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The Pinzgauer is a breed of horse named after the Pinzgau in Austria. It is also known as the Noriker.

Pinzgauer (Horse)
The Noriker (or the Pinzgauer ) is a breed of draught horse with a reputation for toughness and stamina.

The Noriker (Pinzgauer) has strong character, it is very agile, hard-working and powerful
Noriker origin
Austria and South Bavaria ...

The Noriker (or the Pinzgauer) is a breed of draught horse with a reputation for toughness and stamina.
History ...

The heading of Noriker also cover the Pinzgauer, which was once a separate breed. The Pinzgauer is of similar type to the Noriker but is a spotted horse.

Also Known By: Noriker or Norisches Kaltbult (German), Pinzgauer.
The Noric horse, also known as the Noriker, has been bred for approximately 2000 years in the alpine piedmount of Austria.

It should be noted that the Noriker breed now also encompasses the Pinzgauer horse, which was a separate breed at one time. The Pinzgauer is very similar to the Noriker, but it has a spotted coat.

These breeds-including the English Shire (the world's largest horse), Suffolk, and Clydesdale; the French Percheron; the Belgian horse; the German Noriker; and the Austrian Pinzgauer-are now little used for their original purpose, ...

This breed comes originally from war horses of the Roman Empire, but were eventually almost bred out by the end of the 15th century. They share ties with the Noriker, Pinzgauer & Sueddeutsched Coldblooded breeds.

Some known draft horse breeds are the American Cream, Ardennes, Avelignese, Australian Draught Horse, Auxois, Cludesdal, Belgian, Dutch Draught, Boulonnais, Dole Gudbrandsdal, Shire, Pinzgauer Noriker, Trait Du Nord, Percheron and Suffolk Punch.

Therefore during the consolidation of the race the Pinzgauer Noriker was chosen as a prototype into which all other local types were converted by consistent placements of the Pinzgau stallions in the surrounding alpine countries for many generations.

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