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Winter Rules

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Winter rules
These rules are local rules and only apply throughout winter.
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Winter rules, also known as "preferred lies," is one of the most misunderstood concepts in golf.

Winter Rules: These usually permits a player to clean his ball and move it to a better lie.
Wood: Clubs made of wood. They are made in varying sizes and thicknesses for different ways of hitting the ball.

winter rules-- Local rules typically in effect when the course is not in prime condition that may allow a golfer to improve his/her lie.

Winter rules
usually local golf rules that allow the player to improve the lie of the ball on the fairway
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Winter Rules
You may move the ball (except in hazards or on greens) to any spot to improve its position for better play.
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Winter Rules Invoked by a golf course as a local rule when the course is very wet and muddy. Not sanctioned by the U.S.G.A.
worm burner A poor shot characterized by the ball not getting airborne and simply rolling fast along the ground.

A relaxation of the rules under poor conditions which allows the golfer to move his ball on the fairway; also called preferred lie.

Winter Rules: Local rules which apply during the winter season only. Allows the improvement of lies. See preferred lies.

Winter Rules : A local rule under which a player can improve his lie without penalty.

Play Winter Rules When Applicable
The sticklers call this "lift, clean and cheat," but if even the pros do it from time to time, why shouldn't you?

Winter Rules
Local rules that allow a golfer to improve the lie of the ball on the fairway, primarily because of unusual conditions resulting from winter weather.
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winter rules: Temporary rules set to cater for winter conditions.
wood: A long club with a bulbous head, traditionally made of wood.
wooden spoon: A competition prize awarded to, politely put, the golfer most in need of improvement ...

Winter Rules - Seasonal allowances for improving the lie of the ball on the fairway due to poor course conditions
Wood - A club, made of either wood or metal, that has a large head and is used for shots requiring greater distance.

preferred lies (also "improved lies, winter rules, bumping it") a local rule under which a player can improve his lie without penalty ...

Play in which a golfer may move his ball to the nearest point of relief not nearer the hole. When playing under winter rules, a player may replace their ball on the fairway within 6 inches of where it came to rest, not nearer the hole.
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(Also called winter rules.)
Primary rough---the thickest, highest places of grass sometimes bordering the fairway. Some courses have a "first cut" between the primary and fairway grasses.

under "winter rules" to protect the turf when it is unusually vulnerable. Teeing gives a considerable advantage for drive shots, so it is normally done whenever allowed.

Winter rules - the privilege of improving the lie of the ball on the fairway.
Wood - woodenheaded clubs; hits ball longest distance.
Yips - a nervous condition of twitching in the hands and wrists. It plagues golfers particularly on putting greens.

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