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Learn about outbuildings with RenovateYourWorld.com, including information about outdoor sheds, installing photovoltaic shingles, and more.
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Outbuildings: What you can do
You can construct all sorts of outbuildings for the use and enjoyment of the home so long as they do not cover more than 50% of the garden space. In Scotland this is reduced to 30%.

Outbuilding Flooring
Concrete vs. Wood
I am building an outbuilding for general storage and to park my farm tractor in during the winter I plan to use 3/4" CDX for floor that will be supported by 4" x 4" runners centered on 12", ...

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Outbuildings, garages and basements are often built with cinderblock walls because of their ease of installation, durability and ability to help control erosion.

The outbuilding is divided into 3 sections. The central section is where the firewood is stored. Each section has a doorway that joins it to the next section.

Small spaces, outbuildings and basement bathrooms can be some of the toughest projects on the bathroom remodeling spectrum. With so much happening in so little space, you've got to plan a lot in advance.

Outbuildings. Will you have easy access to a bathroom/changing area/shower, so swimmers are not dripping their way through your living room to reach the accommodations? Or will you construct an outbuilding with plumbing and perhaps electricity?

Inside the restored outbuilding of a rustic château in Le Perche, France, a slender, industrial-chic staircase made of raw concrete snakes along an exposed-brick backdrop; the lack of a handrail emphasizes its curving, dramatic sweep.

Attach the lighting unit to the house or outbuilding (screws are included).Make sure the solar panel (which can be placed up to 14 ft. away) receives direct sunlight, although it still charges on cloudy days.

Though outbuildings and water features are nice, much Phoenix landscaping design is focused on creating an outdoor space that looks good and will take care of itself.

Even after two and a half days spent comparing six heavy-duty string trimmers at the edges of trails, barns, outbuildings and stone walls, no victor had emerged.

"When we started, we wanted a place for the kids to play their Wii Sports, which takes a lot of room," says the wife, and the seldom-used outbuilding near the pool offered a solution.

By far the most common outbuilding we build is a garage. We replace a lot of garages that are falling down now because they were originally built without a foundation — just a slab on the ground. The result is predictable.

Rolled roofing material is the mainstay of outbuildings and other less-than-beautiful structures, and of low-slope residential roofs. Roll roofing, as the name implies, comes in rolls of 100 square feet, each about 3 feet wide.

You can also use an empty corner in an existing outbuilding. Wall in the upper half to keep strong winter winds away. Sturdy wire should be applied over the bottom half to help keep pets and predators at bay.

Outbuilding Power
Outdoor Outlet (Receptacle) Installation
Outlet Installation On Existing Circuit
Outlet (Receptacle)
Outlet (Receptacle) Positions In Living Areas
Pendant Lights - Height
Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Panels ...

Medium sized ones are ideal for bigger garages and small outbuildings up to about 12 feet in height while large ones are needed for a barn or house that is two or more stories high.

The success or failure of any outbuilding relies heavily on its foundation. No structure -- regardless of how well it's designed or built -- will survive for very long on a weak or poorly made base.

Do not plant trumpet vines close to homes or outbuildings. The aerial roots that the vine produces creep under shingles and boards and lift them; the heavy vines may collapse structures that are not sturdy.

Ceiling rafters in an outbuilding are a good choice for a hanging location. Hammer nails into the rafters or other wooden structure at least 8 inches from the ground, so the bundles hang without the tips of the trimmings touching the ground.

At 5300′ elevation the cave house, guest house, and various outbuildings make an ideal retreat. A natural creek flows through the property and has lovely swimming pools with rock patios.

Freezing wine is not an option, so be wary of storing wine bottles in an outbuilding unless you control the temperatures within the building. Freezing temperatures can cause corks to pop out or bottles to break.

Showcased in the book, Designers In Residence, is a tiny doll house sized guestroom/outbuilding on her property in Long Island. It is a study in simplicity and restraint.

The Art and Science of Composting
Outbuildings and Your Property
4 Select the Best Trees for Your Yard
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Alan asks, 'I recently completed an outbuilding using treated plywood for siding. Would you recommend an oil or latex based primer?' ...

Sometimes outbuildings such as a garage will form a connection between one part of the fencing and the next, if they stand right on the border of the property. Types of wooden fences include picket fences, post-and-rail fences, and stockade fences.

CADSmith Studio LLC: House plans, Garage plans, garage apartments, home additions, renovations, country home plans, country outbuildings, house plans, barns, workshops, 2x6 exterior wall construction for living spaces.

Paint technologies have evolved, but barn red is still a sought after paint color to make your home stand out. It's a strong color that is best used as an accent or for outbuildings.

FOR EXAMPLE: A weathered barn or outbuilding may have very little paint left and more appropriate in this application. Oil base products generally will tolerate small amounts of dirt on a surface better than latex.

While it most often refers to building projects that alter the structure of an existing home, home renovation can include improvements to lawns and gardens and outbuildings like gazebos and garages.

Plants don't normally have enchanting Gothic houses designed for them, nor do peacocks. But both certainly are treated to this service in Furlow Gatewood's universe-an unlikely compound of five houses and an array of outbuildings fanned across 11 ...

on the market for $17 million, Folly Quarter Manor now sprawls over 54 acres and includes a large and graciously appointed manor house, an 1,800-square-foot guest cottage, a 10-stall horse barn, pool, tennis court, gardens and assorted outbuildings.

On a recent trip to the hardware store, I spotted a wall of basalite concrete blocks, which got me thinking about all sorts of possible uses; coffee table base, bookshelf support, or planters. Commonly used to build perimeter walls and outbuildings, ...

It is not more than 3m high for a flat roof, or 4m with a ridged roof.
No part projects beyond any wall of the house that faces a road.
The outbuilding is for use only by those who occupy the house.

Always put away fertilizers, gardening tools, pesticides, lawn mowers and other potentially harmful yard tools and equipment.
Remove peeling paint from outbuildings and/or your house exterior.

While not everyone will be building right next to the water, you may want to ensure that you have room for landscaping, weeding, or mowing if you plan to build your gazebo near your house or another outbuilding.

Then submit the plan to the building department with your permit application. Another important source to check is your Homeowners Association (HOA) -- some HOAs ban detached outbuildings such as storage sheds [source: Gibson].

least as early as the first decades of the nineteenth century, it was not uncommon to use a roughcast finish on the foundation or base of an otherwise smooth-surfaced building. Roughcast was also used as an overall stucco finish for some outbuildings, ...

(Beware of teenagers with drums, musical instruments and enormous amplifiers!) Always check with local authorities, but in most places this structure is not an apartment and qualifies as an outbuilding.

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