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When a golfer misses the ball when taking their shot.
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Does a Whiff Count as a Stroke in Golf?
Golf Rules FAQ
By Brent Kelley ...

Whiff: Term applied to the situation when a player has swung at the ball and missed completely. This is counted as a stroke.
Whins: A British term for heavy rough. Gorse bushes.
Whipping: The material used to wrap the space where the head and shaft are joined.

whiff-- To make a golf swing and attempt to hit the ball but miss it entirely.
whins-- A British term for thick rough.
whipping-- Name for the material used to wrap the area where the clubhead and the shaft are fastened.

Whiff - A colloquial term which refers to swinging for the ball and missing it; so-called because it mimics the sound of the club moving through the air.

A complete miss of the ball on a swing. Also called a fan.
A club normally used for distance shots. It can be made of wood, metal, or graphite.

~ - To swing and miss the golf ball completely. A ~ is counted as a stroke - because the intent to hit the ball was there. A "practice swing" invokes no intent to hit the ball.

~ Occurs when a player swings at the ball and misses it completely.
wind shirt A thin jacket, often made of waterproof material.
Winter Rules Invoked by a golf course as a local rule when the course is very wet and muddy. Not sanctioned by the U.S.G.A.

~: Term applied to the situation when a player has swung at the ball and missed completely.
Whins: A British term for extremely heavy areas of rough.
Wind Cheater: A shot that flies low into the wind in an effort to achieve less wind resistance and greater distance.

A swing which is intended to hit the ball but misses entirely; counts as one stroke.

~: Missing the ball during a swing.
Whins: Heavy rough or gorse bushes.
Whipping: The straps used to reinforce the joint between the club head and shaft. These straps are no longer used on modern metal heads.

~: A complete miss. Also known as an "air ball." He was so nervous that he ~ed his drive.)
Y ...

To swing and miss the ball completely, counted as a stroke aka air shot.
WMF ...

~ - swinging and missing the ball.
WINTER RULES - local golf rules that permit the player to improve the lie of the ball in the fairway. There may be additional winter rules allowed depending on the golf course condition.

4 points
Bongo is a great way to highlight areas of your game that need improving.

~ a swing with intent to strike the ball and a miss
Example: If you ~ the ball it counts as a stroke. whipping a very thin cord-like material that is used to wrap the area where the shaft inserts into the clubhead on a wooden club ...

See also ~. Albatross a hole played three strokes under par. Alignment The position of a player's body relative to the target line of the ball. All Square in match play, a match is all square' (tied) when both players or teams have won the same number of holes.

group A reaches the green rather than waiting for them to finish the hole (it is done in an attempt to improve pace of play) - also could be when group A wishes for group B to play-through at any point on the course WD scoreboard abbreviation for withdraw wet ball in water hazard ~ a ...

If i had selected the right wedge, then maybe I wouldn't have totally ~ed this shot! Many amateurs think that the closer they get to the hole, the higher-lofted wedge they ought to use. Well, this case proves that theory wrong. I'm actually on a downhill/sidehill just off the green.

The reconstruction project isn't a private affair, either, with half a dozen Golf Channel cameramen and sound people following the process for six months and recording every shank and ~ for the upcoming series. "I don't know how it's going to turn out," says Barkley.

After Molly stands up to the ball and ~s a couple times, she asks Roy to show her how to do it. Roy steps up to the ball and hits a solid shot out on the range. And Molly replies that she tends to process things verbally and asks Roy to break down the golf swing into words.

Don't try to be a hero in these situations. If you go for the fancy flop shot, you may end up ~ing the ball.
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Wedge: a type of golf club
Wedge shot:
~: an attempt to strike the ball which results in the player failing to make contact with the ball.
Wood: a type of golf club ...

The objective of golf is to play the ball from the teeing ground to the putting green and into the hole in the fewest strokes possible. You should count every swing, including penalty strokes and misses (~s).

When you do, your hands hurt. Your arm hurts. Everything hurts. So your shoulders tense up, your breath tightens, and the next few strokes are so high that if you don't ~ the ball entirely, you top it for a magnificent two-inch drive.

If you ground the club, you might disturb the grass beneath the ball and set off a chain reaction which will topple the ball. Also, if you address this shot with the club soled, you'll likely hit under it, maybe even ~ it.

to hit the ball, we end up with all sorts of swing compensations; over the top, no weight shifts, spine movement or changing the length of the left arm to ensure we hit the ball. The majority of this is undertaken subconsciously by our brain in order to move our swing machine so as not to ~ the ...

~ - swinging at the ball with the intention of hitting it, but missing it completely; it counts as a stroke!
Winter rules - the ball can be moved an inch or two to improve its lie, but usually only in the fairway when there is standing water or damage due to weather ...

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