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The Panje or Panjeskaya is a descendant of the Polish Konik horse and shares bloodlines with a group of small horses including the Hucul & Albanian.
Origins ...

- Panje -
The Panje horse is rare, and little is known about it. It was used in extreme temperatures of cold and winter, and was considered the only reliable source of transportation at such a time. It is used for pack and hauling purposes, and for carriage pulling.

*Panje - all common horse colors
Pantaneiro - gray, bay, black and white, brown
*Paso Fino - every equine color, with or without white markings
Patibarcina - reddish brown or bay, with a dorsal stripe and zebra striping ...

Also Known By: Konik polski (Poland), Panjepferd (German), Polish Pony, Polish Primative
The Polish Konik is a riding and draft pony found throughout Poland. They are of the Konik type and are usually mouse gray with a dorsal stripe.

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