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Fascia boards sit up under the eaves and behind the gutters on a home so they're out of the way and often ignored or forgotten. However, besides just filling in the hole under the eaves, fascia has a couple of important roles to play.

The fascia panel should be nailed every 24 to 36 inches using aluminum or stainless steel nails that have been painted to match the fascia color. It is also suggested that both inside and outside corners are nailed.

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Aluminum fascia goes directly over the wood fascia and has a lip at the bottom that laps over the outer edge of the installed aluminum soffit (Photos 10 and 12). It comes in two standard widths: 6 and 8 in.

Fascia A horizontal band or board, often used to conceal the ends of rafters; the front of an object.
Fenestration The stylistic arrangement of windows in a building.
Fieldstone A stone used in its natural shape. ...

The vertical boards nailed to the lower ends of rafters. That piece of trim on which you would mount gutters. See soffit.
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Fascia Board Painting Tips
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Fascia: A flat, horizontal board enclosing the overhang under the eave.
Fasteners: A general term covering a wide variety of screws and nails, which may be used for mechanically securing various components of a building.

Fascia - Horizontal boards attached to rafter/truss ends at the eaves and along gables. Typically covered with aluminum cladding. Roof drain gutters are attached to the fascia.

FASCIA:A flat board, band or face located at the outer edge of the cornice, parallel to with the exterior house face, and secured to the house face.

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A vertical board nailed on the ends of the rafters. It is part of the outer edge of a cornice.
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Horizontal timber boards that run along the eaves at the base of roof slopes. They often cover the ends of the rafters. Gutters may be fixed to them.

Fascia: Boards that cover the ends of the deck boards and the perimeter joists for decorative purposes.
Footing: Any concrete base embedded in the ground in order to provide the main support for the deck.

FASCIA - Flat wood member covering a section of eave or cornice. The roof gutter is supported by this fascia.
FILL-TYPE INSULATION - Loose material used for insulating wall cavities, such as rock wool or cellulose.

Fascia: A flat board, band, or face, usually used in combination with moldings, and often located at the outer face of the cornice.

(1) in steep-slope roofing, a board that is nailed to the ends of a roof rafter; sometimes supports a gutter; (2) in a low-slope roofing, the vertical or steeply sloped roof or trim located at the perimeter of a building.

Fascia " a vertical member attached to the ends of the roof structure and often the backing of the gutter.
Felt " Fibrous material saturated with asphalt and used as an underlayment or part of a built-up roofing system.

Fascia: A flat board, band or face located at a cornice's outer edge.
Felt/underlayment: A sheet of asphalt-saturated material (often called tar paper) used as a secondary layer of protection for the roof deck.

FASCIA A board fixed horizontally to the lower ends of the rafters, to which guttering may be fixed. Also forms the outside board of a boxed eave.
FIBRE CEMENT A product made of cellulose fibre, fillers, Portland cement and water.

FASCIA - Any cover board or framed metal assembly at the edge or eaves of a flat, sloping, or overhanging roof which is placed in a vertical position to protect the edge of the roof assembly.

Fascia: The flat, vertical surface immediately below the edge of a roof. It is the surface a gutter would be attached to. The term fascia can also be used to describe other flat vertical surfaces in a home.

FASCIA: Outside horizontal face of member on the edge of a roof or cornice.
FATIGUE: A weakening of structural members.
FEDERAL HOUSING ADMINISTRATION (FHA): A government agency that insures loans made by regular lending institutions.

Fascia - The trim fixed horizontally around the building covering the joint between the top of a wall and the projecting eaves upon which the rainwater guttering is usually connected. Also known as the Fascia board.
Faucet - A water tap.

Fascia - a vertical wood member, such as a cedar 1" x 6", which is nailed to the ends of the rafters and is often the backing of the gutter. Also known as the wood trim attached to the end of the rafters.

Fascias are the long boards just under your roofline that you hang your Christmas lights from.

fascia board (bordure d'avant-toit, f.) A finish member around the face of eaves and roof projections.
faucet See plumbing terms.

Rake Fascia: The vertical face of the sloping end of a roof eave.
Rake Siding: The practice of installing lap siding diagonally.
Ranch: A single story, one level home.

Fascia is trim that runs along the eaves from end to end. It's the face, the part of the roofline you see when you're standing in the yard.

Fascia Board
Board fastened to the ends of the rafters or joists forming part of a cornice.
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The visible flat front board that caps the rafter tail ends and fly rafter edges.
Floor Joists
The main subfloor framing members that support the floor span. Joist are usually made of engineered wood I-beams or 2x8 (or larger) lumber.

A vertical of steeply sloped roof or trim located at the perimeter of a building. Typically it is a border for the low-slope roof system that waterproofs the interior portions of the building.

Fascia - The vertical board secured to the ends of the rafters under the lower end of the roof to which the guttering is normally fixed - traditionally timber, nowadays usually uPVC.

In residential construction, a flat board, band, or face, used sometimes by itself but usually in combination with moldings, often located at the outer face of the cornice.

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