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The fascia panel should be nailed every 24 to 36 inches using aluminum or stainless steel nails that have been painted to match the fascia color. It is also suggested that both inside and outside corners are nailed.

Soffits & Fascias
Learn about soffits and fascias with RenovateYourWorld.com, including information about storm-ready soffit panels, trim work, and more.
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Soffit & Fascia Coverings
Cleaning and repairing broken soffit and fascia coverings is one of the fastest ways to take the appearance of years off your house. Soffit and fascia are the covering that wrap around and under the eaves of your roof.

Fascia A horizontal band or board, often used to conceal the ends of rafters; the front of an object.
Fenestration The stylistic arrangement of windows in a building.
Fieldstone A stone used in its natural shape. ...

The vertical boards nailed to the lower ends of rafters. That piece of trim on which you would mount gutters. See soffit.
Fastener ...

Fascia: A flat, horizontal board enclosing the overhang under the eave.
Fasteners: A general term covering a wide variety of screws and nails, which may be used for mechanically securing various components of a building.

FASCIA:A flat board, band or face located at the outer edge of the cornice, parallel to with the exterior house face, and secured to the house face.

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A vertical board nailed on the ends of the rafters. It is part of the outer edge of a cornice.
flashingsearch for term ...

Horizontal timber boards that run along the eaves at the base of roof slopes. They often cover the ends of the rafters. Gutters may be fixed to them.
A lining of timber boards laid over the rafters, under the tiles. Fitted to some better quality roofs ...

Fascia: Boards that cover the ends of the deck boards and the perimeter joists for decorative purposes.
Footing: Any concrete base embedded in the ground in order to provide the main support for the deck.
Guardrail: A lower, horizontal board that runs across the railing posts.

Fascia Boards
At the edge of your roof, there are several different trim boards that cover and protect the roofing framework behind this outside envelope. The fascia boards are like the trim around doors and windows, hiding the framing that makes up your roof.

Fascia/Barge & Soffit
A board which is generally timber or upvc set on edge along the eaves. This covers the rafter ends and will usually carry the gutter. Bargeboard - As above but used on the sloping areas of the roof.

Fascia: A flat board, band, or face, usually used in combination with moldings, and often located at the outer face of the cornice.
Flagstone, Flagging, Flags: Flat stones, from one to four inches thick, used for rustic walks, steps, floors, and the like.

FASCIA - Flat wood member covering a section of eave or cornice. The roof gutter is supported by this fascia.
FILL-TYPE INSULATION - Loose material used for insulating wall cavities, such as rock wool or cellulose.
FIRE BOX - An area of combustion in the boiler.

(1) in steep-slope roofing, a board that is nailed to the ends of a roof rafter; sometimes supports a gutter; (2) in a low-slope roofing, the vertical or steeply sloped roof or trim located at the perimeter of a building. Typically, it is a border for the low-slope roof system.

Fascia " a vertical member attached to the ends of the roof structure and often the backing of the gutter.
Felt " Fibrous material saturated with asphalt and used as an underlayment or part of a built-up roofing system.

Fascia: A flat board, band or face located at a cornice's outer edge.
Felt/underlayment: A sheet of asphalt-saturated material (often called tar paper) used as a secondary layer of protection for the roof deck.

FASCIA A board fixed horizontally to the lower ends of the rafters, to which guttering may be fixed. Also forms the outside board of a boxed eave.
FIBRE CEMENT A product made of cellulose fibre, fillers, Portland cement and water.

Fascia - Horizontal boards attached to rafter/truss ends at the eaves and along gables. Roof drain gutters are attached to the fascia.

FASCIA - Any cover board or framed metal assembly at the edge or eaves of a flat, sloping, or overhanging roof which is placed in a vertical position to protect the edge of the roof assembly.

Fascia: The flat, vertical surface immediately below the edge of a roof. It is the surface a gutter would be attached to. The term fascia can also be used to describe other flat vertical surfaces in a home.

FASCIA: Outside horizontal face of member on the edge of a roof or cornice.
FATIGUE: A weakening of structural members.
FEDERAL HOUSING ADMINISTRATION (FHA): A government agency that insures loans made by regular lending institutions.

Fascia - The trim fixed horizontally around the building covering the joint between the top of a wall and the projecting eaves upon which the rainwater guttering is usually connected. Also known as the Fascia board.
Faucet - A water tap.

Fascia - a vertical wood member, such as a cedar 1" x 6", which is nailed to the ends of the rafters and is often the backing of the gutter. Also known as the wood trim attached to the end of the rafters.

Fascias are the long boards just under your roofline that you hang your Christmas lights from.
Fascia boards rot like crazy because they are so exposed to the elements and they get dripped on from the roof. When gutters are clogged and begin to overflow, the problem is magnified.

fascia board (bordure d'avant-toit, f.) A finish member around the face of eaves and roof projections.
faucet See plumbing terms.
feather edge (planche à clin, f.) An exterior wood siding applied horizontally, thinner on one edge than the other.

Rake Fascia: The vertical face of the sloping end of a roof eave.
Rake Siding: The practice of installing lap siding diagonally.
Ranch: A single story, one level home.

Vinyl Fascia Installation Made Easy
When it comes to fascia installation, vinyl is one of the most popular and least expensive ways to accomplish
Tips for Roofing Fascia Installation ...

Fascia is trim that runs along the eaves from end to end. It's the face, the part of the roofline you see when you're standing in the yard. It progresses horizontally and turns 90 degrees on the angled or gabled end and runs diagonally to the peak of the roof.

The part of a cornice that covers the ends of the rafters, where a gutter would be attached. Interior use is the vertical face of a cornice, etc.
Fascia Board
A board nailed to the ends of the rafters, below the roof edge.

Fascia Board
Board fastened to the ends of the rafters or joists forming part of a cornice.
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The visible flat front board that caps the rafter tail ends and fly rafter edges.
Floor Joists
The main subfloor framing members that support the floor span. Joist are usually made of engineered wood I-beams or 2x8 (or larger) lumber.

A vertical of steeply sloped roof or trim located at the perimeter of a building. Typically it is a border for the low-slope roof system that waterproofs the interior portions of the building.

Fascia - The vertical board secured to the ends of the rafters under the lower end of the roof to which the guttering is normally fixed - traditionally timber, nowadays usually uPVC.

In residential construction, a flat board, band, or face, used sometimes by itself but usually in combination with moldings, often located at the outer face of the cornice.

Fascia board is the flat horizontal board along the edge of a roof. The fascia is nailed to the ends of the roof rafters, and is used to attach a gutter to the roof and soffit panels underneath the ...
How to Replace a Pre-Hung Garage Entry Door ...

- usually a flat surface beneath the gutter, made of a timber plank or thin ColorBond metal strip that hides the end of the trusses or rafter tails.

FASCIA: Outside horizontal face of member on the edge of a roof or cornice.
FIBERBOARD: A building board made with fibrous material used as an insulating board.
FILLED INSULATION: A loose insulating material poured from bags or blown by machines into walls.

Fascia Board
The trim board located under the edge of the roof.
Finish Flooring
Hardwood, carpet, tile or resilient flooring.

FASCIA: vertical flat board at the roof eaves, that the gutters are attached to.

FIREBRICK: special clay brick that can be exposed to extremely high temperature change without damage; used in furnaces, fireplaces and similar high temperature areas.

A flat horizontal member of a cornice placed in a vertical position.
Fill-Type Insulation ...

Fascia: A finish member around the face of eaves and roof projections.
Fire Stop: A complete obstruction placed across a concealed air space in a wall, floor, or roof to retard or prevent the spread of flame and hot gases.

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A wood member, surfaced four sides, used for the outer face of a “box cornice' where it is nailed to the ends of the rafters and “lookouts'. Sometimes refers to the “face' of a mantel.
Fenestration ...

Fascia: A vertical board nailed onto the ends of the rafters.
Fiberboard: A building board made with fibrous material and used as an insulting board.
Fill: Sand, gravel, or loose earth used to bring a sub grade up to a desired level around a house.

Metal fascia: Metal fascias are unlike timber fascias because they cannot take any load or weight. So it is important to install your pergola beam with the help of a friend to position the beam correctly.

Check fascia and soffit for signs of leaks/moisture build-up.
Check flooring for wear or damage.
Check all flashings for fit and seals.

Fixing fascias and soffits, including, where required, any soffit or eaves ventilation
Fixing bargeboards
Second Fix ...

Facia, fascia: A flat board, band, or face used sometimes by itself but usually in combination with moldings. Often located at the outer face of the cornice.
Felt paper: Tar paper, installed under roof shingles. Usually 15 lb. Or 30 lb.

Aluminum fascias and vinyl soffits never need painting, look great, and incorporate ventilationby Rick Arnold
Q & A: Removing paint from brick
by Jon Tobey ...

What Are Fascia Gutters?
What Are Wood Gutters?
How Do I Choose the Best Gutter Cleaning Tools?

The fascia had only a minor degree of rot damage.
2. The soffit was almost completely rotted. This was probably caused by the leaking shingles on the porch roof, a condition that we've ignored for a few years.

While this fascia installation works for many homes, complicated or decorative trim is best left to a professional who can custom-make and fit aluminum components.
Step 5: Siding the Walls
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Facia or fascia is a flat board, band, or face located at the outer face of the cornice.
Fishplate. A wood or plywood piece used to fasten the ends of two members together at a butt joint with nails or bolts. Sometimes used at the junction of opposite rafters near the ridge line.

Soffits and fascia board
A bead of polyurethane caulk along corners, followed by paint, is the final step.

Fascia (or Facia) A horizontal board that is nailed vertically to the ends of roof rafters: sometimes supports a gutter . FBT Flexible Black Tubing Feathering The tapering of one surface into another.

Fascia board - A board set on edge, fixed to the rafter ends or wall plate that carries the gutter under an eave.
Fill-type insulation - Loose insulating material that is applied by hand or blown into wall spaces mechanically.

This is the trim around the building, formally timber but now usually colourbond steel, below the roof at the eaves-line upon which the rainwater guttering is usually connected.
This is the old fashioned name for a water tap.

The trim piece nailed to the ends of a series of rafters or trusses to tie them together at the lower, level end of a roof. The fascia supports the sheathing on the edge of the roof as well as the front edge of the soffit.
Fascia Board ...

fascia a flat member of a cornice or other finish generally the board of the cornice to which the gutter is fastened
fender pile the outside row of piles that protects a pier or wharf from damage by ships ...

Fascia. Externally, the board on the ends of rafters usually carrying the guttering (rain trough).
Faux. Faux(meaning false) are the techniques used to change surfaces into appearing to be of a different material.
Feng Shui.

Dentils A decorative row of small blocks like teeth along the cornice or fascia Dormer A window with a small roof and sides projecting from a larger sloping roof Dove-tail A neat joint between two timbers, ...

Step 7. Install a fascia board over the front edge of the backer board and the soffit board that's under the backer. Keep the fascia 1/4 in. below the bottom of the soffit board.
Step 8. Nail a bed molding over the fascia boards. Keep the bed tight against the ceiling so there are no visible gaps.

Title Definition
A vertical wood member, such as a cedar 1" x 6", which is nailed to the ends of the rafters and is often the backing of the gutter.
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Add the 1x10 cedar fascia flush with the top of the joists. Set your saw to 45 degrees and miter the outside corners for a clean, handsome look. To protect the cedar and keep it more stable, it's best to stain all four sides and any freshly cut ends with two coats of latex stain.

Step 8
Add Trim, Fascia Boards, and the Solar Garden Shed Door
Cover corner seams and the joint between the gables and wall sheathing with trim from the solar garden shed kit. Nail fascia boards at the roof's edge to cover the ends of the roof trusses. Level and secure the door with hinges.

Cornice-An overhang of a pitched roof at the eave line that usually consists of a fascia board, a soffit, and any appropriate moldings or vents.
Cornice molding-The individual pieces of wood trim that are applied to the cornice area at the eaves.

Each of the trim parts can be cut and fitted using much the same technique, starting with the fascia blanks (F). Miter-cut one end of the fascia front; then cut a mating miter on one end of a fascia side (Drawing 5).

Daniel Weadley Roofline are specialist installers of Upvc fascias, soffits, guttering & cladding to customers in the South East of the United Kingdom. Check our cladding and guttering company website.
Local Tradesmen
Search for quality tradesmen on houseprofessionals.com.

The patio cover can be installed to the wall of the house or the fascia board of the house. The patio kit is likely to have a header track to connect the cover to the house.

Eaves, soffit and fascia.
Grading and drainage.
Basement, foundation and crawlspace.
Water penetration and foundation movement.
Heating systems.
Cooling systems.
Main water shut off valves.
Water heating system.
Interior plumbing fixtures and faucets.

for snapping gutter layout lines on fascia
12-inch power miter saw with carbide-tipped finish blade,
to cut gutters and downspouts to length
Ratchet wrench with 7/16-inch socket,
for attaching fascia brackets to house
Assorted twist drill bits
Needlenose pliers
Tape measure ...

Extend fascia boards below soffit to create a drip edge so buffeting winds don't drive the rain across the soffit surface and into the eaves of the building. Install plastic baffles between rafters or trusses at the top of the wall and extend up the rafter at least 18 inches.

Rusted steel is also used in the rain chains and roof fascias.
Once inside the home, the foyer represents the center or Knot of the home.

Typically YES, because the drip edge covers the aluminum fascia and prevents water from seeping down behind the fascia and maybe into your house.
Not necessarily if you extend you shingles or roof edge out far enough with wooden shimming shingles and your fascias are just wooden anyhow.

The fascia is usually made of metal as well and it just fits into place with the bottom fitting over the J-channel and the top will fit up into the utility trim. This means that the top of the fascia needs to have snap-lock lugs punched into it.

whouse body, soffit, fascia, garage door, front door, accent trim,
shutters paint color
wwindow frame color
wbrick/stone colors
wsiding color
wawning color
wwalkway, driveway product and color
wentry flooring-product and color
wlanai/deck product and color
woutside light fixtures ...

Clogged overflowing gutters can lead to rotten fascia boards and even cause damage to the foundation. Clean them during dry weather starting at the downspout and working back. Watch this video to find out how.
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How to Remove Moss from a Roof ...

The bracket hanger is nailed or screwed to the fascia underneath the eave of the roof (see image). Either of these types of hangers can be added as needed to remove high and low spots in a run of gutter. Add braces that matchthose already in use.

Trim is next on the list and it includes window and door trim, fascias, vents, dentils, brackets, posts, railings, gingerbread, etc.
*The rule of thumb with trim is take the SAFEST ROUTE and go two steps lighter or slightly darker than siding color.

Cornice- Overhang of a pitched roof , usually consisting of a fascia board, a soffit and appropriate trim moldings.
Counter flashing- A metal flashing usually used on chimneys at the roofline to cover shingle flashing and used to prevent moisture entry.

Also covers flashing, metal roofs, copings, gravel-stop fascia. Includes wind uplift pressure test reports confirming superior performance of custom-fabricated metal roofing. The manual applies to commercial, industrial and residential buildings.

Overhang of a pitched roof , usually consisting of a fascia board, a soffit and appropriate trim moldings.
Cost Codes
A numbering system given to specific kinds of work for the purpose of organizing the cost control process of a specific project.

Apr 10, 2011 ... Don't allow any plant at its full size to touch the fascia (stucco, siding, brick, etc.). Don't use peonies near the house. They draw ants.
Acrylic Paint for Miniatures - Should You Choose Acrylic Paint?

You will find designs in the form of "friezes" (central designs) that can be used on doors, front facings and fascia boards, molding and border designs to create straight borders or framing designs.

Check all the spikes that are supposed to go through the gutter, through the fascia board and into the rafter behind it. It's a good idea to invest in new gutter spikes so the gutters are securely fastened once again.
Check for Leaks ...

Eaves: The roof edge from the fascia to the structure's outside wall. In general terms, the first three feet across a roof is termed the eave.

The Jentle Ped features four directional mini-jets and has an ergonomically sloped floor so the user can stretch the plantar fascia (the ligament that forms the arch on the sole of the foot). Measuring 28″ x 23″ x 13″ (at the deep end) or 10.

This picture also shows the roof completed as well as the sofit and fascia applied.
Here the windows are placed in the front of the house and the front porch is completed.

Gutter- A shallow channel or conduit of metal or wood set below and along the (fascia) eaves of a house to catch and carry off rainwater from the roof.

In fact, ignoring your gutters is probably worse than having no gutters at all, because clogged gutters are likely to result in water damage to your roof and fascia board (the molding that sits just below the edge of the roof).

You can trim your deck after nailing to assure a straight line (see Fig. 5). Do not allow an overhang exceeding 1 ". For a more finished appearance, cut boards flush to the joist and add a fascia board.

gouge roofing materials when they are blown by the wind; falling branches from overhanging trees can damage, or even puncture shingles and other roofing materials; and falling leaves can clog gutter systems causing water to backup into the attic or living spaces, or to run down behind the fascia.

The railing features a latticework design, repeated in the gazebo roof fascia, providing a unifying effect. A stairway located next to the bench is yet another ground-level access. A truly intriguing deck! ...

Gable- The triangular end of a building with a sloping roof.
22. Barage Board- The fascia or board at the gable just under the edge of the roof.
23. Louvers- A series of slanted slots arranged to keep out rain, yet allow ventilation.

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