didn't appear out of air. It took a little reading--the right reading. And once I figured out the problem, I was on my way. But before I recount that part of the story, I'll do a quick review of a few basics.

How is it that on the PGA tour you see so many thin players hitting the ball extremely far? It is not because they are extremely powerful but rather they learned to let the club do the majority of the work when it comes to hitting the golf ball.

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