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A cupboard (pronounced /ˈkʌbərd/) or press (Hiberno-English) is a type of cabinet, often made of wood, used indoors to store household objects such as food, crockery, textiles and liquor, and protect them from dust and dirt.

Cupboards seems like a thing that should be functional and.square, but modern design solutions offer many unexpected shapes, colors and functions. Have a look at 10 cupboards with unusual designs.
10 Original Storage Units
Wha Cabinet project by Tembolat Gugkaev ...

A cupboard kitchen takes the place of exposed kitchen units - a practical and good-looking alternative (you can see the kitchen when it's all folded up here). A drop leaf dining table can be discreetly folded against a wall when not in use.

An airing cupboard is a small room or closet which is designed to house the core elements of a heating system, such as a boiler or hot water heater. This term is more widely used in Britain; the phrase 'hot press' is also used.

New England Pewter Cupboard
Workshops of David T. Smith
Dutch Cupboard
Workshops of David T. Smith
Ohio Corner Cupboard
Workshops of David T. Smith ...

Kitchen: Chalkboard Cupboard

Take a little chalkboard paint to the inside of your kitchen cabinet, and suddenly, you have a place to keep track of grocery lists, baking measurements, or phone numbers.

before & after: barb's cupboard door art
today's final before & after comes from barb mcmahon of happy simple and stratford daily photo. when barb and her husband moved into their current apartment they found some seriously nasty built-in cupboards in what would become their dining room.

New from Italy's Porro is the Chameleon Cupboard, a collaboration with the Sweden's Front. Like any chameleon, this cupboard is ever-changing.
As Front describes it: ...

I approach houses as a historian. You learn so much at places like Mount Vernon and Monticello. This window-backed cupboard was inspired by the ones at Beauport, in Gloucester, Massachusetts.
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Cupboard doors
To add a rustic touch to furniture, cut out a square section of a cupboard or wardrobe door. Nail chicken wire to the back of the hole in the door. Staple gathered cream material behind the hole to complete the look.

There is not much you can do with the cupboards besides cleaning them. There are two things you can do. First, the more drastic change would be to remove the doors from the hinges and replace them.

Cupboard Remodel
Community member TKOKitchen from Ohio remodeled her kitchen. She said she chose new KraftMaid cabinets with a Fawn stain.
Cabinet Facelift ...

Cupboard - Whether you have an antique or modern cupboard to display a glass collection, you can spruce it up by painting the inside to make the glass collection stand out. A cupboard is a great way to store dinner glassware and show it off.

A cupboard is a type of cabinet and often made of wood. It is used to house any number of household items such as food, dishes or linens. As the name suggests, it was at one time a simple board or table that held cups or mugs. This piece dates back to the Middle Ages.

Cupboard: A cabinet, box or closet with shelves designed to hold cups, dishes or food.
Cupid's Bow: Term used to describe the typical top rail of a Chippendale chair back, which curves up at the ends and dips slightly in the center.

A cupboard full of sharpeners
You already have an excellent sharpener in your cupboard. The humble ceramic coffee cup. You see, ceramic coffee cups are made out of exactly the same stuff that ceramic sharpening stones are made of-ceramic.

8: Cupboard Turned Toy Chest
If you have children, then you've probably experienced a common issue: far more toys than you have places to store them.

The cupboards surrounding the built-in ovens and refrigerator are seven feet tall. An exposed steel structural beam, granite counter and dark wood define the kitchen, which is located between the family and living rooms.

China Cupboard in Dining Room
China cupboard designed by architect Peter Block. Palmer Hargrave sconce. Draperies, shade and window seat cushion in Kravet fabric by Barbara Barry. Custom walnut table by Barry. Baker chairs by Barry in J. Robert Scott flannel. Wedgwood bone china by Barry.

Rustic Cupboard by Edra
Rustic interior design elements are all the rage these days, especially when they can provide some striking contrasts - such at this rustic cupboard called Paesaggi by Edra. Paesaggi... more "
Cool Wall Shelving by Fluid ...

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Dammit I can find a single straw hat in this mess ...

Cupboards are another name for cabinets, with the exception that a cupboard can also refer to an open-faced cabinet. Standard-grade cupboards may have one or two shelves, while others have no movable shelves.

The cupboards now look open and interesting.
Tip Two
Be aggressive in applying the vinyl window film to your protector. By this I mean that tiny water / air bubbles will naturally occur as you apply the film, and can mar the look of your pane when the light shines through.

Cupboard adopts double-deck rotator structure, can rotate 180respectively, the three major work center of washing, mixing and cooking can rotate in the front of the operator, let "zero" distance in each workflow; And can lift in certain distance in order to be suitable for the different operator.

Open cupboards and armoires are found in almost any room and are used for dishes, linens, and clothes. Door fronts are often left open with chicken wire.
No Tuscan style kitchen is complete without a long, family-style wooden table.

My cupboards are made of wood. The wood is not a good grain it almost looks like press board. I would like to paint the cupboards white. I heard there was a technique with glaze that I could use to refinish my cupboards.

Linen Cupboard Shelving Ideas A linen cupboard can be very disorganized if you don’t spend a little time to determine a shelving
Keep Laminate Shelving From Bending Over Time Laminate shelving is definitely the way to go if you are looking for an inexpensive option for your storage ...

These cupboards have a distinctive woodgrain pattern, and the lack of plinth leaves more floor space on show making the room seem bigger.
Sentia Amati Walnut, from £155, JJO.
Chosen by Housetohome ...

Glass cupboard doors create a pretty display and add sparkle.
View photo
New Country Kitchen ...

Add a cupboard or shelf over the laundry appliances to allow for storage of laundry supplies - and extra cleaners.

Airing cupboard storage
You can create extra space in the airing cupboard ...
Bed linen
Fold and store bed or bath linen in sets, rather than by size. That ...

Pantry cupboards are versatile and effective, with pullout drawers, pivoting shelves, door storage, and more.
Photo Credit: Aristokraft ...

Shallow cupboards built into both sides of the range surround hold spices and cooking utensils.
Photo: Alan Shortall ...

Changing Cupboard by FRONT
Luxurious Home in Australia with an Elegant Design
Comments: ...

Cabinets & Cupboards
In the past, formaldehyde outgassing from porous, interior grade pressed wood cabinets, countertops and paneling was a problem. And here's how that is being solved:
Furniture that is built with fasteners, instead of glue, has less chance of outgassing.

Built-in cupboards
Built-in wardrobes and storage areas are already allowed for within the costs at roughly £20/m2, £30/m2 and £40/m2 for standard, good and excellent specifications.
Heating ...

The other cupboard is showing signs of damage from cooking steam (it's right near the stove).
What questions should you ask a contractor before starting on your bathroom remodel?
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Look in your cupboards and cabinets for a glue gun, small glass ornaments or petite decorative birds.
Collect It ...

Above L: The cupboards have built-in storage niches. Above R: Carmella's desk, aka the One-Drawer Wonder was found at the Salvation Army for $1; it fits perfectly between the two wardrobes, one of which hides a stacked washer/dryer and the other Carmella's sewing machine.

- Even if the cupboard in the spare room is full, if you know you're having guests over, make space. Provide them with space and hangers to hang their clothes. Alternatively, you can put some empty rods in a corner and stock plenty of spare hangers and clothes hooks.

Used to hinge cupboard doors so that they are not externally visible.
Most types require a large hole (typically 35mm dia) in the door for the body to fit into.
Tee hinge ...

Even all white cupboards can be given a lick of personality - it's all about the tiles. The glossy black provides an unexpected contrast, the black floor and tops turn this room into a shrine to monochrome magic. Surprisingly sexy.

How to Paint Cupboards With a Foam Brush
The keys to a beautiful and durable paint job are proper surface preparation, a high-quality paint and careful paint application. Select the highest-quality paint available that is 100 percent ...
How to Paint a Wooden Bed ...

Hutch: Enclosed cupboard with shelves resting on a solid base.
Hutch top: A storage unit with shelves, often sitting on a desk or chest.
I.D.S.: Interior Design Society. A professional affiliation for design professionals who have achieved a high level of capability in the design field.

A large, ornate cupboard or wardrobe that is used for storage.
An organic chemical possessing the benzene ring structure. Benzene, toluol and xylol are typical aromatic hydrocarbons.

Linen-press - a cupboard with shelves for storing linen and clothes.
Loo table - a large Victorian card or games table.
Loper - a pullout arm used to support the hinged fall of a bureau.

Well, there is a simple solution to that problem to, get a food cupboard. Food cupboards are a great place to store non perishable food items. Some stuff that can be put in a pantry include: Potato chips, cereal, pretzels, peanuts and more.

A bright country kitchen boasts an abundance of counter space and cupboards. An eyebrow dormer and a large veranda give guests a warm country greeting outside; inside, vaulted ceilings lend a sense of spaciousness to this three-bedroom home.

Door: A sliding or hinged structure, covering an opening to a cupboard, closet, room, building, etc. May be used as an entrance or exit. Usually constructed of wood, glass, or metal, depending on its service.

These cupboards can be depicted in various designs like cartoon characters, stars, television stars, butterflies, flowers, sports accessories and many others. The armoires could be in various textured designs in various colors. You get the cupboards in all possible colors and sizes.

The construction need not be complex, single brick walls with a tray for the charcoal and runners for the grill will suffice, or you could incorporate areas of work surface and even storage cupboards to create a real feature, a practical outdoor kitchen.

A total replacement of all the cupboards is expensive and time-consuming. However, if your cabinetry is falling apart, you may need new construction. But look at this as an opportunity: you now have a chance to reevaluate your entire kitchen and see if a more thorough remodel is required.

An alternative to having a cupboard for the ironing board is to buy an ironing board that can be fixed into the organizers so that it simply folds down and out - ready for use. A floor standing cabinet will be useful to store buckets and wash bowls and possibly the detergents you use as well.

A pot rack is a wonderful way to free up cupboard space, make cookware more accessible, and add a decorative element to your kitchen. A ceiling mounted pot rack can be great, but many kitchens aren't suited for one.

Since there's not much of anything we needed to do to 'furnish' the kitchen (other than fill the cupboards with dishes and cookware), it was important to me that we paint the backsplash to look like tile. We all know what a HUGE difference that can make in a kitchen.

After you've placed what you can in a cupboard, carefully think through how you move around the kitchen. Place the items still required on the counter in the best spot for that activity. Think this through, moving things around until your kitchen works like a well-oiled machine.

In lieu of additional cabinetry, Melanie designed a deep niche to accommodate an antique cupboard. The freestanding hutch softens the room and allows Rita's collections of stoneware and pewter to be on permanent display.

Having kitchen benchtops and cupboards at the right height can reduce strain. Standard base unit heights range from 860mm to 940mm. A good rule of thumb for working out heights is to stand with your arms at your sides and your palms lifted at right angles.

We're embracing the spring clean theme of the season with a revamp of one of the busiest cupboards at home, the pantry. A cluttered and disorganised food hub can often lead to waste, and stressful meal planning and preparation. So what's the best way to combat this overwhelming organisation task?

My neighbor redid her kitchen last year and is now annoyed that the cupboards in her island are on the side furthest from the oven. Whoever designed my kitchen crammed a big fridge into a too-small space. We had to buy a new fridge last year so that the door would open without banging the counters.

The Dutch and the Germans settled in Pennsylvania and created iron-forged latches and punched-tin cupboard doors with folk-art designs. They imitated the interiors of wealthy homes by stenciling walls, chairs and chests. New Englanders marked out their small territories with white-picket fences.

The plastic line can urn through your cupboards and exit behind the fridge. That is if you are lucky enough to have the fridge next to the cupboards. You can also tap a line in the basement below and run the tube up through a hole in the floor behind the fridge.

Cupboards and cabinets come in a wide range of colors and materials. Sinks are no longer used only for cleaning and washing utensils; they reflect the kitchens dcor and are available in various designs. With the trendy sinks available you might not even want to use them as a cleaning place.

Our pipe runs right behind our kitchen cupboards and bathtub area. In the winter time these walls get extremely cold. When the furnace runs, cold air flows down pass the soil stack into the semi-finished basement bathroom and laundry.

JOINERY Doors, windows, cupboards, manufactured in a joiner’s shop.
Ceiling Timber members spanning between walls or other supports, to which the ceiling battens or ceiling is attached.
Floor Timber members to which the flooring is fixed.

First, scour your cupboards for bowls with wide, flat bottoms (the Paul Revere style we used works perfectly); then find platters. Flip bowls and affix platters temporarily with Sticky Tack (find it at office-supply stores); press firmly for maximum hold.

White water resistant veneer used mainly in internal cupboard joinery.
A thin pliable sheet of material.
A network. In the building industry usually relates to steel mesh used in concreting.
Meter box ...

16.) I am attempting to paint my kitchen cupboards, but the paint isn't sticking. What's wrong?
17.) I'd like some information on installing a wood stove.
18.) I need a brad nailer. What do you recommend?

D-shaped handles (poignes fermes, f.) Handles for cupboards and doors that are shaped like the letter "D" for a firmer grip and better control.
dado (engravure, f., lambris, m.) A rectangular groove in a board or plank.

This means securing cupboards and doors and fixing any probable causes of harm to the person or people that rent your property or are even just passing. These may seem a hassle initially, but the time spent now will seem well invested should anything go wrong in the future.

Seal the air leaks around utility cut-throughs for pipes ("plumbing penetrations"), gaps around chimneys and recessed lights in insulated ceilings, and unfinished spaces behind cupboards and closets.
Find out how to detect air leaks.
Learn more about air sealing new and existing homes.

Accent lighting
Lighting that emphasizes displayed items, such as artwork or china cupboards.
Accessibility or accessible design
Characteristics of spaces or products that meet prescribed requirements for particular variations in ability, i.e., "wheelchair accessible." ...

This cabinet would make an excellent television stand, because it has two cupboards that you can keep remotes, DVDs, VHSs and maybe even CDs too. Plus, it will be a unique presence in your living where friends and family gather.
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Channel old school country homes and keep junk out of your hallways with a cupboard dedicated to the removal of coats and footwear. A bench with baskets underneath encourages you to sort while you sit.
Mud room, as seen on The36thAvenue.com.
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Four years later, the eight-ounce bottle of pink pet mouthwash is still sitting in my bathroom cupboard. I suppose I ought to throw it away, but I'd rather not just yet. It helps me to remember that old saying: if something sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.
About the Author ...

The Lazy Susan has a cover panel to conceal the side. The stove will go next to this cupboard.
I placed the components together to test their fit.
The cover panel is clamped to the face frame of the Lazy Susan and holes are drilled for 2-1/2" deck screws.

This organizer occupies less space that the previous cupboards and counter while making room for a larger refrigerator, more kitchen storage and easy-access adjustable shelves or racks. The dual pantry frames slide out all the way, operate independently, and match the existing cabinetry.

A corner cabinet or hanging cupboard is a handsome solution and adds needed storage and display areas as well.
Pro Trick 2 ...

Forget those expensive, chemical-laden cleaners and air fresheners. Instead, reach for the bottle of vinegar in your cupboard. Vinegar has hundreds of uses, and most of them have nothing to do with cooking or salad dressings.
more By Brett Martin

Vented or Gravity - A traditional system where cold water is stored in a tank in the loft and hot in a cylinder in your airing cupboard
Venting - Bleeding the air out of a radiator
Volume Air - Quantity of air in cubic feet, usually per minute, at atmospheric pressure.

To counteract their straight lines, Franceski chose a dish cupboard with circular motifs on the doors. She adorned the neutrally hued walls with rectangles of wallpaper punctuated by round French upholstery tacks. A fanciful round mirror occupies one wall.

The worst culprits are usually not windows and doors, but utility cut-through's for pipes ("plumbing penetrations"), gaps around chimneys and recessed lights in insulated ceilings, and unfinished spaces behind cupboards and closets.

A good material for the inside of the carcass is called melamine. It is durable, smooth and comes in many colors including white so you can see things inside the cupboard easier.

They are made from molds that offer all kinds of styles including the louvered, board and batten and raised panel window shutter style. You can also find these types of shutters in a cupboard style (sometimes called the Bahama style) that is hinged at the top so you can open and close them just ...

You can always display grandma's china if you have a hutch. It is a great idea to accessorize with useful things. If you have pretty dishes, display them with glass cupboards or slots. A bowl of fresh fruit makes a lovely, edible display.

be tiling your kitchen floor, make sure you tile beneath the dishwasher or at least raise its flooring to the same height as the tiles. Once down, there may not be enough clearance to remove the dishwasher for servicing. The only alternative will be to lift the whole counter top off of the cupboards.

The builders in charge of the extension and refurbishment organized all the trades needed to convert the spare bedroom into a bathroom. They also recommended the company that made the bath panels and doors for the built-in cupboard.

double hung windows (Figure 3) that slide up and down or on door edges and frames you should take abatement steps. The continuous rubbing of moving parts could cause the lead based paint to powder and then be distributed throughout your home. The same situation applies to room entry doors, cupboards ...

The great room is a wonderful example of wise home design and floorplan layout. It is already rather large, but the vaulted ceiling, the picturesque windows, and the fact that you can see over the cupboards into the kitchen seem to make the great room even more open and spacious.

Second Fix - Items fitted following plastering - including joiner, cupboards and plumbing/electrical fittings
Sill - Bottom horizontal member of a door or window frame
Skim - Finishing coat of plaster
Skirting - Horizontal board at junction between floor and wall ...

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