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Tongue-and-groove siding is installed to cover two short new wall sections.
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Tongue-And-Groove Siding
If your home has wood tongue-and-groove boards, here's a list of what you'll need to remove and replace the old sections.
Tongue-and-groove siding tool list: ...

tongue-and-groove lumber (bois embouveté, m.) Any lumber, such as boards or planks, machined in such a manner that there is a groove on one edge and a corresponding tongue on the other.
tooled joint See joints.

Tongue-and-groove " A joint made by a tongue (a rib on one edge of a board) that fits into a corresponding groove in the edge of another board to make a tight flush joint. Typically, the subfloor plywood is tongue-and-groove.
Top chord " The upper or top member of a truss.

Tongue-and-groove panelling adds New England-style charm to the spare room (in what used to be the butler's pantry) of this 1830s London house restored to its original style by interior designer Max Rollitt. The touch of a chair used in place of a traditional nightstand is particularly charming.

~ Joint
Joint where the projection or "tongue" of one member engages the mating groove of the adjacent member to minimize relative deflection and air infiltration; widely used in sheathing, flooring and paneling. Tongues may be in "V," round or square shapes.
Transmission Loss (TL) ...

~ Flooring What is tongue and groove flooring? ~ flooring defined.
Sandpaper What is sandpaper and how is sandpaper used in home renovation projects?

~ ceilings are composed of interlocking lips intended to hide nails from sight. When it comes to finishing a ~ ceiling, success has more to do with procedure than style.

~ wood panelling, freestanding furniture, and open shelving are the quickest ways to create a country look. Add shades of peppermint green and candy pink next to floral and polka dot fabrics for Fifties-inspired cottage chic.

Carpentry joint in which the jutting edge of one board fits into the grooved end of a similar board.
Trap ...

~ Joint
A joint formed by the insertion of the “tongue' of one wood member into the “groove' of the other; modifications include tongue and groove rabbet joint, dado tongue and rabbet, tongued shoulder joint, dado and rabbet joint, dado and lip joint.

The ~ planks replaced outdated acoustic ceiling tile giving added architectural interest. Hefty crown molding adds to the traditional feel of the space. The granite countertops add a sense of weight and color.

8. The ~ chipboard floorboards are held in place with screws. A water-resistant grade is a good choice, and essential in the bath or shower room.

A lower ~ ceiling demarcates the scullery area from the rest of the kitchen.

Used for food prep and washing up, this scullery has an expansive, rustic butcher block counter, two dishwashers and lots of storage space.

Once the ~ boards were in place, we needed to cover them as soon as possible with a layer of 15-pound roofing felt. This protects the boards from any rain or moisture you might get during the rest of the roof construction.

Warning: ~ flooring can't be sanded and refinished as many times as planks can. Also, the planks should be at least 3/4 to 7/8 thick. Many new floors aren't this thick which means that if sanded, too much surface is at risk of being lost. Therefore, replacement may be needed.

Blind nailing ~ boards hides the fasteners. Each fastener is driven through one board's tongue, and covered by the next adjacent board. In other installations, nails are driven through the top of the board, a process called face nailing.

In cases where the gap or coverage is not adjustable, as in ~ flooring, you have to make up part of the discrepancy at the start and the rest at the end. Say you're installing flooring between two walls that are 1 in.

Most ceiling tiles have ~ edges for easier installation. You can choose from plain, embossed and patterned finishes. Some are molded with special texturing and square edges - instead of the common beveled edges - to make seams barely visible when the tiles are in place.

The well should be cased with a watertight material (for example, ~ precast concrete) and a cement grout or bentoniteclay sealant poured along the outside of the casing to the top of the well.

Each sauna is constructed from ~ Canadian cedar, basswood or teak.

They snap together with ~ joints and then float" on top of the floor, meaning they are not fastened directly to the subfloor or underlayment.

When removing and reusing ~ paneling, drive nails through the tongues with hammer and nailset, then lift the wood away. Drive protruding nails into the wall framing. To avoid splitting the wood when you reinstall the panels, drill pilot holes through the tongues.

Hardwoods such as oak, maple and ash are harvested, sawn and fashioned into ~ boards of various lengths and widths, ranging from 12 to 84 inches in length, 2 ½ to 5 inches wide and ¾ inch thick. The floor is laid piece-by-piece over a plywood subfloor and nailed into place.

Integrally colored plaster walls and a distressed finish on the ~ cabinetry add patina to this new kitchen. Beauharnais limestone was used for the countertop, backsplash, and floor. Richard Mulligan's Mama Bear chairs with cushions in Pineapple Plaid in Olive from Marvic Textiles.

Now this is called ~ paneling. Why, because each piece has a tongue and a groove. A tongue on one side, a groove on the other side. When we put this up, we're going to slip that tongue into the groove and this gives us quite a bit of strength.

Build the main door out of 2x6 ~ using clamps to squeeze the four boards tightly together until you get the paired-up battens bolted through on both sides of the door.

Strip flooring: The most popular wood flooring, made of long, narrow ~ boards that are end-matched.
Tea Table: A small portable table, frequently used in place of a coffee table. Table top often has raised edges resembling a tray and side pullouts for candles.

- A custom wall unit with ~ panelling defines the storage space and provides a place to keep clothing that's only used occasionally.

The sheathing material may be square-edge, shiplap, ~ boards, or plywood or oriented strand board (OSB). Sheathing, in addition to serving as a base for the finished siding material, stiffens the frame to resist sway caused by wind.

Today's log home kits are made of milled solid timbers that use a variety of ~ interlocking methods to eliminate air and water infiltration. In addition the joints are usually sealed with plastic caulking and gaskets.

Matchboarding: Form of cladding where long wooden boards are held together with ~ joints.
Matelassé: A double-woven fabric with puckered surface effects.
Matte Finish: A finish that's more flat than shiny.

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Pine paneling comes in a variety of styles. A style common in mid-20th century homes is ~ knotty pine. Newer pine paneling styles have a flat surface or a pronounced V-groove. The ...
How to Plant Leonotis Nepetifolia ...

The one thing that it had going for it was the beautiful ~ ceiling with exposed beams. I wanted to enhance the ceiling and show its rustic romance, as well as pay homage to the incredible mountains where we live.

* the toilet and sink plumbing can be hidden by white-painted, ~ boards
* mahogany-throne commode, complete with arms and a rattan lid
* claw-foot tub ...

All of their teak is FSC certified, and the solid ~ boards should last a long time in your home.
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Beadboard: A form of paneling, traditionally made of wood, with ~ boards running the height of the panels. Also called wainscoting.

You can easily create the effect of wood and give your ceiling texture and depth by using plywood panels, ~ board paneling (also called beadboard) and mineral fiber planks that imitate wood. All of these materials can be stained or painted to match your bedroom's décor.

Strip Flooring. The most popular wood flooring, strip flooring is made of narrow (approx. 3-inches wide) ~ boards that are end-matched. Strip flooring wider than 3 inches is called plank flooring.

Roof Boards: The manner in which roof boards are applied depends upon the type of roofing material. Roof boards may vary from ~ lumber to plywood panels.
Dormer: The term dormer window is applied to all windows in the roof of a building, whatever their size and shape.

Wainscoting requires an expert to get it right, as it's really important to make sure that it is placed correctly against the wall. Gloger Construction offers a range of wainscoting styles; from ~ panels to decorative, ornamental finishes, ...

Laminate flooring is cheaper and easier to install than hardwood flooring. If you want to go this way, you'll shell-out around $2 per square foot. This material can be installed on top of practically any existing floor. You can get it in a ~ system that requires no glue.

As a floating flooring system , laminate is not fastened to the substrate. The flooring planks or tiles are installed over a thin layer of foam placed on the floor. On some laminate floors, the planks are glued at the ~ joints.

Sheathing Exterior grade plywood or ~ boards used as a roof deck. The structural covering, usually wood boards or plywood, over a building's exterior studs or rafters. Sheave A wheel with a grooved rim (pulley). Shed Roof A roof containing only one sloping plane.

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