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Quarter Horse

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Quarter Horse Breeds

The Quarter Horse is known as the All-American horse and as the world's most versatile horse. Not only is it the most popular breed in the United States, but it is possibly the oldest horse breed in the US.

Quarter Horses
First bred by English settlers in America during the 17th century, the Quarter horse got its name after the quarter-mile sprints they ran. They were developed by cross breeding the Thoroughbred and the native mares brought to America by Spanish explorers.

Quarter Horses
Quarter horses besides being strong and powerful are by nature calm and gentle with a willingness to please. Its steady demeanor make it an ideal family horse or horse for the beginner rider. They tend to be 'easy keepers' not finicky prone to ailments or allergies.

Quarter Horse Breed
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Quarter Horse
An intelligent and quick thinking horse, with a docile temperament make this beautiful horse a very popular all round choice.

Quarter Horse Breed
Quarter Horse Breed
Introduction. Perhaps it was the cowboy mystique, or its versatility or the colonists who brought their race horses out west. Whatever it was that created their popularity, this is the #1 breed in the world. The American Quarter Horse Association … ...

Profile: The American Quarter Horse traces its roots to early America, where settlers crossed English horses to those of Spanish ancestry, producing a compact and muscular horse.

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Quarter Horses shown in-hand in "halter" (conformation) competition are larger horses, with a muscular appearance, small heads with wide jowls, and refined muzzles. Reining and cutting horses are smaller, with quick, agile movement and very powerful hindquarters.

~ policies part of the problem, not the solution
Duane Burright argues that the American Quarter Horse Association shows its hand in arguing for the need for a United States slaughter industry, while at the same time having policies which encourage breeding on a massive scale.

Quarter Horses most often take part in Western, and are iconized in old Wild West cowboy art. However, they are equally proficient at just about any discipline they are turned to.
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Quarter Horses are popular in rodeo, gymkhana, and any other equine sport that requires a short burst of speed and the ability to turn sharply and quickly. Its good disposition and intelligence have also made it a popular family breed.

The ~ is one of the most popular horses in the world. The American ~ Association has more two million registered horses. Also known as United States Horse, the Quarter horse is believed to be one of the first breeds to be established in the USA.

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The predominant quarter horse colors are reported to be sorrel and chestnut (according to their frequency among registered horses). It is interesting that these two colors are listed separately since sorrel horses are actually light chestnut.

~ Horse Breed
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The ~ Breed...

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The ~
This breed is well-known for it's stocky build, heavy muscling and compact appearance.

The principle development of the ~ was in the southwestern part of the United States in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, eastern Colorado, and Kansas.

Quarter Horses are a mixture of Arabian, Spanish, and English bred horses. There are eleven foundation Quarter Horse bloodlines. These eleven families are the ancestors of all Quarter Horses around the world.

Quarter Horses shown in hand "at halter" have a heavy-bodied appearance due to their incredibly muscular build, and small heads that are usually dish-faced with large jowls and refined muzzles. Reiners and cutters are smaller, with cat-like, quick movement and very powerful hindquarters.

~ Picture by Gemma Giannini
Their coloring varies from bay, black and brown and includes chestnut, palomino, buckskin and grey. The quarter horse breed is known for its small, short and refined head and straight profile as well as its broad chest and powerful hindquarters.

Quarter horses have short, wide and handsome heads with a neck that joins the body at the characertistic 45 degree angle.

Quarter Horses Today
The American Quarter Horse is used today as a show horse, race horse, ranch horse, bullfighting horse, and all-around family horse.

~ race horses are bred to sprint short distances ranging from 220 to 870 yards. Thus, they have long legs and are leaner than their stock type counterparts, but are still characterized by muscular hindquarters and powerful legs.

- ~-
The ~ is one of America's oldest and certainly its most popular breed of horse. It developed during the 17th century from the horses that the Spanish conquistadors took to America with them - mainly Andalusian, Barb, and Arabian.

The ~ is the most popular horse breed in the US. It's also one of the fastest horses in the world. They were originally bred to race the quarter mile.

American Quarter Horse30.00 years
All Horses27.50 years
Physical Attributes
American Quarter Horse horse breed has an average height of 15 hands, which is the average for all Horse Breeds.

American Quarter Horse Fact File
Origins: Some breed historians have maintained that it is the oldest breed of horses in the United States and that the true beginning of the Quarter Horse was in the Carolinas and Virginia.

American Quarter Horses and Equine Therapy
Why Do Quarter Horses Get Pinto Markings
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The first Quarter horse that attracted attention in the Southwest was Steel Dust, foaled in Illinois in 1843. He was a blood bay, which achieved popularity as running horse and stood 15 hands high and weighed approximately 1,200 pounds.

The American ~ breed is among America’s most popular and oldest breeds. In the 1600s, American colonials began to cross English Thoroughbred horses with "native" horses such as the Chickasaw, a breed developed and propagated by the Chickasaw Indians.

The American ~ has unique features that make it specially suited for a variety of tasks.
Just what is an American ~?

It can be traced back to horses taken to America by the Spanish Conquistadores. While ~ racing still has an enthusiastic following, and the horse excels in practical ranch work, it is now more widely used for leisure - in Western-style competitions and trail riding.

originated in the United States, in Virginia, during colonial times
was used in Quarter Pathing, or racing over a quarter mile on a narrow path in the woods, usually two horses at a time
later used as a stock horse out west ...

The classic horse of the American cowboy, the short-coupled, heavily muscled and gentle ~ is a descendant of the Thoroughbred and a popular family horse. Versatile for both pleasure and competition, the ~ is a world-class sprinting race horse.

There are several kinds of roping horses available today. The ~ could definitely make a good roping horse. As the ~ breed continued to increase in popularity, its temperate character resulted in it being used as a riding horse.

~ or American ~ A popular stock horse breed, especially in North America, noted for ability to work with cattle and compete in related competitive events requiring both short bursts of intense speed and agility.

The ~ is truly an American breed of horse. It was created to compete in quarter racing, one of the earliest forms of horse racing in America. The founding stallion was a Thoroughbred named Janus, imported to America in 1756.

~, see American ~
Racking Horse
Some people debate if the Racking Horse is a stand-alone breed, but is was given that designation by the USDA in 1978, and the breed has its own organization today.

~- Breed of horse especially fast for a quarter of a mile, from which its name is derived.
QUARTER POLE- Marker one-quarter mile from the finish.
QUINELLA- Wager in which first two finishers must be picked, but payoff is made no matter which of the two wins and which runs second.

5. Which pony breed would expect to be the smallest?

British ~ Association Ltd,
2 Tile Farm Road, Orpington, Kent. BR6 9RZ GBR TEL. +44 (0)1689 855021
British Show Pony Society,
124 Green End Road, Sawtry, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire. PE17 5XA GBR TEL.+44 (0)1487 831376 FAX.+44 (0)1487 832779 ...

American ~
These compact, sturdy horses are quite common in the western United States, where they are used on cattle ranches and for various sports, such as reining and roping. The American ~ is also the fastest equine sprinter. He stands approximately 14.

American ~ Breed Profile

History Of The American ~ ...

~ Sorrel
A solid reddish brown horse with either a red or flaxen mane and tail.
Average ...

American ~
We are proud to present Dr. Robert Miller as our first guest interview on the site. I so enjoyed speaking with him and learned so much from his expert insight into horse behavior. I hope you will click here to listen in! ...

The American ~ was bred for races of a quarter of a mile and is said to descend from Janus, a small Thoroughbred stallion imported into Virginia toward the end of the 18th century. It is 14.

Stock horse. A Western-style horse of the ~ type.
Stocking. White leg marking above the cannon.
Stomach tube. Tube passed usually through the nose into the stomach.

AQHA - The American ~ Association. Based in Amarillo, Texas, the AQHA is an international organization dedicated to the preservation, improvement and record-keeping of the American ~. The organization was founded in 1940 in Fort Worth, Texas.

SELECTIVE IGM DEFICIENCY: Immunologic disorder characterized by subnormal levels of circulating IgM; seen primarily in the Arabian and ~ breeds. SELF-LIMITING: Said of disease, with reference to any illness that will run its (usually benign) course without the need for treatment.

The Azteca is a modern horse breed combining Iberian horse blood and American ~ or Criollo (horse) blood (international Registry) or Iberian horse blood and American ~ blood (American Registry).

To be eligible for registry, a Paint must come from stock registered with the American Paint Horse Association, the American ~ Association, or the Jockey Club (Thoroughbreds).

Running away is most prevalent in thoroughbreds, Arabians and racing-bred ~s.

Some of these, such as the Waggoner horses, figure not only in the background of the Colonial Spanish horses but were also used in the American ~. Most of the old ranch strains were Spanish in the 1800's, with the later addition of horses from the Northeast.

Das 'Paint Horse' ist eine gescheckte Pferderasse, die ihren Ursprung im American ~ hat. Es gehört der Rasse der ~s an, ist jedoch mehrfarbig und bildet eine selbständige Rasse.

Some horses, like the ~, can be ridden when they are two years old. But others, like the Arabian may need to be as old as four years before their legs are developed enough to hold a rider.

The Azteca horse breed is a modern breed that is a blend of three separate bloodlines comprising of the Iberian horse blood, namely the Lusitano and Andalusian breeds; the Criollo bloodline and the American ~ bloodline.

Breeds that are considered horses regardless of height include the Arabian horse, American ~ and the Morgan horse, all of which have individual members both over and under 14.2 hands.

Gradually, the horse was brought back into good turn, showing substantial skill as a cavalry horse. When the Percheron and ~ blood was introduced, ...

Typical riding breeds include the American ~, the Morgan, the Paint, the Tennessee Walker, the Saddlebred and numerous other breeds around the world. Generally a pleasure breed will have a good temperament and behavior, but this does not always hold true.

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A gold-colored horse with a white mane and tail, a coloring found in many American breeds, particularly ~s. The American Palomino probably derives from the original 16th century Spanish imports.
Horse ...

The major forms of horse racing are Thoroughbred racing, harness racing, steeplechase racing, and ~ racing.

Western style horse riding evolved from the Spanish conquistadors ranch work and is very popular in the USA. The most popular breed in this style of riding is the American ~. Paints and the Appaloosa are also popular in the western world.

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Arabian horse is the oldest and purest breed in the world originating in Arabia. Horses of recognizable Arabian type can be traced back some 3000 years. They have had a great influence on other breeds throughout the world, including popular breeds such as the Thoroughbred, Morgan and ~.

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