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The material used to wrap around the head and the shaft of a golf club join.
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Whipping is an old-fashioned way of linking a golf wood.
Most modern-day golf clubs, made of steel and graphite, are bonded together at the hosel joint by an epoxy solution.

Whipping: The material used to wrap the space where the head and shaft are joined.
Whippy: A shaft more flexible than normal.
Wind Cheater: A shot that flies low into the wind in an effort to achieve less wind resistance and greater distance.

whipping-- Name for the material used to wrap the area where the clubhead and the shaft are fastened.
windcheater-- A shot intentionally played low to avoid the wind.
whippy-- A club with a flexible shaft.

Whipping: The straps used to reinforce the joint between the club head and shaft. These straps are no longer used on modern metal heads.
Whippy: A shaft with greater than normal flex.

~ : A very thin cord-like material that is used to wrap the area where the shaft inserts into the clubhead on a wooden club. Example: Because the majority of woods are metal today you don't see a whole lot of ~ any more.

~ Cover
Plastic cover installed over the string ~ (the protective plastic-coated string found on wooden wood hosels) on certain woods. Common on Wilson woods of the 1960's and 70's.
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~ - the threading around the neck of a wooden club
Winter Rules - Seasonal allowances for improving the lie of the ball on the fairway due to poor course conditions ...

The ~ motion helps generate clubhead speed. Failing to release or releasing late inhibits the use of the wrists as a powerful element in the swing. The more your muscles work together, the greater the clubhead speed through the shot.
To square the club at impact.

I see a lot of players ~ the club back too fast or, even worse, ~ it down before they get anywhere near the top. A good goal is to try to turn your left shoulder behind the ball. If you do that, you've made a good rotation--and you're ready to swing down.

With this move, you have begun to set up a ~ action with the club that will generate maximum speed. But watch out--the extra speed can mean you just go deeper into the woods! That's what will happen if you're slicing the ball, at any rate. And that is the problem we'll take up next.

What's more, the trees often block the wind where a player is standing, while it continues ~ around the green. You'll see the pros looking up at treetops or at the flags near the clubhouse, searching for signs of the wind's movement on high.

waggle: Movement of the clubhead prior to the swing.
~: String around the shaft/head of a wooden club.

Y ...

We know that their graphite shafts won’t have any breakage problems, ~ torques or other quality issues. And, their performance is superb. Enough said. However, for those of you who like to experiment and have your own favorites, we offer a variety of custom shaft upgrades.

In the correct scenario, the whoosh should come at the lowest point of your swing arc. Do the same for your right hand, then again with both hands. This drill will help you get a sense of ~ the clubshaft through the shot, ...

The flag is supposed to be vertical, but that depends upon greenkeeper skill in cutting the hole and seating the flag each morning, on wind ~ the flag, and on treatment of the flag by previous players. If the flag aligns vertically with some other true reference, then you're in business.

If you are one of the select few that still use "wood" woods, inspect the finish. Chips in the finish, loose ~, damaged or loose inserts, or soleplates can drastically reduce the life of our clubs. Again if you see any problems see your professional golf club repairman.

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