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Baseboard Heater Covers Hide Unsightly Heaters
So, you want to hide those old metal baseboard heat vents. Numerous companies make heater covers designed to do just that. They conceal the heaters but don't obscure their fuction.

Baseboard Done Better
A veteran carpenter shows how to achieve first-class results with timesaving techniques
by Gary M. Katz ...

Baseboard Heaters Radiate the Savings
by Marc Dickinson
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Regarding baseboard heaters, is it ok to mount them higher up on a wall near the ceiling vs. near the floor?

Baseboards and Casing
The purpose of baseboard molding is to finish in the region where the wall meets the floor. Baseboards should be chosen to work in harmony with your casings to finish and tie the room together.

Nailing Baseboard To Steel Studs
The generally accepted method to install baseboard or other decorative moldings to steel studs is to use construction adhesive.

Baseboards in bathroom
I've taken out the baseboards in my bathroom, as part of painting the bathroom. I'll replace with new ones. I have no tools. I know I need to buy a miter box. What kind of saw do I need?

Baseboard heaters are generally surface mounted without boxes, so in a remodeling situation, you only need to run cables. Be sure to mark cable locations on the floor before installing drywall. Retrofit installations are also not difficult.

baseboard-heating-systems wear out after just a few years and will need to be replaced. This is easy and quite inexpensive though.
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Baseboard, Colonial, 5"
Finish Nails, 2 Inch, 16 Gauge
Masking Tape
Carpenter's Glue ...

Nail the baseboard back in place using finishing nails. Countersink the nails and apply wood putty to give the baseboard a smooth appearance. Sand and paint the baseboard to restore the look of the wall.
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How To Make Baseboards Taller
Would you believe these skimpy baseboards were beefed up using a simple trick for faking luxurious architecture?

Baseboards: If you want to skip the bending, employ the Baseboard Buddy ($20, baseboardbuddy.com), a long-handled dusting tool that hugs nooks and crannies.

Baseboard Finish trim where the floor and walls meet.
Bay Window A window projecting outward from the wall of a house.
Bell-cast Eaves A roof which curves, sloping more gently toward the bottom. ...

Baseboard Mouldings
This moulding is installed at the bottom of a wall against the flooring to cover the gap between the two surfaces. A typical home uses baseboards from 2" to 6" deep from top to bottom.

Baseboards camouflage an awkward transition between the butt ends of flooring and the wall.

baseboard (plinthe, f.) Interior trim at the intersection of the wall and the floor.
baseboard heater (radiateur-plinthe, m.) See heating.
base course (assise de base, f.) In masonry, the first or bottom course of masonry units.

Baseboard Heat: A heating system with the heating unit located along the perimeter of the wall where the baseboard would normally be located. It can be either an electric or hot water system.

BASEBOARD: Finish board covering the interior wall where the wall and floor meet.
BASE COURSE: The lowest part of masonry construction.
BASE LINE: A located line for reference control purposes.

Baseboard is a board placed along the floor against the walls and partitions to properly hid the gap between the floor and plaster.
Batt is insulation that comes in the form of a blanket rather than loose fill.

Baseboard - Any board or molding found at the bottom of an interior wall.
Basement Foundation - A basement is a usable foundation that typically has ceiling heights of 8' and is often finished off as living or storage space.

Baseboard brace
Close small gaps along baseboard with adhesive and a temporary brace.

Baseboard trim softens the transition between the walls and the floor. Because there may be gaps between drywall and floor, baseboard serves a functional purpose to cover this area.

Base, Baseboard - A trim board placed against the wall around the room next to the floor. Basement Window Inserts - The window frame and glass unit that is installed in the window buck.

Base or baseboard. A board placed against the wall around a room next to the floor to finish properly between floor and plaster.
Base molding. Molding used to trim the upper edge of interior baseboard.

Step 3
Cut the Baseboard and Molding Stock
Use a compound miter saw to cut 45 degree miters on the ends of the baseboards that will be installed on the ceiling.
Step 4
Join Sections of Baseboard Using Scarf Joints ...

Baseboard and Quarter Round Molding Installation
Baseboard molding is the wide trim that lines the perimeter of a room, where the wall meets the floor. A well-finished and properly installed baseboard makes a room look richer and more finished.

Boards placed against the bottom of walls. Conceals the joint between walls and floors and gives a finished appearance.
Base Shoe
Molding used to finish off the bottom edge of baseboard. Used to hide irregular floor and wall joints.

Baseboard Heaters
One of several types of heaters that are wall mounted near the floor or a room. The most common baseboard heaters are electric resistance units but some are hot water radiant heaters.

BASEBOARD: Any board or molding covering an interior wall where it meets the floor.

BATT: An oblong blanket of fiberglass insulation.

A board along the floor against walls and partitions to hid gaps.
Batt ...

A piece of trim, either plain or milled, installed around a room at the base of the walls to conceal the joints of walls and adjoining floor covering.
Baseboard shoe ...

Baseboard: The finish board covering the interior wall where the wall and the floor meet.
Batt: a roll or sheet of insulation designed to be installed between framing members of construction.

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