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Fascia boards sit up under the eaves and behind the gutters on a home so they're out of the way and often ignored or forgotten. However, besides just filling in the hole under the eaves, fascia has a couple of important roles to play.

fascia board (bordure d'avant-toit, f.) A finish member around the face of eaves and roof projections.
faucet See plumbing terms.

Fascia Board
Board fastened to the ends of the rafters or joists forming part of a cornice.
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Fascia Board
The material that covers the end of the roof rafters and provides the finished appearance to the edge of the roof.
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Fascia boards rot like crazy because they are so exposed to the elements and they get dripped on from the roof. When gutters are clogged and begin to overflow, the problem is magnified.

Fascia board is the flat horizontal board along the edge of a roof. The fascia is nailed to the ends of the roof rafters, and is used to attach a gutter to the roof and soffit panels underneath the ...
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Fascia Board
The trim board located under the edge of the roof.
Finish Flooring
Hardwood, carpet, tile or resilient flooring.

Fascia boards are exterior wood finishes that look like molding. Fascia boards are typically fastened to a home's exterior under the roof edge and above the soffits.

The fascia board of most roofs stands above the level of the rafters so before laying the underfelt, you may want to cut and fix filler wedges to each rafter, ...

2x4 sub-fascia boards were nailed across the front and back ends of the rafters to support the roof sheathing and trim. They also support the fly rafters which frame in the 6-inch overhangs on the sides.

The old wood fascia boards must be sound enough to hold the new fascia nails. Check the wood quality by jamming a screwdriver tip into the wood. Replace punky or rotten wood with straight pine boards the same width and thickness as the old.

Soffits and fascia board
A bead of polyurethane caulk along corners, followed by paint, is the final step.

Fascia board - A board set on edge, fixed to the rafter ends or wall plate that carries the gutter under an eave.
Fill-type insulation - Loose insulating material that is applied by hand or blown into wall spaces mechanically.

Fascia Board
The exterior finish nailed to the fascia that is nailed to the rafter or truss ends that runs horizontally around the roof on which the gutters are mounted.

Step 7. Install a fascia board over the front edge of the backer board and the soffit board that's under the backer. Keep the fascia 1/4 in. below the bottom of the soffit board.

Add Trim, Fascia Boards, and the Solar Garden Shed Door
Cover corner seams and the joint between the gables and wall sheathing with trim from the solar garden shed kit. Nail fascia boards at the roof's edge to cover the ends of the roof trusses.

Cornice-An overhang of a pitched roof at the eave line that usually consists of a fascia board, a soffit, and any appropriate moldings or vents.

A spike is nailed through the gutter into the fascia board to hold the gutter in place. The ferrule acts as a spacer in the gutter to maintain its original shape.

The patio cover can be installed to the wall of the house or the fascia board of the house. The patio kit is likely to have a header track to connect the cover to the house.

" The drip edge is placed under the bottom row of shingles to prevent water from running down the fascia board and getting behind the gutter.

The lower edge of a roof should extend beyond the fascia board by about 3/4 inch so that runoff drains into the gutters.

Loose or clogged gutters can allow rain to run over your fascia board, into your eaves, and ultimately into your house. Loose gutters can also allow rain to collect near your foundation causing your basement to leak.

Clogged overflowing gutters can lead to rotten fascia boards and even cause damage to the foundation. Clean them during dry weather starting at the downspout and working back. Watch this video to find out how.
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These boards will fill in the gaps between the overhang and side walls. Cut 1/2" plywood fascia boards to match the overhang along the sides of the doghouse. Secure the fascia boards to the bottom ends of rafters with nails.

Cornice Overhang of a pitched roof , usually consisting of a fascia board, a soffit and appropriate trim moldings.
Counter flashing A metal flashing usually used on chimneys at the roofline to cover shingle flashing and used to prevent moisture entry.

You will find designs in the form of "friezes" (central designs) that can be used on doors, front facings and fascia boards, molding and border designs to create straight borders or framing designs.

This roof is unusual because there is a small crown molding (arrow) at the top of the fascia board, but the original roof sheathing didn't reach this trim, so the crown just hung there, fastened only at its bottom.

CORNICE: The trim at the eave line, usually consisting of a fascia board, a soffit for a closed cornice, and appropriate moldings.

- largely superseded, an elbow-shaped support stub fixed to the Fascia board of the house.
- an ornament at the apex of a gable.

Barge board- A decorative board covering the projecting rafter (fly rafter) of the gable end. At the cornice, this member is a fascia board.
Base or baseboard- A trim board placed against the wall around the room next to the floor.

a metal sleeve placed inside a gutter at the top. A spike or screw is nailed / screwed through the gutter face and ferrule into the fascia board to hold the gutter in place. The ferrule acts as a spacer in the gutter to maintain its original shape.

Notice too how they have taken the fascia board above the first window and rounded it because of the keystone. By rounding it, they give the keystone a little bit more room. It's a really nice detail.

Hangers need to be installed every 24 inches along each gutter run and chalking a line on fascia boards showing the pitch helps when installing them.

In fact, ignoring your gutters is probably worse than having no gutters at all, because clogged gutters are likely to result in water damage to your roof and fascia board (the molding that sits just below the edge of the roof).

The cutting tools I'm using will not fit or maneuver inside the gutters, or if I try from underneath, the fascia board (which extends below the bottom edge of the gutters) restricts the tool movement.

You can trim your deck after nailing to assure a straight line (see Fig. 5). Do not allow an overhang exceeding 1 ". For a more finished appearance, cut boards flush to the joist and add a fascia board.

Fascia - The trim fixed horizontally around the building covering the joint between the top of a wall and the projecting eaves upon which the rainwater guttering is usually connected. Also known as the Fascia board.
Faucet - A water tap.

solves the issue of cold bridging, but is only an option on new builds or renovations where the roof tiles are being stripped and relaid. Even then, the depth of insulation now required to meet the Regulations means that very large fascia boards and ...

when it comes to keeping their Atlanta metropolitan area houses intact and functioning, but the short and fat of it is that your rain gutters are one of your most important defenses against everything from failing foundations to rotting fascia boards.

The underhang between exterior wall and fascia board. Eaves.
Softwood. Timber cut from pine trees.
Space stick. A made to measure width stick used primarily in paperhanging; a smaller version is made for treads and risers on stairs.

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